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RUSH: Now looky there. They’re doing a little segment on Fox right now, “Vulnerable Senate Democrats Embrace ‘Keep Your Plan’ Obamacare Fix.” I told you, the Republicans have already proposed similar legislation. The problem is the plans are gone. They’ve just been canceled. What is this, “‘Keep Your Plan’ Obamacare Fix”?

I tell you what might happen with this — and I can’t see it, but I wouldn’t be surprised at the same time. If the heat’s on Obama, he could say, “Okay, okay. You know what? We’ll make some plans, for the next year you keep your plan,” and then you break your arm trying to find it. He goes out, Limbaugh Theorem, and says, “You get to keep your plan,” you just you can’t find your plan. It doesn’t exist anywhere.

They’re not gonna allow the insurance companies to re-create it. See, here we go. The very fact that this question has come up, means now it’s all on Dingy Harry. Will Dingy Harry allow a vote on people being able to keep their current plan? There’s no need for Obamacare if you do that. This is the fundamental point. If you can keep your plan, there is no need for Obamacare. Obamacare, by design, nukes your current plan.

I don’t know if people would realize that, though. If this were to happen that Dingy Harry passes this thing, Republicans would probably go along with it. “Oh, yeah, you get to keep your plan!” All that’s gonna do is pull Obama’s bacon out of the fire for a year and it’s gonna make sure these Democrats get reelected. More on that as time unfolds. It’s not gonna be overnight. Watch Dingy Harry allow a vote on it tonight.

I promise we’ll get to the sound bites of Sarah Palin on the Today Show today, and here they are. Matt Lauer was interviewing Sarah Palin. Matt Lauer said, “The president said you get to keep your existing policy if you like it. Five percent of Americans can’t keep it because it doesn’t meet the standards of the new health care law. If it turns out that those 5% of people end up with a better policy, do you think they’ll forgive him?”

Hold on just a second. Hang on a minute. We gotta find Obama saying that. Damn it, what number is it? Seven. Yeah, I put that on the bottom. It’s the one thing I wanted to keep. Okay, grab number seven. Yeah. This is February 25, 2010. This is at Blair House, which is on the grounds of the White House where visiting dignitaries stay if they don’t want to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom.

This is the discussion they had on insurance regulations at a “bipartisan health care summit” that Obama convened. Paul Ryan was at this thing. You might remember it. And Eric Cantor said, “I don’t think you can answer the question in the positive to say people will be able to maintain their coverage, people will be able to keep the doctors they want in the kind of plan that you’re proposing, Sir.”

OBAMA 2010: The eight to nine million people that you referring to that might have to change their coverage — keep in mind out of the 300 million Americans we’re talkin’ about — would be folks who the CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, estimates would find the deal in the exchange better!

RUSH: That’s not happening.

So Obama said this, and this is reason I wanted to air this, is to show you the linkage between the regime and the news networks, in this case Matt Lauer. There isn’t a “better” plan than what people have. That’s the problem! What am I missing here? People are being canceled. They can’t keep their current plans. What is available at HealthCare.gov is not better. Every alternative is more expensive. But, again, with this 5% lie. It isn’t 5%. It’s everybody!

He’s just talking about the first wave of cancellations being 5%, but it’s gonna be everybody. Nobody is going to be able to keep their plan under this. The plans will not comply. They will eventually not qualify. Something about them will be found to be changed, and they won’t qualify, by design. I’m not making this up. So, anyway, Obama says, “Well, yeah, 11 million people are gonna be canceled, but what they’re gonna find is an improvement.”

So that’s three years ago, just to show you that the White House gives its talking points to these sycophants in the media, and then these sycophants just pick it up and run with it not knowing what the hell they’re talking about. Matt Lauer’s question to Sarah Palin, “The president said you get to keep your existing policy if you like it. Five percent of Americans can’t keep it because it doesn’t meet the standards of the new health care law. If it turns out that those 5% of people end up with a better policy, do you think they’ll forgive him?”

PALIN: Where do you get this 5%? It’s not 5%. It’s most Americans will not be able to keep the health care policy and programs that they had desired — and the new programs that are being forced down our throat are unaffordable. People who are being told today, “If you…” and some of ’em are still being told, “Well, if you like that insurance policy and that coverage, you still will be able to keep it; it’s just gonna cost you a little bit more.” That’s the point! If it’s gonna cost you more, then it’s not the same policy.

RUSH: And it isn’t 5%. But again, I want to focus on the fact that Matt Lauer I don’t even think knows what he’s talking about. He’s given this talking point from the White House; it’s a three-year-old talking point. We went and dragged it out after we heard Matt Lauer’s question. Where does this come from? It comes from Obama! “Oh, yeah, eight/nine million, 5% out of 300 million people in the country? Big whoop, but if they lose their plan, they’ll get a better one. Ha! What the hell?”

Well, right on schedule here is Matt Lauer! “Sarah, well, if they lose their plan but their plan that replaces it is an improvement, aren’t they gonna love the guy?” So Matt Lauer then said, “Chris Christie called the shutdown of the government and that strategy hatched by Ted Cruz, a member of the Tea Party, ‘a monumental failure.’ If you look at the results of the election, isn’t the message of the Tea Party that the middle ground, not the far right, is the most fertile ground for upcoming elections?”

Now, here we are again. We’re back to these precious independents, “fertile ground.” Matt doesn’t know yet that the polling data all shows independents abandoning Obama in droves. He’s just repeating the silly little talking points that somebody at the Regime or his producer gave him. It’s standard operating questions. They think that they’re gonna embarrass Sarah Palin; make her look like a fool. “Well, I mean, isn’t the message to the Tea Party that the middle ground, not the far right like them, is the most fertile ground for upcoming elections?”

PALIN: When you stand in the middle of the road, you’re gonna get hit on both sides of the road. We need to take a stand, especially on this Obamacare, and support those who are just fulfilling their campaign promises. So many politicians ran for reelection and for election saying they will do anything in their power to defund the statist socialized medicine program called Obamacare. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, some of these guys actually were fulfilling their campaign promises. They stood up, they took the stand, fought for us.

RUSH: It is true. It’s a cliche, but in the middle of the road is where you get hit. (sigh) But the middle of the road? Again, “The precious independents, or the precious moderates, isn’t that the future for the Republican Party?” That trick has been employed on them successfully my whole life, and so thanks to people like Matt Lauer and so forth pummeling Republicans with this independent-moderate crap, the Republicans run campaigns aimed at 20% of the voters. (sigh)

She took him to the cleaners.

The whole thing was a tour de force.

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