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RUSH: I want to take you back to this program. This is me back on October 11th on this program, ’cause this is really relevant right now. I just want to show you how I was ahead of the curve here and how you are also ahead of the curve if you’re here each and every day. You’re on the cutting edge of societal evolution. It’s a two-minute clip of me, but it puts things in perspective. Just listen to it. You’ll see for yourself.

October 11th. What I did here and am doing, is making a comparison between what people were saying about Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and Obama.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I have another question. You know they run around… The Republicans, conservative think tankers and others are running around ripping into Ted Cruz because he is setting people up for major disappointment and he is misleading them. “Yes, he is. Ted Cruz is making people think that they can actually support and make happen the defunding of Obamacare, and it can’t happen. There aren’t the votes. “He’s using people, and he’s setting people up for a major, major disappointment.

It’s going to fail. It’s so mean. And then Ted Cruz is making people think that if they support him and sign his petition,” he’s not asking for money, by the way, “that they can delay Obamacare. And they can’t, and it won’t happen. He’s just using people, and he’s setting people up for major, major disappointment. It’s not nice and it’s very selfish.” Well, my question is, “Why isn’t that said about Obama?” You want to talk about misleading people and setting them up for major disappointment and shock?

How about a guy who’s promised people will “get to keep their doctor,” and they don’t. How about a guy who’s promised that their premiums come down $2500, and they won’t? How about all the promises Obama’s made with his stimulus and all the shovel-ready jobs? None of it’s happened. How come the same standard is not applied to Barry? How come it’s not said of Barry that, “Oh, God, what a mean guy! He’s really using us. He’s setting people up.

He’s promising all these wonderful things that are not possible really, and they’re going to be so disappointed.” Why is that not said, folks? I think it’s a perfectly legitimate question. Obama is misleading people. Ted Cruz really isn’t. Ted Cruz hasn’t promised one damn thing. He’s expressed a goal that a lot of people would like to work really hard to make happen. Ted Cruz in one sense and Mike Lee, and these actually are giving people some hope. But not unrealistically so.

RUSH: If I might say so myself, I think that’s pretty profound. This is October 11th, so it’s three weeks ago, and I just simply questioned this. Okay, the Republicans — it was the Republicans, it was the RINOs, it was the some conservative media types — were saying, “Ted Cruz, what a mean guy! Why, he’s actually telling these Tea Party people that what they can do matters, ’cause they might defund or delay Obamacare, and they can’t.

“They don’t have the votes.” What about Obama…? Why doesn’t our side ever apply the same standard to Barack Obama? You want to talk about “misleading”? How about lying? You want to talk about disappointing and using people and setting them up? How about Barack Obama who, it could be argued, was elected on a fraudulent series of promises? “You get to keep your doctor if you like it. You get to keep your plan if you like it.”

Not only do you not get to keep your doctor, not only do you not “get” to keep your plan, you might not end up with any insurance after your first trip to Obamacare! You might be left out in the cold. Why doesn’t our side have anything of the kind to say about Obama the way they attack our people? What Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were doing, as I say, was giving people hope, giving them something to fight for — and look at what’s happening. Look at what’s happening.

Now there’s serious talk from the regime about delaying the individual mandate ’til after the election, exactly what Cruz and Lee were fighting for. There is talk that the regime might actually do that now. The news media is upset about the Obamacare rollout fiasco, ’cause it’s a story they can’t control, and they can’t spin it. People are seeing with their own eyes that the Obamacare website doesn’t work, that their premiums are going up not down, that they’re getting cancellation notices.

The news media can’t spin that away.

They’re trying like mad. They’re trying to blame this on the Republicans. They’re trying to blame it on the shutdown. But they can’t. People are living this, and they’re living this in droves out there. You know, in truth, folks, I think a lot of this is a huge shock to the administration, ’cause I think they thought that all they would have to do is blame the insurance companies for everything. “When the website doesn’t work, when premiums go up, when deductibles go up, when out of pocket goes up, just blame the evil insurance companies!”

And everybody would believe ’em and the media would spread that message. In fact, Obama and his flacks are still trying to do just that. They’re dumping on Ezekiel Emanuel yesterday on one of the Sunday shows. They’re dumping on the evil insurance companies, who got duped. They thought they were Obama’s partners in this. The regime is still trying to claim Obamacare didn’t make any of these insurance companies cancel anybody. The insurance companies are just doing it to make Obamacare look bad. They’re just doing it because they hate their customers.

It isn’t working this time, folks, and they’re in a state of shock.

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