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RUSH: I want to pose another — not a possibility. I think it’s slam dunk. Remember when we first learned who was getting money to set up exchanges, say, in California? The SEIU, Covered California, it was a bunch of left-wing activists, and the NAALCP. And from that universe of people, the navigators are hired. What do you think is really going on? Voter registration. In addition to you going to get your health care, there is obviously massive Democrat voter registration going on at these exchanges. Websites, brick and mortar, if there are any.

What if the end result here, in addition to everything else, is 68 million new Democrat registered voters? Remember who we’re talking about being serviced. The, quote, unquote, uninsured. I’m not pulling the number out of the top of my head. There’s a report here called “Building A Healthy Democracy,” by the Demos organization, Lisa Danetz.

“Building A Healthy Democracy — Registering 68 million people to vote through health benefit exchanges. Demos is a public policy organization working for America where we all have an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy.” In other words, a bunch of capitalists. “What do you mean, Mr. Limbaugh? You can’t say that capitalism equals –” Yes. Yes. Chance, Mr. New Castrati, where we all have an equal say in our democracy, equal chance in our economy. Damn right that’s what capitalism is. Equal chance. Equal opportunity. How bad do you want it? How hard are you willing to work, versus how much of a sponge do you want to be feeding off everybody else? That’s socialism, and that’s what your guys are delivering, Mr. New Castrati.

Capitalism, damn right. Equality is all through it. Opportunity, chance, you name it. Equality is one of the hallmarks of capitalism. Can you imagine the reaction of people who have been brainwashed when they hear me say that? Can you imagine, they’re blowing their stacks out there. “How in the world? He’s so stupid. He thinks capitalism equals equality?” Yes, it does. It most certainly does.

Folks, while you’re here getting all jazzed up about how idiotic Sebelius is, I’m telling you, they’re many steps ahead because they’re being driven by ideology. They’re not being driven by policy. The ideology determines the policy. And the Republicans are just playing catch-up.

RUSH: Natalie in Caswell, Tennessee. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. How are you? What a pleasure.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I’m fine.

CALLER: The Obama administration are the ones that are guilty of doing the War on Women. They threw Hillary Clinton under the bus with Benghazi, Lois Lerner under the bus with IRS, and now Kathleen Sebelius is gonna go down because of the health care administration — and the Huffington Post today announced that Michelle Obama said that living in the White House is like living in “a really nice prison.”

RUSH: Well, here’s the thing. I mean, I’m glad you called. You might think that Sebelius was thrown under the bus or Hillary was thrown under the bus, but Hillary is the Democrat nominee in 2016 (unless Christie wants it). Sebelius? She’s told, “Go up and be the good soldier.” She’s in on this. This Lerner babe? This Lerner babe is classic. I’m telling you, Lerner despises conservatives, despises the Tea Party — and I’m telling you, Lois Lerner was probably given a party.

She was celebrated, and she’s feeling really good about what she did. She succeeded! So they make a big show of throwing these women under the bus, but they are heroines in the Democrat Party. They’re not shamed. They’re not losers. They take the bullets, but they get a payoff. They’re considered great warriors. They’ve helped advance the cause. There’s nothing gonna happen to them. There’s a little public embarrassment, but isn’t even much of that.

The bottom line is they’ve all succeeded at everything they intended to do. Sebelius has totally botched this rollout, by design. This Lerner babe totally succeeded in denying the Tea Party certain constitutional rights when it comes to tax-exempt status. For years she succeeded. I agree with you that there’s no Republican War on Women. I think the Democrat Party could cite other things, like single parenthood, the bust-up of the family, poverty, unemployment, any number of things.

I mean, the Democrat Party has been waging War on Women for I don’t know how long under the guise of liberty, freedom, and all that. But these women that you’re talking about are great heroes for the cause. I’m telling you, we’ll never see it, but they are being taken care of. Sebelius wants single payer as much as Obama does. She’s willing to be a martyr for the cause. I mean, in their minds these people, folks, they’re marching on down the road. They’re getting what they want here. This is a small price to pay.

Plus, they know that the Republicans aren’t really gonna do anything to ’em.

Now, Snerdley’s smirking at me, but you talk to Republicans who want to fight back. Those are your friends. How many of ’em are there, four? Five? Sebelius knows she just has to get through the day, and nothing is gonna be different tomorrow than it was today. It’s theatrics. This is a show that’s going on. Karl Rove even said so. I saw him in a commercial break earlier on Fox. He said, “What’s happening today is not really important. What’s important is what the American people figure out as this thing continues to unroll.”

Well, you better tell ’em, Karl, what’s happening to ’em.

There’s gotta be some teaching.

You can’t just leave it up to people to figure out, because the media is taking care of the Democrat side of things.

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