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RUSH: We’ve been talking about the Virginia gubernatorial election tomorrow. Terry “The Punk” — and that’s what we called him during the Clinton days. He was their arm-twisting fundraiser. I tell you, when I heard this guy was gonna run for governor, I just couldn’t believe it. It’d be like… Well, I don’t know. This is the last thing I ever thought this guy would ever really want to do. So he’s there for a reason, it’s related to the Clintons, and that means it’s related to Hillary in 2016. It’s related to trying to secure Virginia for her.

I don’t know. If I lived in Virginia and everything happening with Obamacare is happening is happening, and Obama rolls into town campaigning for McAuliffe, that’d be all I’d need to run the other way — and I’m being serious. I know I’m partisan in this regard, but for crying out loud! I don’t know what the status of this race is. Last I saw it was McAuliffe up by two, but they’re worried. So say the news reports. Who really knows? Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This morning in Annandale, Virginia, at The Punk’s campaign rally… Oh, they had Bite Me in there.

They sent Joe Bite Me, the vice president. Let’s listen to what Joe said.

BIDEN: This race has captured the attention of the entire nation.

RUSH: Yeah?

BIDEN: Because it’s the first major race between the forces and faces of the new Republican Tea Party, a Tea Party whose social (pause) recidivism is outdone only by its hostility to science and technology, innovation, and scholarship. (screaming) Everything they talk about, without exaggeration, is about turning BACK what the rest of the country and the world thinks is progress.
RUSH: (sigh) Okay. So they’re attacking the Tea Party. Everybody is scared of the Tea Party. The Republicans are scared of the Tea Party, the Democrats are scared of the Tea Party. They’re scared of Ted Cruz, they’re scared of Mike Lee, they’re scared of Rubio, they’re scared now of Cuccinelli. They’ve always been scared of Sarah Palin. But, you know, this attempt here to portray the Tea Party as a bunch of old-fashioned fuddy-duddies? I find it interesting.

Do you know what the left’s absorption with global warming really is? It’s anti-progress. The left has determined that any progress is filthy and polluting and disgusting and must be stopped, and if there is any group of people that want to turn back the clock and reduce progress and technological advancement (particularly the area global warming) it’s these people. These people are the great people of progress? They can’t even set up a website, for crying out loud!

We gave these people $600 million-plus in three years, and they can’t set up a website, and they are the progressives? They are on the cutting edge of societal evolution? These people want windmills, for crying out loud! They want to go back to foregone days, long-ago days, solar, all of these things that are just unproductive. They want to go back to horse manure in the streets, in effect. If there’s any group of people that wants to roll back progress, it’s the American left, particularly with their devotion to global warming.

But I love this characterization, the way they’re trying to scare people about the Tea Party. The only thing they’re right about in that regard is that — they in the Tea Party — we, I’ll include myself. We believe in the traditions and institutions that define the country. All these people are trying to do is save this country. They’re just trying to save our culture. They’re trying to save our society. They’re trying to save the Constitution. They’re trying to save individual liberty and freedom.

The Democrats want to run around and make that look like it’s old-fashioned and unhip? It’s the Tea Party that wants to preserve for you the right to do what you want in your life, to live your life the way you want to, not command-and-control from Washington. The Tea Party doesn’t want you saddled with rules and regulations like Obamacare. The Tea Party doesn’t even think something like this is constitutional. But here they bring in Joe Biden to try to define hip. Joe Biden as an arbiter of cool? I don’t know. You listen to this next bite. Does this sound like people who think they’re about to win?

You tell me.

BIDEN: (screaming) The whole nation is lookin’ at this race — and again, that’s not hyperbole. The whole nation is looking at this race. And, folks, it comes down to you. It really is all about turnout. There’s only one place the Tea Party can compete with us, and that is they do turn out their base. They do turn out those who share those views out of the thirties and forties and fifties. They do — and that’s what it is! So don’t take this for granted, man!

RUSH: No way. Thirties, forties, and fifties, unhip? What does this mean? They’re trying to characterize these people as wanting to go back to the thirties and forties. They call ’em terrorists. They call ’em the Taliban. You know, why should we be afraid of the Tea Party? What has the Tea Party been wrong about yet? What has the Tea Party been wrong about? Now, you talk about Tea Party and you talk about turnout.

The Washington Post had an article last week that said McAuliffe would lose unless there was a big turnout from blacks at the polls. It’s really the only hope — not the only hope, but that McAuliffe really needed a huge turnout of black voters if he was going to win, which is probably why Obama’s in there campaigning for him. Because everything else about Obama is an albatross around The Punk’s neck.

I mean, for crying out loud, he’s the architect of “You get to keep your plan. You get to keep your doctor.” These out-and-out lies that people are discovering now. Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart, all these so-called hip, pop culture show making fun of this, and actively getting mad. I thought the Democrats loved the thirties and forties! That was FDR. That was the New Deal. I thought they loved that era. I thought if Joe Biden had to point to one of the greatest eras of America he would point to the thirties and forties.

What happened to the thirties?

You got the New Deal. The forties we won in World War II, Greatest Generation. What in the world do these people find wrong about the thirties and the forties? In the early fifties they had Harry Truman. What in the world is Biden talking about here?

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