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RUSH: My new book that came out on Tuesday, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. Great patriots they were! It’s exactly what it is. The purpose of this book — and I don’t want to spend another big, long chunk of time explaining the purpose because I did that in the opening monologue on Tuesday.

But as you well know, I happen to believe that education — kindergarten all the way through elementary education — has been bastardized and corrupted. It’s been taken over by people, the multiculturalists, who believe this country’s unjust and immoral, and it was illegitimately founded and that it has grown powerful and large by stealing and taking things that were not ours and enslaving people and all this. It just couldn’t be further from the truth.

One of the most blessed things to happen to human beings, is to be born Americans. Opportunities. We only get one life, and there’s no place better on this planet to give that one life everybody gives a spin. Take your life out for a spin. You have got more opportunity in this country than ever anywhere else before, and that’s what we’re all trying to hold onto. We don’t need to be educating a bunch of kids that their country is something they need to feel ashamed of or guilty about.

We don’t want to raise a generation or two of people who think this country is guilty, racist, sexist, bigoted, all of these things the left is inculcating little kids to believe. So this is just step one in trying to correct the record — and I’ll tell you, there’s a marketing premise to. I would love it if 10-year-olds and 12- and 13-year-olds listen to this program. But they don’t. They’re doing other things. But I’m proud of what we’re doing on this program.

I’ll just tell you unabashedly, I am proud of the way I was raised. I am proud of the values that I grew up with and maintain today. I’m proud to be an American. I am proud of what I’ve learned about this country. I am proud of how this country has addressed the problems that we do have. I’m proud of how we’ve done our best to overcome the real problems that we have. But I’m not guilty about anything, and I’m not gonna allow anybody to make me feel guilty.

I would love for everybody in this country to listen to this program. I would love for everybody to be exposed to what really happens on this program as opposed to being exposed to what the critics say happens here. But they are not gonna listen at 10, 12, 13. They’re just not, unless they happen to be in the car with their parents and listen that way (and some do). There are many Rush Babies out there, and so Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims is an effort to share the values that you and I treasure.

Rugged individualism, self-reliance, hard work, overcoming obstacles, love of family. Devotion to culture, society, neighborhoods and so forth. It’s an effort to take the message, the premise of this program to as many people of young age as possible. That’s the purpose of the book. The book is written for 10 to 13 years olds but we want everybody reading it as families, together, sharing it with each other — and as the kids read it and they have questions, they can ask their parents or they can ask us.

We have set up a Rush Revere website at TwoIfByTea.com, and we’re starting to get fan mail.

This is so… I don’t want to say “cute.” It is cute, but it’s also great.

We’re getting fan mail from young people who are reading the book. The most popular characters right now according to the fan mail is the talking, time-traveling horse, Liberty. So if you go to the TwoIfByTea.com website you’ll see, among other things, a yellow mailbox. If you just click your cursor on that mailbox (or if you tap on it, if you’re looking at it on your tablet or your iPhone) then you can send an e-mail that’s addressed right to Rush Revere, and we get those.

They’re starting to roll in here. Let me share some of these with you. Kids are starting to write in and it’s something. As I said, Liberty, the talking horse, time travels, and is becoming a fan favorite. This is from Vincent, age nine. “Dear Rush: I’m only on Chapter 4, but I love your book. LOL. Tell Liberty I think he’s funny. You’re smart. You have no bounds to your imagination. Your fan, Vincent, age 9. PS. Please share my note on talk radio.”

There you go, Vincent.

From Annie. “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: When I read your book I thought I was there with the Pilgrims themself [sic]. I felt I was thrown way back into 1620 and was living through the Pilgrim struggles, like leaving a son over the ocean or governing a town that helps establish a country. I was impressed with the courage it took to leave their country behind and start all over. The Pilgrims had no idea what was going to happen but they went anyway. I hope you’ll continue writing books about American history and make this book a series. It’s too bad that you don’t want Rush Revere to change history. I would like him to run against President Obama and win.”

Now, let me tell you what that’s about. In the book — I think this was called for — one of the students asks Rush Revere, “Why don’t you change history? When you’re back there, when you’re with William Bradford, why don’t you –” I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a period of time where the Pilgrims are really starving. They have nothing, and Rush Revere and a couple of students have time traveled back, and they’ve got food with them. And one of the students says to Rush Revere, “Why don’t you slip something to the Pilgrims?” Can’t do that, that would alter history. We can’t do that. It’s a teachable moment. But it had to be in there to be legitimate and honest about time travel.

We can’t change history. That’s not what the purpose is here. We don’t want to change it. We want people to know what it really was. Now it turns out they do slip a couple of things, like candy bars, but don’t tell anybody that. But that’s what Annie’s talking about. “I hope you continue writing books, make this a series. Too bad you don’t want Rush Revere to change history. I’d like him to run against Obama and win the election. I loved the way you included Two If By Tea in the book. I’m gonna ask my mom to order some.”

Now, the way we include Two If By Tea in the book is that Rush Revere’s day job is as a spokesman for an iced tea company. That’s what the students are told. But don’t worry, the book is not at all a promotional vehicle for Two If By Tea. Rush Revere is simply the Two If By Tea icon that we have brought over to the book, but it’s not a promotional vehicle.

Here’s another one, from Josh. “Dear Rush: I’m a little past halfway done with the book, and it’s awesome. Guess what? I got to start reading the book before it was supposed to come out. The store we went to get it already had it in stock on October 25th, so maybe I was the first person in the country to read it besides you and the publisher and the other people. And I’m completely obsessed with it. I could read it for 24 hours and not get tired of it. I’m at the part where Rush Revere, Liberty, Tommy, and Freedom are in the freezing cold temperatures with William Bradford and all the others at what is the making of Plymouth plantation.

