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RUSH: Bill O’Baxter was on Fox last night. Let’s get it. Let me find the sound bite. I happened to hit it first one. Number 12. Grab sound bite number 12. This is common. There are a lot of people, particularly on Fox — commentators, the hosts, the guests — saying it. This seems to be a theme within the Republican Party and on Fox.

O’REILLY: The question is, “Did President Obama know about the regulations and the language in the report?” I don’t believe he did because he didn’t read it. He doesn’t pay attention to details.

RUSH: “He didn’t know. He didn’t know what was going on. He had no idea about any of this, though. Well, let’s not hold him accountable. He didn’t know!” Now, to a certain extent, he doesn’t care about the details; he cares about the chaos. Because every day of chaos is one day closer to what he really wants, which is single payer. I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t know the details. I think it’s he doesn’t care.

Folks, I think he’s so far ahead of the Republican Party, they don’t know what’s hitting them every day — and the reason they don’t is because they fail to understand the ideology of the Democrat Party. The inside-the-Beltway thinking — I’m convinced of this now more than I’ve ever been. The inside-the-Beltway thinking has nothing to do with ideology. A liberal isn’t a liberal. A Democrat’s a Democrat.

The Democrats and Republicans, they trade power now and then, and they take turns being in charge of the money. But they’re missing who Obama is, as are most of the people in this country. You know, why is it…? If I can revisit something, why is it that on January 16, 2009, I can say with total confidence and without any doubt whatsoever, “I hope he fails”? Because I know who he is — and how do I, incidentally? ‘Cause I understand his ideology, and most of you do, too.

The Tea Party is fully aware of the ideology of the Democrat Party and of Barack Obama. It’s not just liberal; it’s socialist Alinskyite. But the Republican Party doesn’t know this, or doesn’t care to know it, or doesn’t want to know it, or doesn’t want to fight on this basis. It’s one of those possibilities, and therefore they’re not even in the game, because it is the only thing driving Obama is his ideology. The Democrat Party today is nothing but ideology, and the only way they can be understood is to understand their ideology.

The only way they can be defeated is to understand their ideology. If you do not understand their ideology, meaning their liberalism, meaning their devotion to Alinskism — if you don’t understand that — you’re never gonna be able to beat them. If they’re just a bunch of incompetent Democrats, for example, you’re never gonna beat ’em. Not if that’s what you think they are. Not if they’re just a bunch of well-intentioned, “Oh, God, look what they’re doing!”

You’re never gonna beat ’em if you’re not willing to admit to yourself who they are. You have to understand their ideology. This was my incredulity when I heard Dr. Krauthammer say that he didn’t know who Obama was for five weeks after he was inaugurated. That’s stunning to me, because Krauthammer… Certainly, he used to be a lib. At least he worked with Walter Mondale. He’s gotta know who these people are. Even when he had dinner with him, spent six hours with him? You’ve got to know who he is!

It’s not hard to learn, even if every liberal has become practiced at hiding the ideology. So if you are not going to admit to yourself that X and X Democrat is a liberal because you don’t even see it, then they’ve already won. They’ve already defeated you. By definition, a liberal is a radical leftist extremist today. By definition. They all are. There aren’t any degrees here, and it’s almost now accurate to say that that’s true for every Democrat in Washington.

They’re all left-wing ideologues — and for people like you and me, folks, it’s not hard to understand what this means. What we’re up against is a Democrat Party led by Barack Obama which has a socialist vision for the country. They proceed on the basis or on the belief that America is bad. They proceed on the basis that America’s founding was unjust and immoral, unfair — and, therefore, illegitimate. This is who they are, and if you are unwilling to admit this — and John McCain, for example, would never admit this about them. He’ll never admit this about Harry Reid. He’ll never admit this about Pelosi.

So McCain is worthless in terms of defeating them. That’s why he wants to be the maverick to cross the aisle to work with them. He does not because he either can’t or he doesn’t want to see them for who they are. They do not like the way the country was founded. It’s unfair. It’s unjust. It’s immoral, racist, capitalist. The unfairness is the capitalism. The unfairness is that there are rich people and poor people, and that’s not right.

They’re also informed, animated, and motivated by what they think is the antidote to all of this, and that is redistribution of wealth. Everything culturally being morally relative. There are no absolutes. Nobody gets to say what’s right or wrong. There are no cultural guardrails. Anything goes, and they are the champions of anything goes. So their antidote to the whole notion that America’s unjust, immoral, unfair, racist, bigoted, sexist, capitalist and all that, is to take from the rich, take from anybody whose got more than anybody else, and redistribute the money, theoretically. They never actually succeed at that, but that’s what they claim they want to do.

