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RUSH: USA Today: “Food stamp benefits will be cut…” Is that right? “Food stamp benefits will be cut to more than 47 million Americans starting Friday as a temporary boost to the federal program comes to an end without a new budget from a deadlocked Congress to replace it.” So guess who’s gonna get blamed for this? There are food stamp cuts coming, and it’s gonna be the fault of the Republicans, right?

Because they did the shutdown, and they’re responsible for not having a budget. At some point, this is going to reverse, and they’re gonna overplay this. The Republicans, after a while, cannot possibly be responsible for all of this in people’s minds — and now, folks, it is out there. This overwhelming lie — and there’s no other word to describe it. It’s not a “prevarication.” It’s not a “misstatement.” It wasn’t an “error.” It wasn’t a “mistake.”

It was an out-and-out lie told to the American people. It was a lie. It was a false promise. They get to keep their insurance if they like it; they get to keep their doctor if they like him or her. It was an abject lie, and people are learning this now. You know, the Limbaugh Theorem, folks, is coming into play here. Obama’s approval numbers are plummeting. His likability numbers are plummeting. Why? ‘Cause he’s now seen as governing. He’s not seen as an outsider on Obamacare as he is on everything else.

He’s not seen as somebody campaigning all the time against powerful forces trying to stop him. He owns this. This is named after him. This is Obamacare, and he now has been proven to have lied in a major way, and the Drive-Bys can’t protect him. They can’t blame this on the Republicans. Not with any credibility. The Republicans never said you get to keep your doctor. The Republicans never said you get to keep your plan. That was Obama. So the Limbaugh Theorem in reverse is being demonstrated again.

He’s not getting away with it here, and look what’s happening. He’s being held accountable. His numbers are plummeting. It still represents a golden opportunity for the Republicans that I don’t see them taking. That’s one of the frustrating things about this Republicans. They ought to be all over this kind of stuff. It shouldn’t just be us in the New Media shouting from the mountaintops, clamoring for people to hear the truth about Obama’s lie.

Anyway, “Food stamp benefits will be cut to more than 47 million Americans starting [today] as a temporary boost to the federal program comes to an end without a new budget from a deadlocked Congress to replace it. Under the program, known formally as the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program, or SNAP, a family of four that gets $668 per month in benefits will find that amount cut by $36.”

You know, I look at this, and see a family of four that just “gets” $668 a month. That’s real money. You add 47 million times that, and that is real money: $668 per month! I remember when I was in Sacramento. Now, admittedly this is 1986. I had a friend who loved to go to Reno, and he hired a limo and he took me with him. I didn’t have any money. I was doing okay, but I didn’t have money to gamble. I didn’t have money to play around in a casino.

This guy, in order to have companionship, gave me $500 and said, “Here, go get some chips,” and I put that $500 in my pocket ’cause it was a house payment. It felt like my ship had come in, just a mere 500 bucks. I don’t care if it’s 20 years ago, that $668 a month is a lot — to be given? And then you multiply that times 47 million, and now we’re about to have a panic because that $668 is gonna be $632, there’s gonna be a $36 cut?

This food stamp program, it says here, “benefits one in seven Americans.” That’s outrageous! Is it any wonder 90 million Americans are out of work and they’re all eating? “What do you want, Mr. Limbaugh? Do you want them to starve?” No, of course not. I want people to work! I want people to learn to provide for themselves. I want people to make the best of their life, for crying out loud, not just be a sponge. I just think it’s… Man, it’s so destructive to do this to people.

It’s $668 a month for 47 million people!

One in seven Americans is on this program.

It says, “Vulnerable populations will be hardest hit by the cuts.” Well, of course. “In New York, more than 1 million elderly people or those with disabilities will feel the impact, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a progressive think tank. About 2.3 million children in both California and Texas will be affected. In California overall, the cuts will affect more than 4 million residents and will amount to the equivalent of losing roughly 21 individual meals per month, based on calculations used by the Department of Agriculture…”

It’s as though these people can’t provide even an M&M for themselves! The idea that without food stamps people are gonna starve? How bad is that? Do you understand that when I say this kind of thing, the liberals listening to me are thinking, “My God, how could you be so mean and cruel,” and I think it’s the exact opposite of mean and cruel. I think the idea that people… We have a story in USA Today about how people might go hungry with a $36-a-month cut in the food stamp budget!

Something is really, really, really wrong. It was like the school lunch “cuts” back in 1995. What, parents are unable to feed their own kids if the school lunch program is cut? Which it wasn’t, but hypothetically we cut the school lunch program and kids were gonna starve? How does that work? Do parents not know how to feed their own kids? Are we really gonna lose meals? People are gonna go without 21 meals this month because they have a $36 cut in their food stamp allotment.

The idea that that is perceived as reality is what perpetuates programs like this and increases them — and the idea that suggesting that people maybe take care of themselves is offensive? That is insulting? Remember, during the heat of the homeless fraud the early days of program, Mitch Snyder and the boys were running around saying, “There are three million homeless,” and there never were three million homeless.

I said, “Have these people ever thought about maybe getting a job?” And I was set upon by the media. “Oh, easy for you to say, ‘Get a job,'” as though there’s something insulting about suggesting somebody go work, and it was insensitive to suggest such a thing, and it proved that I was a brute and a mean-spirited whatever. But you do what you have to do. Okay, so you’re getting $668 a month, and you’re gonna take $36 away.

So you’re just gonna sit there and starve?

And that’s, of course, what the left wants you to think will happen.

People cannot get up every day without the government being right there, and then they can’t get into the shower without the government being right there. They can’t do whatever. They can’t brush their teeth, they can’t wash their hair, they can’t do anything unless government’s right there — and now and then, they can’t leave the house and go to work unless the government’s right there making sure they cross the street safely, and then when they get to work…

Well, they’re not going to work. Forget that.

Wherever they go they can’t get there unless government’s involved. This is literally destroying people. It’s taking away their potential as human beings. It’s taking away their dignity. All of this, by the way, so that Republicans can be blamed. This cut in the food stamp program, you watch, this is just to facilitate the Republicans being categorized as mean-spirited, heartless, cold-hearted, poor people having their food budget cut because the Republicans wouldn’t extend the budget, blah, blah, blah. In the meantime, this country has been set up, defrauded, and lied to by the current president in ways that have not happened in my lifetime by whoever you think the worst president is.

It’s unprecedented, purposeful deceit and fraud, to get people to reelect a guy to implement a program that was not honest. People weren’t honest about it and it’s gonna end up costing everybody more. It’s gonna wreck their health care. It’s gonna wreck the whole health care system. It’s in the process of doing that. Now you got hospitals pulling out of it. Full hospitals are saying, “We’re not participating.” They can’t stay in business if they do. They’re gonna try to make it on their own with patients, customers and so forth who are also not participating.


RUSH: Let’s take a look at the name of the food stamp program. Supplemental Nutritional Program. It’s not supposed to pay for all of your food. It’s not supposed to pay for all of your beer. It’s not supposed to pay for all of your cigarettes. It’s not supposed to pay for all of your candy bars. It’s a supplement. Under the program, the citizen is still to provide the bulk of his own food, just like Social Security was a supplemental retirement fund. You’re not supposed to depend upon it entirely, but that’s out the window now. That’s gone.

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