“I really like the pictures that are on some of the pages. I like how you made the pages of the book not just normal white paper. You made it look like an old document like the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. It really had an effect. Speaking of old documents, I really like how you have the Mayflower Compact in it and all the signers’ signatures. That was really cool. The awesome part is I’m learning while not being bored and falling asleep. Some things I’ve learned so far about the strangers, I used to think just the Pilgrims are on the journey to the New World. I didn’t know there were other people on the boat. I learned there were some diseases like scurvy, very sad. I wish that they’d had good medications back then so people could be saved from dying.

“Well, I think I can change the subject with something you’ll like a lot. My family’s a big fan of you because my mom is always listening to Rush radio, so she really likes your show. Whenever I’m in the car, in the kitchen having a snack, my mom’s always listening to you on the radio, and I’ve been hearing you talk when I’m with my mom since I was born and before that when my older siblings were kids. I really like your show, too. You can be very funny. So my mom and I laugh a lot. When I was a little kid in the car while my mom was listening to Rush radio, I just sat there. I didn’t think about the radio, but now I actually listen to what you’re talking about, and I really enjoy it. Nothing you say is wrong. That’s what we’re looking for. Our family thinks of you as a role model.

“Well, I think it’s time to go to bed. School tomorrow. When I’m in social studies I’m always gonna think about you and your teaching to kids like me with your new series of Rush Revere. I hope there’s a next book. I’ll be tuning in to Rush radio with my mom the next moment I have. Josh, 11.”

Eleven years old. And there’s more. That’s just all I have time for right now, but just go to TwoIfByTea.com and find the Rush Revere pane, click on it or tap on it, and then find the yellow mailbox. Now, one other thing. We are getting reports, intelligence reports from people all over the fruited plain going to various bookstores buying the book, telling us what they found, what their experiences are. We want to hear about those. We absolutely love having eyes and ears in the field. Look, we’re most places, but we can’t be everywhere, so we encourage you to go to your Barnes & Noble or Books a Million or Walmart or any other store where you buy books and just simply send us a note at the same place, the yellow mailbox on the Rush Revere pane at TwoIfByTea.com, tell us whatever your experience is, wherever you see Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

You are our central inspection agents. Just write to Rush Revere, let us know the scoop. And we absolutely will use the information, depending on how useful it is to us. Make sure you include the city, the state. If you want to send a photo in the e-mail, feel free. If it’s a good photo, you never know, we might post it. Just make sure you don’t get thrown in jail as you’re acting as one of our intel agents out there. Not encouraging any unrest, disobedience, or anything of the sort. But we do want to hear from you. And those of who have sent in mail, e-mail already, we got it, we’re digesting it, we love it. Just a new fan e-mail inbox that we’ve added here, and it’s all great.

RUSH: So, folks, I want everybody — that may be impossible. Let me rephrase. I want as many people as possible to be proud to be Americans. I’m proud of being American. I am proud of this radio program. I’m proud of what I believe. I am proud of the way I was raised. I am proud. I’m passionate about it. Like everybody else, I love sharing my passions.

I just checked the e-mail. “You mean, Rush, you’re not doing this just to rip Obama for ratings?” Typical left. No. This is my argument with the DC commentariat. They’re just commentating for the hell of it, to prove who’s the smartest person in the room. We’re actually trying to move people here, by way of informing them. They’re already angry. They’re already upset. They’re starting to learn they’ve been lied to. It’s a golden opportunity for those of us who’ve been trying to make this happen for five years. That’s all that’s going on here. We just never give up, folks, what we believe. That’s the purpose here. Trying to beat back the marching left.

RUSH: I just got another e-mail. “Rush, are a bunch of libraries buying your book?” I don’t know. But it reminded me, that’s how the left ramps up their sales numbers. Like you remember Jim Wright, the former speaker of the House? Jim Wright, speaker of the House in 1988-89, preceded Tom Foley who passed away the other day. Did you hear about that? Tom Foley was speaker of the House for a while during nineties.

He became famous after he left office for taking airline food off the plane. He would hoard airline meals and ask other passengers for theirs and would get off the plane with all that. I kid you not. I think that’s… Once you get used to taking other people’s stuff. Anyway, “Fort Worthless” Jim, as we affectionately called him, wrote a book about his life and times. In some cases, there were just two words on a page, just to make sure the book looked big.

But all the copies were bought by unions and never distributed. The boxes stayed in the basements of union halls. That’s how the left does it. In Hillary’s case, one of the ways they bump up Clinton’s sales, is all these libraries buy ’em. We haven’t done that. Not in any way. We don’t bump anything. We don’t goose anything. But I’ll tell you, I do have a great idea. Admittedly, it is advantageous for me, but it’s a great idea. This is Halloween. Now, I’m isolated and little kids can’t get to my front door.

But you know what I would do if they could?

Instead of candy, I’d give ’em my book.

I really would. I’d give ’em Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

I think it would be a great idea. Go out and buy five or six copies today and give ’em away to kids as they come pounding on your door tonight. It’s not a bad idea, and it’s better than candy. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy as much of the book as candy. It’s just an idea. But, no, we don’t go out there and pump up bulk buys by people that are never gonna open the boxes or read the book. If a kid wants a candy bar, I understand that. It’s just an idea. I know everybody can’t do this. It’s just an idea, that’s all.

It’s not even a request.

It’s just an idea.

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