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RUSH: The hell, you say. Now they tell us. Right there on Fox they got some Wall Street Journal editorial writer who says, “Guess what? Americans are losing health coverage on purpose.” Really? They just figured that out at the Wall Street Journal. This is exactly the kind of thing, I can’t tell you how this frustrates me. This has been known for three years. It’s been known for five years that that was the intent of Obamacare. And now they’re too late to the party. Guess what the Journal says they figured out? Happy-go-lucky.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Americans are losing coverage by political design. Yeah, in fact, the White House knew out there that 93 million Americans were gonna lose their policy. Richard Nixon resigned over a lie nowhere near this big. And you know the hell of it is that Obama doesn’t think he lied. I don’t think Obama, in his mind, is capable of lying. Whatever is necessary to say or do to advance the agenda is what is morally correct. Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t think he lied.


RUSH: Last night, you ready for this? On the CBS Evening News we have a portion of — I’m surprised this woman still works. I’m surprised this woman is still employed. I’m surprised she still walks. Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News with this report. I don’t know how they got this one past Scott Pelley, but they did.

ATTKISSON: Publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours, but at a meeting Wednesday morning, the war room notes say six enrollments have occurred so far. They were with Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina and Kansas City, CareSource, and Health Care Service Corporation. By Wednesday afternoon, enrollments were up to approximately 100. By the end of Wednesday, the notes reflect 248 enrollments nationwide. The health care exchanges need to average 39,000 enrollees a day to meet the goal of seven million by March 1st.

RUSH: They had six enrollments on the first day at Obamacare, six. As in six. As in one, two, three, four, five, six enrollments. They’re touting 4.7 million visits, unique visits, people went to HealthCare.gov. Six people signed up in the whole country. Six people. Now, I don’t care if the website isn’t working and it has glitches. That doesn’t explain six people signed up for Obamacare. They’ve been asking Sebelius and Obama to release enrollment figures. (imitation) “Oh, no, no, no, we can’t do that. It’s so hard, it’s so large, nothing reliable yet. It’s continuing to be a fluid situation. We’ll let Jon Stewart know when we’ve figured it out. Until then, trust us. It’s really going gangbusters.”

Six people, folks. Six people. I know, it doesn’t sound possible. Six people. Six people signed up. Who they are? Six people. I mean, their website 600 and some odd million dollars, they got six people. It launched on a Tuesday, 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours. They say they need 39,000 enrollees a day to meet the goal of seven million by March, but that’s not even gonna get us where we need to be. Seven million is nothing. I don’t care how you look at this, it’s an embarrassment. It’s an abject failure. It’s a 100% clear failure. And now the Drive-Bys in our Health Care Stack, Ezra Klein, the wunderkind young guy from the Washington Post, age 19, thinks that he’s lived a life a hundred years, that’s the experience they think the guy’s got. They’re all worried now, the Drive-By Media Democrats.

The Drive-By Media leftists are big proponents of the regime. They’re really worried that what this says is that big government really can’t do big things and they’re afraid people are gonna figure that out. They’re really worried that people are going to conclude that government just can’t do big things and that’s just such a same, as though that’s something new to people. Government can’t do big things is standard operating procedure, and it ought to be something that everybody knows.

Forbes magazine: “Obama Officials In 2010: 93 Million Americans Will Be Unable To Keep Their Health Plans Under Obamacare.” This is a giant See, I Told You So. As Biden would say or John Kerry, this is a big F-ing deal. They’ve been saying this would happen all along, but what this does, folks, it confirms that the regime also knew that this would happen. Obamacare’s disruption of the existing health insurance market is only just beginning and it’s far broader than recent media coverage has implied, and we now know that the regime knew this all along. It turns out that in a report, obscure report buried in a June 2010 edition of the Federal Register, regime officials predicted massive disruption of the private insurance market because that’s what was intended.

In other words Obama and the Democrats have been telling us that employer plans would never be affected at all by Obamacare. And it was a huge lie. The administration has known it was a lie since 2010, maybe earlier. That’s when it was put in the Federal Register, which, the Federal Register, think of it as the federal government’s diary. It’s a compendium of what happens in the federal government. “Lisa Myers and Hanna Rappleye of NBC News, unearthed the aforementioned commentary in the Federal Register, and cited ‘four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act’ as saying that ’50 to 75 percent’ of people who buy coverage on their own are likely to receive cancellation notices due to Obamacare.”

The bottom line is that Obama, the regime knew that 93 million Americans would be unable to keep their health care plans under Obamacare. Cookie, I need the montage. I’m gonna need this montage every day, this montage of Obama promising you can keep your plan, promising you can keep your doctor. Folks, Richard Nixon resigned over a lie that was much less damaging in scope than this one. I mean, this is an abject, purposeful lie to the American people for the express purpose of passing legislation.

