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RUSH: There have been 100 cancellations for every person who’s signed up for Obamacare, not 10 cancellations. It’s 100 cancellations for every person who’s signed up. And, again, you figure that every person signing up is not just one, and every person being canceled is not just one, that you at least have a spouse and a child in there.

You might have a family of four. I’m gonna use a family of three as an average number here to get to what we’re really talking about. We’re talking about 15 million people who’ve had their policies canceled, if you figure three people per cancellation. ‘Cause it’s five million cancellations compared to 50,000 sign-ups. But I’m gonna add three people to each of those categories. Because we’re talking at least families of two to four here, so I’m just gonna use a family of three.

That gives us 15 million people uninsured.

It gives us about anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 newly uninsured, people who’ve actually closed the deal in their shopping carts. What this means is… When did this thing go live, October 1st? Here we are in November 12th, so basically in six weeks the regime has created almost 15 million uninsured to go along with the 30 million uninsured that they were gonna fix. We start this whole stupid process in order to provide insurance for the uninsured. What was the number the regime threw out?

It’s 30 million, 15, 43 million. We’ll go with the 30 million number, but it was the most frequently used. So in six weeks, we have now added 15 million uninsured. That’s what cancellation means. These people do not have policies. Now, what are they up against next? When we get to January 1st is when they are required to have a policy, and when that date comes and they’re required to have a policy and they can’t get one because the website’s a mess and because the whole thing’s a mess, then what happens?

What a cluster this is. But it’s safe to say that this has create it let’s just say anywhere from 10 to 15 million brand-new uninsured Americans, by canceling their policies, people who thought they would be able to keep what they had. Can you imagine you…? You may be one of them. You bought what Obama said, “If you like your policy, you get to keep it. Doctor, same thing,” and then you get your cancellation notice, and then you find out your replacement is two and three times what you were paying?


RUSH: By the way, folks, I need to tell you something else. This Wall Street Journal story that only about 50,000 people have signed up with Obamacare? That story is being ignored. That’s strictly a Wall Street Journal story. The rest of the media is ignoring that, and you know what they’re running instead? For example, if you go to the Yahoo page, if you get your news from Twitter…

By the way, the Pew Center for People in the Press or somebody did a survey on where people get their news, and Twitter and Facebook are ranking real high. I think it’s one out of 10 people right now get their news from Twitter. If you get your news from Twitter, you’re getting it from Yahoo. So if you go to the Yahoo News portal, the top story there is an AP story talking about how Medicaid has signed up 444,000 people in just 10 states in just six weeks. They’re totally ignoring all the cancellations.
They are ignoring, for example, that for every new policy that people are buying on Obamacare, there are 100 cancellations. So there 50,000 new policies, and 5,000,000 cancellations, and each of those is more than one person, obviously — or most of them are — and the media is totally ignoring that. The AP lead story is Medicaid and how well that’s going. “My gosh, 444,000 people in only 10 states in just six weeks!” Oh, yeah, they’re touting the Medicaid sign-up as a success story.

Where’s the money coming to sustain that?

You’re not supposed to ask that.


I know Medicaid was already broke. That’s the point. The media is doing its level best to avoid reporting to low-information people the abject failure that is Obamacare, and instead they’re touting this overwhelming success story of 444,000 people in just six weeks signing up to Medicaid. So they’re trying to create the impression that Obamacare is this overwhelming success. But you say, “Well, who’s paying for these 444,000?” You’re not supposed to ask that question. The government is, and it’s not paying for Obamacare, either.

But “the government is,” and that’s the answer that satisfies the low-information.

“Oh, the government? Oh, okay, okay. Cool! Let’s go sign up there, then,” and that’s what’s happening out there.

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