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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday I went through a list that I had from a health website. Thirteen myths, thirteen health myths. One of them was that low-carb diets are bad. It turns out they’re not. They’re the best diet that you can do. Another myth was that eating a lot of salt is a guarantee for high blood pressure and stroke. Not true. It demonstrably isn’t true. There were 13 of these, and one of them was that saturated fats are bad for you. It’s a total myth.

Yet here we come today and the FDA, which is the Obama regime, has announced they’re gonna move to ban trans fat. It’s one thing for Mayor Doomberg to do it, but here we have a national movement to just ban trans fat, and what that means is that all kinds of food that you now buy is gonna have to be taken off the shelf and reformulated. It’s gonna become more expensive, it may not taste as good, and there will be recipes that people will no longer be able to use.

Because, for example, margarine and butter? You know, margarine, is much better than butter in certain recipes, but it won’t be allowed. It won’t be allowed. But it’s a myth that trans fats are killers. These are the kinds of things that I just really resent about leftists and governments. It’s none of their business, and they fabricate lies. They convince people that normal living will kill them, and then they move in to regulate the way people live, and it’s all done under the guise of caring about people.

Well, let me put this in context. Okay, so the regime has announced it’s gonna ban trans fat. The regime is also moving to ban coal. The regime is also moving to ban private sector health care, private sector health insurance. All of this is done under this phony rubric, this phony claim of caring about people. Oh, yes. These big leftist, socialist communists want to convince you that they care about you and that they have unending, limitless compassion for you, and they know that you’re too stupid to do what’s best for you.

They know what’s best for you, and they’re going to force what’s best for you (in their minds) on you, under the guise of caring. Let me tell you something, folks — and I don’t mind if whoever quotes me on this. Government is not capable of caring. Government gets things done through coercion. They fine, they penalize, they tax, they confiscate, they jail, they bully to get what they want.

They don’t want you eating trans fat for whatever stupid, silly, none-of-their-business reason. It’s none of their business. They shouldn’t care — and they’re promoting a myth, just like incandescent lightbulbs are bad, just like coal is bad. What’s their solution? Well, electric cars. Well, how do you charge a battery in a car? You need electricity. Where do we get electricity? We get it from coal. We’re not reducing our usage of electricity by buying electric cars.

We’re not making anything cleaner by buying electric cars. If you want an electric car, go get one, but the idea that you’re cleaning the atmosphere, preventing climate change? It’s a myth. It’s a lie. It’s not done for compassion. It isn’t done because they care. It’s done because they seek control. It’s done because they want to coerce. Okay, so they’re gonna ban trans fats. How are they gonna enforce that?

They’re going to go out and they’re going to demand private sector businesses stop using it. If the private sector business doesn’t, what are they gonna do? Fine them, penalize them. That’s not compassion. That’s not caring. That is coercion. That is the use of threat, intimidation, and force that most people are scared to death to oppose. Who can go up against the government?

They can print money to hire any kind of lawyer or agent or team to come after you they want. What can you do? You have to acquiesce. They’ll be nice to you if you do acquiesce, but if you oppose them, then you become targeted. Look at what Obamacare is doing. Obamacare is hurting millions of Americans with even more millions on the chopping block, and guess what? The government also today announced the end of high-risk pools for preexisting conditions.

You didn’t see that? It’s the end of high-risk pools for preexisting conditions. Now, I don’t know what that’s actually gonna mean for preexisting conditions, but they’ve eliminated the provision for them ’cause the high-risk pool for it wasn’t working. Obamacare is not helping anybody. It’s hurting. It’s causing strife, it’s causing stress, it is costing people more money.

People are finding out they can’t keep the thing they like — their plan, their doctor — and all of this was what? For compassion! It was because the government cares, and the insurance companies don’t, and the hospitals don’t, and the pharmacists don’t. Nobody cares for you like Obama does. Nobody cares as much about you as Obama and his fellow Democrats, and to prove it they’re gonna coerce you into living in a way they can control you. All under the guise of caring. Compassion.

Let’s go to back to coal. They’re gonna ban coal. Really? What’s that gonna result in? Higher electricity prices. What’s that gonna cause? Higher utility bills. Do you think higher electricity prices help the poor? Do you think people losing jobs is helpful to them? There’s nothing caring about any of this. There’s nothing compassionate about the Obama agenda. It’s made to look like it is.

They have a likable guy who’s their spokesman, Obama, who can run out and make people think he cares about ’em. But there’s nothing compassionate about what Obama is doing, because what it is is the infliction of pain. Obama is inflicting pain on people via their health care, he is inflicting pain on them via their job and economy, he’s inflicting pain on them with all kinds of new regulations that make it impossible to know whether you’re in compliance or not.

So with all this pain being inflicted without care or remorse, the FDA now comes along and says, “Guess what? More headed your way. We’re gonna ban trans fats.” Why now? Why now? “Oh, because we want to make people think the government cares about you and your health. That’s what it is. Yes, we’re gonna ban trans fats because that’s how we show we care about you.” I know, it’s the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Two people, three people with a fax machine and a logo.

They are the people behind this, a bunch of silly, left-wing communists. Busybodies. You ever see one of them? They look like walking skeletons. They’re the people that got MSG banned. They’re the ones that got coconut oil banned from movie theater popcorn. It’s a bunch of busybodies, and it’s none of their damn business what you or I eat. But because it gives Democrats control over the way you live, they are supported.

So now we’re gonna ban trans fats, because you don’t know what’s good for you, and the government does, — and the government loves you. The government cares about you. The government is really, really worried about you not knowing how to live. So we’re gonna take away things from you that you might use or eat that could hurt you without knowing that you’re too stupid. So we’re gonna ban all these things, and in effect we’re gonna be controlling the private sector.

We’re gonna be controlling way the way people live. Statists are experts at conveying a message of “caring,” while twisting the proverbial knife in the backs of the masses. They don’t care for us, they want to control us, and they know it. That’s why leftists and Democrats have mastered the art, the low arts of exploitation and manipulation. That’s exactly what they have done. The FDA says it cares about us, so it’ll ban trans fats as soon as they can get it done.

Then they tell the grateful left that their mandated unaffordable health insurance choices were dictated in the name of caring, too, and they blame that on the evil insurance companies who don’t care about you. They’ll say, “We care about you,” and they don’t. It isn’t possible. A government can’t care. A government can only coerce and force. A government cannot create wealth. It can only destroy it. And this regime may be the absolute best we’ve ever had at destroying wealth.


RUSH: C.S. Lewis said it best, C.S. Lewis said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” The people that are doing everything they can for you — that is the most oppressive situation.

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