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RUSH: Steve in San Jose, grate to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, what do you think the chances are that once all the cancellations have gone out, everybody loses their insurance and the website still doesn’t work and nobody can sign up, Obama comes out and says, “Don’t worry, we’ll just assign you a policy.” And of course they know what’s best for us, because they know about our lifestyle.

RUSH: Well, you might be being a little facetious here, but let’s play this out. The website isn’t working, the system is down, even though they tell us it’s up and running, and they cannot and are not registering anywhere near enough people at HealthCare.gov or any of the other exchanges. Let’s say that in the midst of all this, they say it is working, it’s your problem, not ours. Let’s say they do not delay the mandate and so even though you can’t buy insurance, you are required to. And let’s say they don’t move the mandate. What will they do? You may chuckle; this is a totally legitimate question. We have a president who I pointed out two days ago has been playing dictator on things.

Let me make that point again ’cause I thought it was, if I do say so myself, a powerful point. Here you have the president dictating various things about Obamacare. He promised that you would not lose the policy that you have, if you like it. He promised that you would be able to keep your doctor. And he made everybody think that they’re gonna experience premium price reductions of $2,500. He made everybody think that he cared. This is the big thing. Everybody believed that Obama personally cared about them and their health care and their life.

We know that Obama has been granting waivers to people who are finding it arduous to comply. He’s granted waivers to his union buddies. He’s granted waivers to — well, there are 2,500 of ’em. We know that members of Congress and their staff, after they whined and moaned about the cost, were promised subsidies to make it easier, to limit the hardship that accompanies Obamacare. Well, then, if he can dictate things, he can play dictator and change this part of it and change that part, even though it’s not the law, he can do that, why can’t he play dictator the other way? Why can’t he let you keep your policy? Why can’t he let you keep your doctor? Why can’t he give you $2,500?

Why can’t he make it easier for you if he does for others. If he’s a gonna play dictator in various aspects of this and make it harder on certain people he doesn’t like, like insurance companies, here’s a golden opportunity to use his dictatorial pretend powers and make it easy on you, but he doesn’t, does he? He’s not using his play dictator powers to make this easier for you, is he? He is for his cronies. So, taking the question, what happens if there’s no place to buy insurance, and yet you’re required by the law to do it? Steve said, “Maybe he’ll just assign you a policy.” What’s to stop him, folks? Seriously. What’s to stop him from? With everything that has happened, that’s a legitimate question to ask.

Okay, Obama’s just gonna decide. The administration is just gonna decide. Kathleen Sebelius, just gonna decide, “Okay, you are gonna get that policy. We’re gonna give you and others like you this policy, and that’s your insurance. And here’s what it costs and so forth,” and that’s now the law. I mean, that’s how they have been operating. What’s to stop him from doing something like that? Eventually, folks, that’s where we’re headed. I mean, single payer. What do you think single payer means? Single payer, as a phrase, may not really carry the intention we need. Single payer is government-run health care. Single payer is socialized medicine. Single payer is not good.

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