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RUSH: Here’s Jose in Hawaii. Jose, I’m glad you called. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, I thought I’d never get on your show. It’s a real honor. Thank you.

RUSH: You bet, sir. Privilege to have you.

CALLER: Well, I’m calling because I think we agree on the answer to this question, but let me check. Do you believe that America’s founders could have remained loyal members of the corrupt monarchy and worked from within to reform it into America? Well, I don’t, and that’s why I’m starting a new party, but I’d also like to know what your answer is to that question.

RUSH: Well, I want to make sure I understand the question. Let me ask it in my own words. Are you asking me if I think the American founders could have remained loyal to the king and created a country that was nothing more than a satellite of Great Britain. Is that what you’re asking me?

CALLER: Well, not just think, like believe, do you believe it?

RUSH: Well, no. ‘Cause it didn’t happen.

CALLER: Well, that’s exactly what my answer is as well. That’s why they decided to break out and start America on their own. They basically —

RUSH: In fact, George Washington was offered kingship. The founders offered George Washington, it’s what they knew. They were fighting it. This is the power, folks. By the way, this is the allure. And this is why — sorry, I gotta calm down here. This is why the morality of people who are leaders matters. The founders specifically despised the monarchy. The Pilgrims were the first to escape it. The Founders established the United States of America as an independent nation. They wanted no part. They understood what monarchy was. They opposed the king. Read the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, the way they set up this government. And even after doing all of that, people approached George Washington and offered him the chance to be king.

Now, the reason they did was because he was such a profound leader and his morality was unquestioned. George Washington could have been king, and he rejected it. And he rejected it precisely because it wouldn’t be the United States if there was a king, because kings are not elected. He wanted no part of it. Now, what if Washington had been an egomaniac who wanted all the credit for the Revolution and all the credit for the founding and then wanted to be king for his position in history and so forth? I doubt that there would be a United States of America.

Folks, this is the lure of absolute power to average people. It’s a corrupting thing. And it’s why you need people of distinctly great morality to reject the offer or the desire to acquire such power. We don’t have that. Barack Obama fashions himself as a king, in his mind. The Constitution doesn’t exist if he can routinely change any part of it, via executive order, or whatever. And when George Washington rejected the offer to be king, the world was shocked. And, you know, Washington, as the father of the country, is a valid moniker. But one thing that doesn’t get played up enough, and, by the way, hello Rush Revere and Liberty. One thing doesn’t get played up enough is George Washington’s morality and his character.

His character gets talked up, but the morality of George Washington, because had he accepted the whole notion of being king, who knows. It’s really doubtful that here we are today, as we are. People trusted him to be king because they didn’t associate him with King George, as a ruler, but you give people absolute power, and they’ll use it, particularly if you expect them to. And he rejected it. He rejected that kind of power. And really didn’t even want to be president, if you want to know the truth. But he did it to get this fledgling nation off the ground. And, now, Jose, you still there?


RUSH: Okay, now what does the Tea Party have to do with this? What was the point you were making about the Tea Party?

CALLER: My point is that they’re trying to work from within the Republican Party to reform it into, like you said, conservative values.

RUSH: Oh, that’s true, that’s true, they’re trying to take it over.

CALLER: Yes. And I thought maybe it would be better if they created their own party or people just started to create their own parties that resonated with conservatives, because like even here in Hawaii it’s really hard to talk to these Republicans ’cause I guess they got into the game like Linda Lingle —

RUSH: Well, you know, Hawaii is a special case. Republicans could actually die there if they were — I take that back. As I say, I gotta calm down. Look, the Hawaii city council passed some stupid resolution opposing me. I don’t even remember what it was about. Something to do with an education story out there. Now, Hawaii is so liberal that Republicans, in order to survive politically, have to be their own version of liberal. Hawaii is as liberal as Massachusetts is or anything. I take it back about Republicans staying alive and this kind of thing.

CALLER: Well, to me, that’s sad that they would have to change their values just to survive. I mean, are we doing this to change or are we just doing this to stay in the game and just get, you know, day-to-day job. Is that a job for them or are they doing this so they can create change in Hawaii?

RUSH: In the case of Hawaii, the calculation has been made that there aren’t enough conservatives there to win elections if you just go full boat that way. So the Republicans there have moderated their conservatism to be, you know, RINO Republicans or liberal Republicans or whatever. There’s some conservatives nevertheless who are there. There are actually a lot of them, they’re just not elected. That’s the thing about that. But Hawaii is where you live, and so that kind of really matters to you. The big part of your question is the third-party aspect.

We just saw what happens in Virginia if that happens. The Republicans are gonna lose every time. The Tea Party’s gonna lose every time when there’s a third party. The Democrats sponsored this so-called Libertarian. I mean, even Rand Paul came out and opposed this Libertarian in Virginia in the governor’s race. All he did was take 7% of the vote. If he hadn’t been on the ballot McAuliffe wouldn’t have been elected. Pretty safe assumption. But he was on the ballot. Now, a third party isn’t the way to go.

I understand your frustration in Hawaii. It would be like living in San Francisco. It would be like living in Massachusetts. You choose to live there for reasons other than the politics of the place. You wish it would change to suit you. There are just certain enclaves of liberalism that are always gonna be that way and Hawaii’s probably one of ’em for a whole bunch of socioeconomic and otherwise political reasons. But again, I want to take back the idea that Republicans don’t survive out there. Again, I gotta calm down here, folks. I’m so worked up about some of this stuff today that I’m just way out there.

RUSH: It was the Honolulu city council. They passed a resolution denouncing me and my advertisers because the ChiCom premier came over, did a press conference, and I did an impersonation of what he was saying, and they thought that I was mocking the communist leader of China and mocking the Chinese language by impersonating him. So they passed a resolution in Honolulu. (interruption) I know it was funny! Nobody can laugh about anything anymore. Everybody’s so wound tight.

It was hilarious!

They passed a resolution banning me — well, not “banning” me, but denouncing me. I was scheduled to be there sometime later, like a couple months later, and I actually thought about going and turning myself in to the Honolulu city council to see what would happen. They probably… Who knows what they would have done. You know, it was just like Kim Jong-il when he was promising to do whatever he was promising to do. We’d imitate Gorbachev, too. But they didn’t like it ’cause they thought I was mocking the Chinese leader, and the Chinese language.

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