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RUSH: You know, this Ashton Kutcher guy, I have to wonder. He won this Teen Choice award and he goes on TV and starts talking about how valuable work is. And don’t misunderstand this, but he sounded like me, which was pleasant to hear. It stunned me, he’s a Hollywood actor. He promotes left-wing Democrat causes. he goes out there, he’s telling these kids there’s no job he thought was beneath him. He would do whatever he could get, and he would do it the best he could, and now he’s back again. Ashton Kutcher “urging teens to get a job you love and be thoughtful,” and forget about fame. He said fame is crap.
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“I think that so much of what we see in the world today is this sort of propaganda machine around fame and around celebrity and I actually think there are some kids in the world that grow up today and think I want to be famous instead of when I grow up I want to do something, I want to build something, I want to create something.” And he’s exactly right. He’s just identified the Kardashians. They haven’t done anything, but they’re famous. Paris Hilton, famous for being famous. What have they done? Nothing.

Now, some people might say, “Well, Ashton, easy for you to say, you’re already famous, already rich, you already have all this stuff.” But he’s right nevertheless. He was on with Ellen DeGeneres talking about this, and, by the way, I think the same thing. I think all this social media, I’ve talked about this a lot, this desire that these young people have for everybody to know everything about them, ’cause they want fame, the red carpet, they want to live that life. They think everybody loves you when you’re famous. They think everybody loves you, that you’re rich, and that life is a giant party. They have a total misconception about it, and he’s out there saying so.

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