There’s a reason, folks, that on the left people like Che Guevara are on T-shirts. There’s a reason that people like actors, Sean Penn and so forth, love and idolize socialist dictators. There’s a reason for it. That is the way they express their disagreement with the way the country is and the way it was founded. Now, this is what constitutes their ideology. This is the path Obama is on, and he has said so. It is what he means when he says he wants to fundamentally transform this country.

Now, within this universe, the details of things are irrelevant. The health care system is unfair for two reasons: A, the left doesn’t run it, and, B, capitalists do. That alone makes it unfair. Add in that some people don’t have insurance and other people do, that makes it unfair. It’s gotta change. It’s not acceptable. The fact that some people have better coverage than others, some people get treatment, some people don’t, that is an indictment of the country and it informs them, motivates them, and it has to change with them in charge. And the first thing that has to change is to dismantle what exists, and whatever chaos results is okay because what’s happening is the dismantling.

So Sebelius can go up there and take every arrow thrown. She can be the sponge that absorbs every bit of criticism. Doesn’t matter. It’s part of the plan of fundamentally transforming it. And that’s why for the Republicans on this committee today, if there’s no ideological understanding of what’s going on, there will not be any ideological push-back and there will not be any ideological alternative for the American people. Not a health care alternative. Not the Republicans’ own version of Obamacare, but an ideological push-back.

Now, while they do all this, how does Obama come across? He comes across as a reasonable, soft-spoken, pragmatic kind of guy. He doesn’t look like anything I’ve described. He doesn’t look like a wild-eyed radical that doesn’t like this country. That’s why having dinner with him and listening to him talk doesn’t matter. You have to understand what he is by virtue of what his loyalties and devotions and ideological beliefs are. You have to be willing to admit that to yourself. We all do. And those who will not are, sadly, being employed unknowingly by Obama and his pals to help them advance what they want.

All Obama cares about is that every day the general direction of the country is toward where he wants to go. The day-to-day minutia and the problems and the apparent failures of what he’s trying to do, irrelevant. Because the chaos and the dismantling is the success. And when you’re gonna start dismantling something as big as the health care system, of course it’s gonna be a mess. These guys don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t really have an alternative and they don’t care right now.

All they care about is that it gets so bad that there is a clamor for the government to fix it by having a single payer system. Even if people don’t know what they’re asking for. It’s messy where this is heading. But you cannot dismantle something this big and this intricate without there being chaos, and that’s fine with them. If you’re Obama and the Democrats, you just keep pounding on the traditions and institutions that made this country great.

You keep pounding ’em. You keep destroying ’em. You keep attacking ’em. You keep blaming them. You have the media in your pocket helping you along. You’ve got a low-information voter base that has been made to believe that every capitalist entity is out to harm them. My example in the last hour. In the real world, anybody who knows anything, it’s preposterous to say the insurance companies like losing customers. It’s absolutely preposterous.

They don’t make money losing customers. They don’t make money canceling policies. They don’t make money hurting people. They do not make money getting rid of people. They do not make money canceling policies. And yet, the low-information people in this country believe this is how the insurance companies succeed, by canceling people, by hurting people, because that’s what capitalism does, that’s what the Republicans do. And if there’s not gonna be the ideological push-back on any of this — this is why, folks, in just a small way here, this is why the idea of this book I’ve written intrigued me. Some inroad to young skulls full of mush that puts in front of them the truth of the greatness of the founding of this country. To battle back, fight back against this incessant, never ending assault on this country, which is what Barack Obama is doing.

My God, taking over the health care system? Destroying the private sector economy the way he has? The fact that there’s no outrage about any of this is a testament to how successful they have been in poisoning the minds of low-information voters and creating a level of ignorance the country’s probably not seen in the modern era. In an era where there’s so much education in this country, for there to be so much ignorance is stunning to me. So much indoctrination, stunning.


RUSH: Here’s Joe in St. Louis as we get started on the phones. Great to have you, sir, hello.

CALLER: Thank you. I’d like to thank Mr. Snerdley for letting me do this, and I apologize if I get a little tongue-tied. I’ve never been on such a grand stage with a powerful personality. I go back to Nancy Pelosi saying at the very beginning we gotta pass this bill to see what’s in it to fix it. Obviously it’s a Democratic sandbox and they’re not gonna let us play. They’re not gonna let us repeal and get rid of this awful thing. So why don’t the Republicans start trying to fix it, start trying to send bills across that actually do something, ’cause obviously the Democrats aren’t.

