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RUSH: Lodi, California, next. Hi, Dave. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: I thank you, sir, for taking my call.

RUSH: I’m flattered you’re here.

CALLER: I would plea to the heart and soul of Rush Revere to allow me three to four minutes max to make my statement and I will not interrupt after that.

RUSH: I can’t make that pledge. Three to four minutes, you could end up boring half the audience. You’re not a seasoned, highly trained professional.

CALLER: I’ll try.

RUSH: Give it a shot.

CALLER: I’ll start with a quote from an Irish statesman in the 1700s, Edmund Burke. “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse,” and I say that this is 120% applicable to the first mixed-race president of Barack Obama. And I’ll go further and draw a comparison to Reverend Jones and his cult followers, where Obama is Reverend Jones, and the followers are his administration, the Democrats in Congress, and 98% of the mainstream media.

RUSH: And you —

CALLER: They all —

RUSH: You better not say that Two If By Tea is the Kool-Aid.

CALLER: Oh, no. No, no, no. Not a chance. They’re all drinking the Kool-Aid to the point of being intoxicated by lies, cover-ups, and no accountability, and this is all a result of a scandal finally sticking to the Teflon president.

RUSH: Well, that’s the thing. Will anything stick? I have to tell you, the Drive-Bys have reviewed the press conference, some of them have, and Luke Russert at NBC called it a disaster. Somebody at MSNBC said, “The president is obviously in pain.” It is being called incoherent and rambling. The president, in his press conference, apparently blamed the media for not telling anybody any of the good news. But somebody in the media said, “Well, he didn’t tell us any good news, either.”

Honestly. I’ve just seen those two or three reviews. Luke Russert and I think it was somebody — I don’t even mention the name — at MSNBC. There’s no point, but it was so anchorette, infobabe there. A disaster, incoherent, rambling hour, and they made note of the fact that Obama really blamed the media for not reporting any of the good news, any of the good things happening. Whoever wrote this review said, “Yeah, well, he didn’t, either. He didn’t tell us anything good that was happening in the rollout of Obamacare or any of that.”

So whether or not this — if you’re gonna call it a scandal — sticks, we’ll see.

Grab sound bite number three. Ladies and gentlemen, old buddy Andy McCarthy was on with Megyn Kelly last night on Fox. Andy wrote a fabulous piece at National Review Online making the case that all of this is a very impeachable offense, that Obama has committed real fraud, criminal-type fraud with his lie about you being able to keep your plan and keep your doctor.

He made the point that if you compare Obama to Madoff, Obama is far worse. Madoff lied to a select few dupes. Obama lied to the country. Even in terms of money, Obama’s fraud and deceit is costing this country far more money than what Madoff lost and cheated out of people. So let’s listen to a little bit of Andy here. Megyn said to him, “Last night, you wrote a column for National Review Online that says Obama’s guilty of fraud, serial fraud.”

MCCARTHY: Far more serious than people who routinely get prosecuted by the Justice Department. Just the lie about: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” which basically just scratches the surface of the fraud here, was repeated systematically and numerous times years after we can prove that he knew what he was saying was not true. We have millions of victims. There’ll be untold billions of losses here. If ever there has been a fraud on the entire American people, it’s this one. We’re talking about serial fraud on multiple levels.

RUSH: So then, Megyn Kelly said, “You can prosecute for somebody for material misstatement, material omission, if there was something he should have disclosed but didn’t. But this is an exercise in theoretical discussion, because nobody’s gonna indict the president. So what’s the remedy, Andy? If people believe, as the polls suggest they do, that they have been intentionally lied to by the president, what is the remedy?”

MCCARTHY: The remedy the framers gave us for reigning in executive excess, especially if it gets this abusive, is impeachment. Now, impeachment is a political remedy, itÂ’s not a legal remedy. So even if you can prove high crimes and misdemeanors, and I donÂ’t think thereÂ’d be any problem actually proving them, it doesn’t even make sense to have that discussion until thereÂ’s a political appetite in the country to actually remove the president. I don’t think weÂ’re anywhere close to there at this point. However, this is a big, scandalous scheme.

RUSH: It is. And it remains to be seen if it actually attaches to Obama and if his Teflon doesn’t work. There was this guy, Kevin what’s-his-name, always doing fake Larry King looking shows and stuff. This guy got put in jail for defrauding people on a weight loss scam. Kevin… I can’t remember his last name. He’s well known to the Veg-O-Matic audience, the Ronco bamboo steamer crowd and … Kevin Trudeau, that’s the guy’s name, put in jail. It’s exactly right.


RUSH: I tell you, I knew it. The insurance companies were not gonna be happy. The insurance companies are fit to be tied, ladies and gentlemen, ’cause a lot of ’em got out of markets. A lot of them left states, all kinds of things. This is an absolute mess for these guys. In the old days, like three years ago, everybody would just snap to whatever Obama wanted, they would do it, and they would have back then. But it’s a different day. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think some threshold has been crossed now. Take a look at this media analysis of this press conference today. “It was rambling. It was incoherent. It was a disaster.” That’s just three reviews.

And then the insurance companies are saying, “Hell, no way.” I mean, that’s relatively new. I mean, the guy pretending to be dictator waving his wand and then people are saying, “Well, no.” And he’s not used to that, other than from his wife. That’s why he goes to Five Guys to burger up. Well, he does. He has to leave the White House instead of eating roots and berries and twigs and stuff. That could be half the problem.

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