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RUSH: I’ll tell you, the news out of Geneva regarding the United States, Israel, and Iran… Folks, I don’t know how else to categorize this or explain it to you. This man, Barack Obama, is fundamentally transforming this nation in ways that are gonna be next to impossible to reverse in many ways, the longer he goes. Do you realize that the regime has been secretly working behind the scenes to lift the sanctions on Iran? Iran is going to have the sanctions lifted without making any concessions in their nuclear program. They’re not gonna have to tear down any centrifuges. They’re not gonna have to dismantle anything. We’re just gonna take the sanctions away.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, has said, “This is disastrous. This is worse than a bad deal.” And he told Lurch — and, by the way, some have asked, I need to dispel something quick. You know Liberty? The talking horse in Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims was not modeled after John Kerry. I can’t tell you how many people have asked, “We’ve seen Liberty on the cover of your book. Were you thinking of John Kerry?” No, no. We wouldn’t do that to Liberty. Our horse doesn’t purposely look like John Kerry, and I don’t think it does. (interruption) What do you mean, Sarah Jessica Parker? That’s the first I’ve heard of that.

The broadcast engineer just asked me if we modeled Liberty after Sarah Jessica Parker. No. Nor did we model Liberty after John Kerry. I can’t help it if John Kerry looks like our horse, but it’s not the other way around.

Anyway, Netanyahu said to Kerry, “You can’t do this. You cannot go to Geneva and do this. You are undercutting yourselves. You’re undercutting the world. You’re undercutting us, your ally here.” But folks, this is the kind of thing that’s irreversible. If Iran goes ahead with no sanctions now, gets the nuclear weapon, why would a president do this? What possible reason, explanation could there be for basically removing the impediment to the world’s perhaps number one terror state acquiring nuclear weapons? Why would anybody in the United States want that to happen?

What is the benefit? And who benefits from this, outside of the Iranians. What possible advantage or achievement or upside for the United States is there, for all the impediments to Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon being removed? With no concessions. We’re just gonna remove the sanctions without them paying a price in any way. They don’t have to dismantle. They don’t have to stop. They don’t have to have inspections, none of this. It’s the most curious thing. And we’ll get to that in greater detail, although that’s pretty much it, other than for sharing people’s reactions.

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