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RUSH: The Country Music Awards are America. Obamacare is a national joke. Last night on ABC, the cohost Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley at the outset of the show talking about Obamacare.

UNDERWOOD: Hey, do you have that Obamacare?

PAISLEY: Obamacare? What’s that? (laughter starts) What’s that?

UNDERWOOD: Oh, it’s great.

PAISLEY: It’s great?

UNDERWOOD: It’s great!

PAISLEY: Well, what is it?

UNDERWOOD: I started signing up last Thursday and IÂ’m almost done. (laughter) Let’s go to the website and get you signed up.

PAISLEY: Oh, okay.

UNDERWOOD: Let’s see. This can’t be too hard, right?

PAISLEY: WhyÂ’s it spinning?

UNDERWOOD: Oh, it does that.

PAISLEY: Okay. Why’s it smoking? (laughter)

UNDERWOOD: Um, I don’t — maybe – maybe we should restart it?

RUSH: I’ll tell you, the whole place, wherever this was, it was in Nashville, wherever the arena was, I mean, everybody was on their feet applauding this routine. They were laughing themselves silly. All it took was, “Hey, do you have that Obamacare?” “Obamacare? What’s that?” And the audience erupted. You heard it. “Oh, it’s great. Yeah, well, I started signing up last Thursday. I’m almost done.”

When you log onto a website and there is an error, you usually get a page that says “error 404.” More people know what that means now than ever before, thanks to Obamacare. More people have found the error 404 page and know what it means now than ever before thanks to Obamacare. And then after that setup they break into song. They take a parody of a George Strait tune.

(singing song)

RUSH: Yeah! Right on. There you have it, that’s Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood at the CMA awards last night. I mean, it was fabulous. And what this means is, Obama and Obamacare have become a joke. You just mention the word, and people start laughing. This will not sit well at the Regime. “Over six people served. I’m gonna wind up with hemorrhoids if I sit hear ’til dawn. Cataracts and dementia, oh, this is getting on my last nerve.”

I’m telling you, at the Regime, this is not acceptable. I mean, you can criticize ’em up to a point, but you do not laugh. You do not laugh at the Regime. That’s when they target you for the dungeons. You do not laugh at the Regime. This was huge. They’re laughing at the Regime. They’re laughing at Obama, and they’re laughing at a Democrat wet dream. National health care, making a joke of it. Jay Leno last night on The Tonight Show during the monologue.

LENO : President Obama saw gravity today. Not the film, his poll numbers. Not good. Latest polls show President Obama approval rating down to 39%. And Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s approval rating went up to 49%. How does this make Obama feel, huh? Better off smoking crack than passing Obamacare. Would have been up 10 points. Would have been 10 points higher. (laughter and applause)

RUSH: Right on. Right on. Meanwhile, and Leno’s numbers are up, and nobody else’s are. And then this lie, this lie that Obama has told, “Keep your doctor, keep your plan,” it’s now part of pop culture reality.

LENO: Have you noticed the president backtracking a little bit on this whole deal? Like at a fundraiser earlier this week President Obama said, no, no, what he promised was that you could keep your health care plan IF it hasn’t changed since the law had passed. You know he’s such a good speaker, he almost believed it himself. And then his pants caught fire. That’s when I knew, when the pants caught fire. (laughter and applause)

RUSH: Okay, now, in the face of all of this, the Democrats have trotted out crisis manager extraordinaire, Lanny Davis, and he was on Fox today, Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade said, “Do you believe the president is handling this right?”

DAVIS: In the world of crisis management, facts that are in front of your face have to be admitted to. President Obama and all Democrats should say, “We support this act, which I do. We messed up in explaining it. We oversimplified. We should have told people, ‘You might have to change plans to increase your coverage and that’s going to cost you more.'” That was a mistake. We need to fix it. It wasn’t explained well. Now we just have to acknowledge that, which is crisis management rule 101, and fix it.

RUSH: Problem with that, Mr. Davis, is that he’s going to have to admit that he lied. That’s right. We have the “poof.” Lanny’s famous for saying, “Where’s the ‘poof’?” During the Lewinsky scandal he was a crisis manager for Clinton. He kept saying on TV, “Where’s the ‘poof’? You gotta have ‘poof’, and facts.” And so we’ve got the “poof” Obama lied. So Lanny wants Obama to go out and admit he lied. He wants to go out and tell people, “You’re gonna not keep your plan. You can’t keep your doctor. It’s gonna cost you more.” That’s the fix? Oh, gosh. Would you love to see Obama do that? (imitating Obama) “I goofed up explaining this to you. Uhhh, it’s gonna cost you more, and you can’t keep it, and screw you.”


RUSH: Do you realize how desperate things really are at the White House? Lanny Davis suggesting Obama tell the truth? My gosh, folks. That’s desperate.

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