This is total fraud. It is 100% fraud. You know, we talk about this website Campus Reform, a great bunch of you young people — conservatives — who are attempting what they can do to reform things on the campus at academe. They’re running around and they’re talking to students (you know, low-information students) and they are playing all of these sound bites of Obama promising they can keep their plan and now presenting them evidence that they can’t.

They’re asking these kids what they think, and they’re saying, “This is deceitful. The president, he was deceiving us!” They’re shocked, but they’re coming to the conclusion that they’ve been lied to, because it’s inescapable. You know, Obama compared Obamacare to Apple. You need to ask yourself: What would happen if Apple announced a new iPhone. They say they’re gonna roll it out.

“It’s going to have a five-and-a-half-inch screen. One phone will get you service with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and five carriers around the world! It’s gonna have storage of 128 gigabytes, and it’s gonna cost $149 without a contract. The unlock price is $149, with a high-definition display. It’s gonna come in three different colors. It’s gonna be out on November 1st. You are gonna be able to order it on the Apple website on October 31st for delivery on November 1st.”

But when November 1 comes along, the phone is 600 bucks, it’s a four-inch screen, it doesn’t work on any LTE networks, and it’s not gonna be availability for six months after you order it. What would happen to Apple Computer if they did that? That would be the end of them. The problem is, this is big government lying to the American people, and there is no such market recourse. I mean, you can’t just get government out of your life. You can’t refuse to interact with the government.

Folks, this is a huge lie. This is a purposeful, huge, fraudulent lie known by everybody in the regime with the intention of deceiving the American people for the express purposes of electing Barack Obama in 2008 and reelecting him in 2012. I mean, he’s running around talking about, “You get to keep your plan if you like it! You get to keep your doctor if you like it! Your premiums are gonna come down $2,500.”

Don’t think people didn’t vote for him on that basis. Don’t think that they didn’t care about that. They did. This is “a big F-ing deal,” as John Kerry or Joe Biden would say. Here’s the montage. You keep in mind, now, that the administration knew. It’s in the Federal Register. This is not Forbes saying they talked to three or four sources. It’s in the Federal Register. You know, something else? If it’s in the Federal Register, that means that it is the official position of government.

That means the media is complicit in this.

This is journalistic malpractice.

This is huge, folks.

It’s a purposeful, deceitful, fraudulent law. I think Obama’s lie about keeping your insurance may be the biggest lie ever told by a sitting president. This is not an error. It was not a mistake. This was a calculated, purposeful lie — and the mainstream media carried his water on this until just last week. And now? Now they’re claiming that they knew it was a lie all along! Isn’t it funny how they never told us, though? But now they say, “We kinda knew this.”

In fact, they viciously attacked anybody who dared to question Obama’s claims! They viciously tried to destroy anybody who was trying to tell people that Obama was lying through his teeth about this. In fact, I think the way the media has covered Obamacare from the start has been one of the worst examples of modern day journalism in my lifetime. It’s an example of why we do need a free press, instead of a news media that’s just the PR firm of the Democrat Party.

This a minute 20 seconds. It covers five years of Obama statements, and not one of these is repeated.

OBAMA: (June 23, 2009) If you have your plan and you like it, and you like your doctor, then you don’t have to change plans. The government is not going to make you change plans.

OBAMA: (June 5, 2008) (godlike echo) You’re going to have a plan that lowers premiums by $2,500!

OBAMA: (January 31, 2008) I am actually not interested in just capping premiums. I want to lower premiums by $2,500 per family!

OBAMA: (October 4, 2008) (outdoor noise) We will start by reducing premiums by as much as $2,500 per family.

OBAMA: (October 15, 2008) You can keep your choice of doctor; keep your plan. The only thing we’re going to do is lower costs. Cut a average family’s premium by about $2,500 per year.

OBAMA: (June 27, 2008) (outdoor noise) It’s time to bring down the typical family premium by $2,500, and to bring down the costs.

OBAMA: (October 29, 2009) The first thing I want to make clear is that if you are happy with the insurance plan, nobody will make you change it.

OBAMA: (August 6, 2008) …a system where we’re gonna work with your employers to lower your premiums by up to $2,500 per family per year.

OBAMA: (October 4, 2008) We will start by reducing premiums by as much as $2,500 per family.

OBAMA: (February 23, 2008) … and we will lower premiums for the typical family by $2,500 a year.

OBAMA: (August 17, 2008) And — and — and if you already have health care, then we’re gonna work to lower your premiums by up to $2,500 per family.

OBAMA: (April 20, 2008) We’re gonna work with your employer to lower premiums by up to $2,500 per family per year.

OBAMA: (April 1, 2010) (godlike echo) If you like your insurance plan, you will keep it. No one will be able to take that away from you.

RUSH: In 2010, in the Federal Register, it was written: The administration projected “93 Million Americans Will Be Unable To Keep Their Health Plans Under Obamacare.” They wrote that 93 million would lose their doctor and their plan under Obamacare, which means all of this was known — and, furthermore, all of this has been intentional.

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