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RUSH: I want to take a brief moment here for some personal congratulations to a great guy, a great man, a sometimes guest host on this program. The inimitable Paul W. Smith of WJR in Detroit, is at this moment on his way to Chicago to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and he is so thrilled. He is so excited. He is the voice of the Great Lakes on the great WJR, and he’s gonna be there for quite a while longer.

I wanted to make a video to welcome him into the Hall of Fame and congratulate him, but the organizers are afraid that if they allow people to send videos, that nobody will go, ultimately, to the ceremonies, which I understand. So I wanted to take the time here to congratulate Paul on his induction. This is the Hall of Fame where, if you recall, it was… I don’t know. It had to be 1995, I forget the exact year, but this will show you how naive I was, folks.

I mean, I had been doing this the radio show for seven years, and I’m being inducted, and they tell me, “Sally Jessy Raphael wants to introduce you.”

My first response was, “Well, that’s strange,” but it’s the Hall of Fame. Who am I to refuse? So I said, “Okay, that’s fine, but are you sure?”

“Oh, yeah. She’s told us she wants to do it. Oh, yeah, she’s happy as hell.”

Then when it comes time, she stands up and objects to my being inducted, because I call women like her “fem-Nazi.” She couldn’t even get the word right. But we had fun. We got her back on our TV show. We found plenty of pictures of her without makeup, and we put ’em on the TV show. Well, you know, it was a classless thing, but do you remember how I dealt with it? I didn’t even acknowledge it.

I just went up and I thanked the American people and the Hall of Fame for making it possible. It’s a great, great honor. I mean, it was a great, great honor. Paul W. Smith was at the next table, and he wasn’t happy about what had happened, either, by the way. But it’s great for Paul to get in. I think it’s long overdue. Paul W. Smith. He just loves being in Detroit, he loves WJR, and he loves radio, and it’s a great thing for him to be inducted and have him in there.

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