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RUSH: I am so happy I moved out of New York, folks. I cannot begin to tell you. This guy, what did he get, 73% of the vote or something? (interruption)

Yeah, you can predict what’s gonna happen in New York. You can literally predict it. This guy is gonna go after the rich like they’ve never been gone after before. That’s gonna be the sole focus of what he does. They’re not paying their fair share. They’re gonna be paying taxes they don’t know they have. They’re gonna be giving up money that they didn’t know they had hidden away. This guy is gonna take everything he can from ’em. I am so, so glad I left.

I’ve toyed with the idea of going back to work there just for a day or something, just to say hi to the staff. No way. I may never even land in New York, the whole state. I may never get close to it. I am not kidding. Well, flybys. You have to. If you land at Teterboro, you have to fly by New York, but… (interruption) Who, de Blasio did, worked for General Dinkins? Not surprised. Not surprised. They’re talking about this guy being the first Democrat to win since Dinkins.

What do you mean, the first Democrat? What do you think Bloomberg was? He was a liberal Democrat from the get-go who just called himself a Republican so he wouldn’t have to be in a crowded primary and so he could trade on Rudy’s coattails. Man, but this de Blasio guy. This guy, there’s no disguise. This guy’s not wearing camouflage. He’s not trying to make anybody think that he isn’t what he is. It’s victory for liberals. I mean, this guy is just up front, no hiding, no camouflage, no mask.

He’s a Sandinista.

He’s communist,

I’m telling you, he’s a communist.

Let’s just get right down to it. That’s what he is. He’s a communist. Everything’s “the collective.” Let’s just be honest about what this guy is. There’s no two ways about it, and 60% of the vote went for him, and they know it. (interruption) Yeah, he’s gonna get rid of stop-and-frisk, so the question is how far for the crime rate will go up. Well, they won’t call it crime. They’ll call it socioeconomic circumstances, leveling things out. He’s not gonna call it crime.

When the poor start committing crime against the rich, steal money, it’s gonna be applauded. It ain’t gonna be crime. They’ll say the crime rate’s going down. This is just people getting even for a lifetime worth of discrimination. This is called redistribution of wealth, and he’s gonna say he applauds it. He didn’t have to do it, no middleman. If the poor want their money, just go steal it. Cool! And if they don’t, he’ll do it for ’em. I exaggerate a bit, but…

No, in 1983, when he was still at NYU, De Blasio “toured parts of the communist Soviet Union and at one time served as an organizer with the anti-nuclear, anti-American organization called physicians for social responsibility, was hired to work as a political organizer bay Maryland-based Catholic social justice organization.” That was Marxist. “In ’88 he was an ardent supporter of the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, and he joined a number of his Maryland-based Catholic social justice organization colleagues on a 10-day trip to Nicaragua to help distribute food and medicine.”

No wonder Obama called him up! Obama’s saying, “I had to support this chump McAuliffe, but this de Blasio? Now, there’s my guy! There’s my guy.” When de Blasio got home from Nicaragua, he joined the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, which was an organization that held meetings and fundraisers on behalf of the Sandinista communists. He subscribed to the Sandinista party newspaper, Barricada, and he speaks admirably of the Sandinistas to this day.

He’s a communist.

I interviewed David Horowitz yesterday. He’s got a new book out, The Black Book of the American Left. He said, “Look, it’s time. We gotta stop. They’re not liberals, they’re not progressives, they’re communists. They’re bigots, they’re racists, they’re sexists. It’s their religion. They don’t care. We gotta take the gloves off on these people.” You’re gonna love this interview with Horowitz in the Limbaugh Letter which is now digitized. You can get it from the App Store.

Just search “Limbaugh Letter” on your iPhone or your iPad. This interview is great. I couldn’t shut him up which is actually the greatest kind of interview. I didn’t have to say anything. I didn’t have to carry him. I didn’t have to do more than, you know, ask a couple of questions and that was it. I sat here and smoked a cigar and said, “This is my favorite kind of interview.” He was just off and running, David Horowitz.

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