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RUSH: The Obamacare rollout continues. Something amazing is going on here, too. There’s an election tomorrow in Virginia. It’s for governor. And there’s something amazing to me going on in this race. Terry McAuliffe, who is… I’m trying to think of a term that’ll avoid a slander suit. We called him The Punk here when he was the consigliore and the capo for the Clintons. I am stunned that somebody like this could possibly be elected governor.

Anyway, Obama’s in there campaigning for him. Obama has become a national joke. We have a Gallup daily poll, he’s at 40%. This is October 30 through November 2nd. Obama’s at 40%. This Obamacare rollout is embarrassing the media. It’s embarrassing Obama. It is a huge problem. There are continuing stories, we have ’em in the Stack today, continued stories about people, one in the Wall Street Journal, somebody said, “I’m not even political. I’m just somebody that’s lost my health insurance.”

I’ve got two examples, one in the Seattle Times one in the Wall Street Journal, and they are indicative of what’s happening all over this country with insurance and health care and Obamacare. Obama’s running in and he’s campaigning for McAuliffe. Every word out of Obama’s mouth now is a lie, and everybody knows this. I mean, can you imagine if Obama decided to do gun control next and said, “If you like your gun, you get to keep it”? Would you now believe him?

“You get to keep your gun. You get to keep your rifle.” Would you believe him now? I don’t know. This is a huge thing that’s happening out there. There’s a huge fallout in credibility. Kyle Smith, who is a columnist for the New York Post, had a piece yesterday, and his point is that Obama’s always been a BSer. Everybody knew that. You can handle a BSer. You know when it’s BS. But this is not BS. This is, “You get to keep your doctor. You get to keep your health plan.”

These were out-and-out lies. These were real bad. These were substantive, consequential lies, and everybody knows it — and Smith is right. The Obama supporters, the Obamaites, they can handle the BS. In fact, they even like the BS if it helps the Democrats beat conservatives and Republicans, but this is just an out-and-out lie, and more and more people are becoming aware of this.

So Obama’s out now touting the virtues of Terry McAuliffe as governor of Virginia, and how great he would be for Virginia. It’s amazing. We interviewed the Republican running, Ken Cuccinelli. We interviewed him, I guess it’s a year ago now in the Limbaugh Letter. I knew him by reputation, but it was the first time we’d spoken to him. We finished the interview, and I was really profoundly impressed with the guy. He was a fighter. He was a dyed-in-the-wool, unapologetic conservative.

He sounded to me like he was not gonna be the kind of guy that, after elected, would renounce it or soften or moderate. He would just be a great, great governor. He’d be a great, great candidate, a great guy — and he’s proven to be. You know, with Obama at 40% and now in the midst of one of the most discrediting events ever to happen to a president, he’s out there campaigning for McAuliffe, hammering away at McAuliffe, and Cuccinelli and so forth.

Even as he’s becoming — really is becoming, folks, in a lot of places, Obama is — a national joke for every word coming out of his mouth being a lie. And then he talks about how great McAuliffe would be for Virginia and how Obama has a bull’s-eye on Cuccinelli, because unlike a lot of people who just talked a good game, he actually tried to stop Obamacare. He did. Cuccinelli is not just verbally opposed to Obamacare; he is literally opposed to Obamacare.

He tried to stop this catastrophe that everybody else now is just waking up to, and McAuliffe? You know, McAuliffe is an Obama guy. McAuliffe is an Obamacare guy. McAuliffe is gonna put everything into play that Obama has put into play: Deficit spending, corporatist behavior, massive transfers of wealth taking place, which is really what’s going on with these guys. Raising taxes and making poor people poorer, making the middle class poorer, cronyism.

This is what Obama’s touting as preferable for the next governor of Virginia. I’m just… I look at it and I’m amazed by it. Cuccinelli would be fabulous. I think McAuliffe throughout this race has been ahead in polls but now starting to fade. I think his lead is two points in the last poll that I saw.


RUSH: The Cuccinelli interview in the Limbaugh Letter was March of this year, and I have to tell you, I hung up the phone when it was over and — even during the interview — I was impressed. This guy is fearless. He was a real man. He was confident, and 100% conservative. There wasn’t any RINO about this guy. I felt really good about it. Then I’m watching this campaign, I see McAuliffe up by double digits, and I know what kind of games they played with polls.