RUSH: Well, I understand your premise. The premise is, if repeal is not a valid thing, or if delay is not a valid thing, well, let’s get in their sandbox and pepper ’em with legislation. I’m gonna turn the Republican argument back on ’em. Well, we don’t have the votes in the Senate to win anything, so why try? I mean, that’s what they told Ted Cruz.


RUSH: Here’s Jeff in Columbus, Ohio. Jeff, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Rush, it’s good to be here, and your comment on capitalism, what a great segue.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Insurance companies have for years laid out and have offered thousands and thousands of benefit plan options in response to their customers. I mean, they’ve done a good job in responding to their customers. And over the last month, it’s been pretty widely discussed, and including you, that one of the biggest reasons for the cancellations — I’m sorry — transitions in coverage is because some of the individuals who have had high deductible programs, the deductible’s been too high, or it hasn’t included essential health benefits and therefore have been declined. But there’s another reason that really hasn’t been discussed much, and all of these benefit options, even if they fully include all ten of the essential health care benefits, if they fall in between cracks, in other words, if they don’t strictly comply with the actuarial standards for being a platinum plan or a gold plan or a silver plan, but if they fall in between, they’re not a qualified plan and can no longer be offered, at least in the exchange, for both individuals and small groups.

RUSH: Now, I need to ask you a question. Isn’t that somewhat by design? Isn’t it rather easy for them not to qualify now because of Obama?

CALLER: Well, sure. And the main reason for that was to make plans more, quote, unquote, comparable among carriers. But nonetheless, in work that I’ve done, that potentially up to 50% of the benefit plan options that insurers have historically offered can’t be offered anymore because they don’t meet the technical qualifications and definitions of a qualified health plan.

RUSH: Interesting. And so people are losing choice.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely they’re losing choice. So if you’re an employer who had a really good plan, and let’s say it fell between silver and gold, you know, insurers are having to say now, “Sorry, I can’t offer you that plan anymore because it’s not a qualified health plan.”

RUSH: And it’s not a qualified health plan because of a bunch of federal bureaucrats writing rules about an industry they do not understand?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: And that’s how your plan gets thrown out, folks. I’m telling you, it is by design. And that’s how you lose your grandfathered status. You know, once somebody who knows what’s going on explains it to you, it makes total sense. A lot of people get lost in how complicated all the details and minutia are, but once it’s explained ideologically — there’s that word again — it’s understandable. Thank you very much, Jeff. I appreciate it.

RUSH: You people know this, but I’m glad the story’s out there. Glenn Beck’s website TheBlaze.com has a piece here called, “The Psychology Behind Leftist Lies” by Dr. Gary Casselman, who earned his PhD in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1977. I’ll read you some excerpts of this piece. “Liberals comprise only about 20% of the voting public,” and that’s true. In polls where people are asked to identify themselves as conservative, liberal, moderate, independent, wishy-washy, afraid to say, whatever, 20% say they’re liberal.

Almost 40% say they are conservative. Not Republican or Democrat, but liberal versus conservative. “So,” Dr. Casselman says, “So, how has the left been so successful in swaying the majority of voters to believe what they feed them, when most often what the left says is not supported by the facts and what they do actually does harm to their voting constituents? Well, in mine and Tim Daughtry’s recent book, Waking the Sleeping Giant: How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals At Their Own Game, we discuss the issue of the misinformed and the uninformed voter typically voting for Democrats.

“Rush Limbaugh often refers to this voting segment as the ‘low information’ voter. It is from this set of voters that the left is able to draw the additional 30-35% of the votes that they need to win elections, taking our country down the path of socialism,” and I have to tell you, these guys are right on the money. There is only 20% hard-core liberals self-identified, but they do own the low-information crowd made up of pop culture warriors and all of that. So his question is: “How do they do this?”

How do they get these low-information voters? “How do they do this?” Two words are the answer: “They lie. For example, Democrats have convinced the nation that people are poor because they have been treated unfairly and are victims of greedy capitalists. To address this purported social injustice, President Obama’s approach is to ‘re-distribute’ the nation’s wealth. President Johnson pushed through ‘The War on Poverty’ as part of his ‘Great Society’ platform to rectify, supposedly, the ‘social injustice’ committed by those ‘evil capitalists.’

“The fact is that poverty levels in the United States since The War on Poverty was implemented are unchanged in 50 years — despite the re-distribution of literally trillions of dollars. Since President Obama’s first inauguration, poor people are notably poorer now than when he took office in 2009, only five years ago! Household median income, since President Obama took office, is down $3,000. Since 2009 the poverty rate has risen from 14.3% to nearly 17% in 2013.

