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RUSH: Okay. Let’s see where we are here. We have 48, 49% of Americans on food stamps, or is it 49 million on food stamps? It’s million, not percent, though. It’s million, right? Okay. So let’s just say 48 or 49 million on food stamps. We have 91.5 million Americans not working. By the way, that’s not even counting the unemployment number. That 91 million, they’re out of the labor force. They’re gone. It’s 91.5 million Americans not working and 48 million on food stamps.

The amount of jobs, the number of jobs percentage that have been converted from full time to part time is overwhelming, and the Associated Press says that 444,000 additional Americans on Medicaid is a success story? What this means is that more and more Americans are living in poverty. Medicaid is not Medicare. Medicare is health care for the elderly and the seasoned citizens. Medicaid is for the poor. How in the world…?

What kind of perspective must you have to equate 444,000 new Medicaid recipients with success? This is a national disaster! This is 91.5 million human beings not working.

There isn’t work for them, and 48 million on food stamps. The percentage of people on Medicare? I think the number I saw was that at one time or another 70 million people are on Medicaid for a month or two ’cause they can’t afford anything else.

There’s nothing successful about any of this. This is a national disaster that is happening to this country. And for the AP to run around and have as their lead story today, which is gonna be all over the news sources for the low-information news consumer, a success story, 444,000 people sign up for the health care plan for the poor? What in the world is successful about that? (New Castrati impression) “Mr. Limbaugh, this just goes to show that you have no compassion. The reason it’s a success is the 444,000 people who wouldn’t have health care, have it.”


It’s that 444,000 people need it! That’s the indictment of this regime. Well, they were able to sign up with no glitches, as opposed to signing up for Obamacare. Here is the dirty little secret, folks. The ultimate aim of Obama is to get everybody on Medicaid. That would qualify as socialized medicine, and I’m guaranteeing you this. All this chaos and all these problems that Obamacare/HealthCare.gov had, if the alternative is Medicaid?

“In the privacy of the White House they’re rubbing their hands together and going, “Exactly as we had it planned! Exactly as we had it drawn up.” It’s repugnant to me, to call any of this a success story. To start ballyhooing that 444,000 people are so poor that Medicaid’s the only option for them? We’re gonna start clapping our hands what a great people we are? We don’t have the money for this! I mean, the last time I looked we’re $17 trillion in debt. We don’t have the money for any of this.

As this goes on, the whole concept of people paying for their own way in life becomes stranger and stranger. It becomes a foreign concept. It becomes one of those, “Well, easy for you to say!” type things, like telling the homeless to go get a job. “Well, well, easy for you to say.” I just don’t… This bothers the heck out of me, and I know you’re all in the same boat here. We want a great country. This is just an absolute shame. What is going on.


What do you mean, Republicans wouldn’t expand Medicaid? Rick Perry wouldn’t expand it? Yeah, see, the Republicans are mean, cold-hearted, radicals. They don’t care if people get sick and die, so forth. There’s no money! Anyway, I just wanted to run those numbers by you, put them in perspective.


RUSH: We’re gonna start with Lillian in Los Angeles. Hi, Lillian. Great to have you here, and I appreciate your waiting.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. More insidious facts about control, which you were talking about a while ago. I went to my physician yesterday who told me that he has another patient who was dropped from her health care plan, so she went to the new “Affordable Care” website. When she did, she learned that she would have to pay over twice what she paid before and they couldn’t find her doctor in Beverly Hills. She called his office and told him. He in turn told his secretary to call to find out how to get on the list of referred physicians.

The government workers said that only those doctors who get an invitation will be on the list. When she asked how to get an invitation, the Obama worker said, “That’s confidential.” So he said to me, “Will I not be on the list because I’m a Republican or because I’m white?” And, you know, he’s worried that it’s gonna interfere with his making a living. So they can control doctors, too, or — I don’t know — maybe it’s to get kickbacks. So more insidious facts are coming out all the time.

RUSH: Well this, in fact is not new, what you’ve encountered here. Doctors are encountering this all across the country and are getting out of this health care plan as best they can. They’re abandoning Obamacare. They’re simply not going to join a network. They’re not gonna be part of it. They’re gonna get paid. They’re worried they won’t be invited, as you say — and the exchange sites, most of them do not list people (by design). They don’t want people knowing where they can go outside of Obamacare.

So he’s not on the Obamacare provider list. You can’t get on it, and he doesn’t know why, but look at what he suspects? You know, this is quite telling about what the country has become. A doctor who wonders if he’s not on the approved list because he’s not a Democrat, or because he’s white. This is the kind of stuff that this president “inspires,” to use a word. This is the kind of thought process that he engenders in people, and it’s because of his uber-partisanship.

No, we don’t know the answer, but it’s just a gigantic mess. The thing that people are… You can’t convince them of this. I could probably have ten low-information people sitting in this room who don’t know who I am, if I could find them — in other words, people whose minds have not been polluted about me — and I could tell them, “Look, this is all by design. This chaos, the canceling of your policy, the massive new expense of a replacement policy, it’s all on purpose,” and at that point, I’d probably lose them.

“Why would anybody want to do this?”

“Well, because they want to end up having control over every aspect of your life.”

“How would that happen?”

“Well, they’re already doing it by telling you what you can and can’t eat and how much of a soft drink you can and can’t have. They’re gonna do this on the basis that if you drink too much Coca-Cola or Pepsi or whatever, you’re gonna become an obesity risk later in life, and you are gonna put a lot of cost expense strain on the health care system, and if you do — if you live and behave that way — they’re not gonna provide you health care.”

You’d lose ’em. I think a lot of people will be lost. To me, the secret is trying to convince people that this is not just incompetence and bureaucracy, although it is. They simply don’t have the best people. They’re too big. There are too many people with their hands in it, but it’s also that this is the intent. You were supposed to lose your insurance. I could walk ’em through it, and I wonder how many of ’em could be persuaded. So there has to be another way. Anyway, Lillian, I appreciate the call. Thank you much.

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