The polls are now tightening and the Democrats are getting worried going into this, and for the life of me, I don’t… Well, I do understand given the makeup of America, but in just a real human sense, I don’t understand how Terry McAuliffe has a prayer. Do people not understand? They don’t. They don’t. I mean, it is just McAuliffe is not… He’s in there as a placeholder for the real agents of power that are gonna run the state, fundraise and everything that that entails.

RUSH: Let me go to Paula in Roanoke, Virginia. Hi, Paula. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You know, I’ve been thinking about this Obamacare thing for a very long time now, as I know a lot of people have. But it occurs to me that this is not just politics. I think a criminal case can be made for conspiracy to commit a criminal fraud.

RUSH: Wow. That’s hard hitting.

CALLER: Really. I mean, think about it. They hid themselves away in rooms in the Capitol, locked the doors, had guards out. They wouldn’t take any amendments from the Republicans. They marched people in and out of the White House, threatening their businesses with regulations to put them out of business. I really see very little other than murder that differs from the Mafia.

RUSH: Gee, “very little other than murder”? Hee-hee-hee-hee.

CALLER: Well, they might be doing that, too.

RUSH: Why, are you ruling that out?

CALLER: Not entirely.

RUSH: So you got an organized crime syndicate here really operating?

CALLER: Yes. I would say so.

RUSH: How do you explain John Roberts, the Supreme Court chief justice who passed on all this and said, “Hey, it’s all fine! It’s all legal. It’s all hunky-dory.”

CALLER: Sure. Sure it is.

RUSH: But how do you explain John Roberts? I mean, he’s a Supreme Court chief justice. We literally owe him for this law being implemented.

CALLER: I think he was just stupid. If he wasn’t bribed, he was just stupid.

RUSH: Bribed? Like a —

CALLER: I would love to hear what a lawyer thinks about it.

RUSH: You’d love to? Yeah, you put an interesting twist on this. You know, if you look at McAuliffe as the governor of Virginia, well, what is really going on with that? I mean, if you put yourself in the shoes of the Clintons on this one, because he’s a Clintonite. Why do the Clintons want McAuliffe in Virginia? (interruption) Yeah, that’s true. Set up Hillary’s run. She need Virginia, and McAuliffe could deliver it.

I mean, once McAuliffe’s in there, you may as well bring John Huang back and all those clowns doing the White House coffees and whoever else. Charlie Trie, too. Bring ’em all back. Barbecue restaurant guy! Bring back the Robert “Red” Bone who taught Hillary how to trade in some court of futures or whatever. I tell you, this is just the money grab. This is what these people are. You know, you may say they’re socialist, communist, whatever. These people, they take other people’s money and distribute it to everybody else. They’re cronies.

It’s crony corporatism, crony capitalism.

Something is really odd.


RUSH: Here’s Mark in Charlottesville, Virginia, great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thanks so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: It’s a real honor. I’ll tell you something I find very disturbing here in Virginia. They’ve been pummeling the television airwaves with an ad, McAuliffe has, attacking Cuccinelli for suing a University of Virginia professor for his position on climate change while in reality anybody that knows anything about the subject knows that the professor is Michael Mann — and it wasn’t climate change, it was global warming. Of course, you know, the new terminology is used to put a new spin on something where has a basically proven and considered by most to have greatly twisted the truth and the facts. But what I find really appalling is that there’s no accountability for lying any longer. You know, you can say anything and do anything, and there’s no accountability, so things that would once be considered slander and would result in pretty serious consequences just seems to go unpunished.

RUSH: Here’s what’s different. Mark, how old are you?

CALLER: I’m 58.

RUSH: Fifty-eight. Well, then you’re old enough to know something. I mean, this kind of what you’re calling “lying with no accountability” or “slander,” whatever, it’s been part and parcel of politics since the beginning of the country. It’s why the First Amendment was the written. The First Amendment guarantee freedom of speech really is to all speech, but it was really with political speech in mind. You can say whatever you want under the First Amendment. The government can’t stop you. The government cannot abridge your right to say what you want — and it had a political connotation to it.

The antidote for that, the antidote for lying was an informed citizenry. That’s how people were held accountable, and there used to be a group called “the media” that would vet candidates and would tell citizens when candidates were lying about things. That no longer exists. The media is now part of the Democrat Party, and all they do is every day they impugn and criticize, mischaracterize and otherwise destroy Republican candidates, like is happening to Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli happens to be right about global warming. He was trying to save the people of Virginia money. It is a hoax. There is no manmade global warming. All the people who believe in global warming want is more taxes on people. They want a higher tax base on everybody. They want a carbon tax.

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