“Additionally, 20% of the nation’s children live in poverty. And the blunt force to the face of Obamacare hasn’t even hit yet. As has been said for years: ‘If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free!’ … The misinformed believe [the lies from the left about Republicans] because it is consistent with the lies they have always been told and already believe. The continuous stream of lies from the left make them feel even more threatened and even angrier,” because the lies from the left about Republicans are designed to be threatening.”

Republicans won’t negotiate with us on the debt ceiling, threatening the country with the fault of catastrophic economic collapse! Republicans want to kill you! Republicans do this and that! Republicans hate people, Republicans don’t like women, Republican war and all this stuff. “They lie. … Currently, the left is blaming Republicans for the government shutdown, painting Republicans as uncaring, greedy, hateful and corrupt.

“According to Democrats, Republicans don’t care about children, veterans, seniors, African Americans and the poor. They spew forth lie after lie about how Republicans want to push granny off the cliff, cut social security, school lunches, veteran’s benefits, welfare, etc., indeed wanting to keep the disenfranchised, well, disenfranchised. One cannot listen to the news for more than a minute to see this reflected in the thinking of Republican politicians.

“On Oct. 7, 2013 on the Kelly File on Fox News, Senator Ted Cruz said that the Veteran’s Administration was closed in the recent government shut down even though the House Republicans had put forth a bill to the senate to fund the agency. But, he goes on to say, Senator Harry Reid won’t bring the bill to the floor. Senator Cruz’s analysis: ‘This just doesn’t make any sense!’ Logically, he is right, it makes no sense. But from a psychological, limbic perspective, it makes perfect sense.”

Really, I’m just glad to see this, because you know this. We’ve talked about it a lot, but it’s what we’re up against, is lies. In your personal life when you’re up against a liar, pathological liar, you’re frustrated. What do you do, how do you deal with this, particularly if the liar has persuaded other people, and the lies are about you or your family or whatever.

This is why I say, this is why I keep harping on the fact, I really do believe the solution to all of this lies in ideological education, because there is a truth in the midst of all the lies, and it is that liberals lie. Liberalism is a lie, liberals lie, wherever they are. And if you know that about liberals because you understand the ideology, can you imagine how far ahead of the game we’d be or how much damage we’d have been able to prevent if people simply knew the truth about liberals?

I mean, it’s why I was able to say “I hope he fails,” ’cause I knew what was in store. It’s not because I have any great powers to predict the future. I just know liberals. Like every square inch of my glorious naked body, I know liberals. And somehow, you know, the truth is a great counter, but what is it Churchill said, “A lie is halfway around the world before the truth even starts to catch up,” or something like that. But you have to first understand the ideology, you have to acknowledge it. The Republicans are not there. They don’t look at the Democrats that way. McCain couldn’t possibly, while in the same breath, praising Hillary Clinton for crying out loud. And for what purpose?

So again, it’s just another reason, folks, why the prospect of a book for young people on the founding and the who the people were and what was involved, just to counter these lies. Because the lies the left are telling are demeaning the country, impugning the country. It’s rooted in that. What propels Obama is his belief this country’s unjust, immoral, unfair, racist, sexist, bigoted, that’s got to be countered, and it’s got to be countered starting at young ages. Young people have got to be educated to understand and to question the propaganda they’re hearing.

My gosh, kids are being propagandized at school, being propagandized in movies, television shows, everywhere. They’re being propagandized in the media. There’s got to be some push-back to it, and that’s why, among many other things, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims was written and why I have such high hopes for it and maybe more, you never know. But it’s just, to me, so simple. I get e-mails, “When did you learn about liberals? Why are you so confident?” I’m so confident, I’ve got a lifetime of observing them, for crying out loud. FDR, LBJ, Woodrow Wilson, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, for crying out loud, the evidence is right in front of everybody’s face, plus they tell you now and then, like Obama has. He lies about it, too, but he’s let the cat out of the bag a number of times about who he really is and what he really wants to do with the country. That’s what “transform it” means.

How did I figure it out? My dad, Mr. Buckley. But just reading, observing, and just having, I don’t know if it’s courage, but whatever it takes to admit it and deal with it. The biggest problem — well, it’s hard to codify one biggest problem, but we’re in a circumstance now where the opposition party doesn’t even think in this regard, doesn’t even look at the ideology of the opponent. I think it’s part of inside the Beltway establishment thinking.

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