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RUSH: Okay, folks, there are other aspects of this that I want to get to that have nothing to do with what Obama did yesterday. Jonathan Gruber, MIT, who was an architect of Obamacare, was on NBC with F. Chuck Todd. I’m just teasing this. Do you remember Dick Gephardt talking about the winners of life’s lottery? In Gephardt’s world, the winners of life’s lottery were the rich. If you win a lottery, you’re what? You’re lucky and nothing more. You’re just plain lucky and that’s not fair. And Gephardt portrayed the wealthy as the winners of life’s lottery, basically saying that is the essence of unfairness, just getting rich by luck, as his primary justification for confiscating income from them via ever increasing taxes.

Well, Mr. Gruber, the architect, it is said, of Obamacare, the professor at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has now introduced eugenics into this entire health care debate by suggesting that there is a lucky gene pool. How did he phrase it? The winner of life’s gene pool lottery or some such thing. So what he’s getting at is that the healthy are lucky. The healthy, who don’t have to spend as much on health care, the lucky, who are only lucky because of their genetics, we have to tax them more. We have to get more from them. The healthy have to pay the freight for everybody who is unlucky, who has bad genes, and because of that they get sick more often. This is Margaret Sanger territory we’re getting back to here. This guy is introducing eugenics. And of course he is special. He himself is an elitist, genetically, and therefore will be exempt from whatever plans he has for the winners of life’s genetic lottery. I mean, wait ’til you hear this.

RUSH: If you’re healthy, if you don’t get sick much, if you don’t go to the doctor much or use your health insurance much, you are a genetic lottery winner. It has nothing to do with the way you live, nothing to do with doing the right things. It’s just sheer luck and you are gonna pay for that.


RUSH: Jonathan Gruber, he’s been in the news this week. Gruber’s one of the guys, one of the architects of Obama. He’s been in the news this week saying that you cannot reinstitute these plans that were canceled. You can’t do it. You got the law over here, Obamacare, and the plans canceled are illegal. You can’t do it. And if you try, the premium’s are gonna skyrocket, been saying it all week, and he was right about that.

But he’s how introduced eugenics! You healthy people are life’s genetic lottery winners. Remember Dick Gephardt way back in the nineties, as a means of justifying raising taxes on the rich, called them winners of life’s lottery. Meaning they were rich by no action they took, it was just sheer luck. And in such it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair they’re rich. Not fair they got lucky and you didn’t. And that was used to justify massive tax increases on them.

Dick Gephardt even had this imaginary friend that he would tell us about. (Gephardt impression) “I have this friend, and this friend tells me that if you raise my taxes, I’ll really get rich, because when you raise my taxes, everybody will have more.” We never found the invisible friend. I’m not making it up, Rachel. That’s what Gephardt said. Now we got an MIT architect of Obamacare saying that you healthy people are just genetic lottery winners, and as such you have to pay higher premiums to cover the health care costs for the unlucky genetic pool.


RUSH: Now, Mr. Snerdley is very worried that I’m going to be lied about, misrepresented, impugned, and all of that by just bringing up the subject. He wants me to say three or four times to all you liberals, ’cause it involves eugenics and genetics. He wants me to tell you none of this have I said, none of this have I ever said. I’m not Margaret Sanger. This genetic lottery crap. My reaction is if there are genetic lottery winners then why the hell are we banning trans fats? If there are genetic lottery winners, then what is Michelle Obama doing trying to mess around with school lunch menus?

If your good health is strictly due to your gene pool and the good luck that you have in yours, then what the hell does all the rest of this matter? But it is far more grave, far graver than that. This is really despicable stuff, because by bringing this into it, what Mr. Gruber is bringing into it is not just genetics, but eugenics. And do you know what eugenics is? You know what eugenics is? Try Margaret Sanger, the belief that certain gene pools are superior to others, by design, and that in order to have a properly functioning society, we’ve got to get rid of the inferior gene pools, the inferior people. People genetically inferior: stupid, weak, sick, get rid of ’em. That’s what Planned Parenthood was all about when it was founded, and it was racial. It’s amazing how that’s transformed itself, but it has nevertheless. I do not subscribe to it, and I want to get that out of the way up first.

But this happened yesterday on MSNBC, the Daily Rundown with F. Chuck Todd, interviewing one of the architects of Obamacare, MIT Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber. During a discussion about Obamacare and the people whose policies are being canceled because of it, F. Chuck said, “You say, Mr. Gruber, that the perceived problems with health care and health care reform, are actually essential mechanisms built into the law to make it work and that the law was designed to force some policies to be canceled. This idea of getting these policy cancellations fixed for the millions of people being affected, you say that going down this road could potentially unravel the law.”

GRUBER: It’s 12 million people, about a third of which will end up paying more under this law, and that, as you said in the introduction, is sort of the idea. We currently have a highly discriminatory system where if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick, if you’re gonna get sick, you cannot get health insurance. The only way to end that discriminatory system is to bring everyone into the system and pay one fair price. That means that the genetic winners, the lottery winners who’ve been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination now will have to pay more. And that, by my estimate, is about four million people. In return, we’ll have a fixed system where over 30 million people will now for the first time be able to access fairly priced and guaranteed health insurance.

RUSH: Now, folks, the problem here is the root thinking that goes into something like this. Let me parse this, if I may. And, by the way, he’s right when he says that your plan that you lost, that the president promised you you could keep, Obamacare was designed to force those policies to be canceled. He’s right about that. He wrote the law. He’s one of the architects. That’s why this lie was so bad, because Obamacare was designed for you to lose your policy. It was designed for that to happen. And he’s right about that. And now, reinstating those policies could potentially unravel the law because you’ve got things in conflict. Obamacare here, reinstating policies that are illegal but that the Regime says they’re not gonna enforce for a year, the insurance companies are gonna have to — it’s just an absolute mess. The thing is unraveling, okay?

But that’s not his big point. “As you said in the introduction, F. Chuck, we have a highly discriminatory system where, if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick, if you’re gonna get sick, you can’t get health insurance.” Now, that I have some objection to. That simply can’t be true. If that were true in a blanket way, most Americans wouldn’t have health insurance, and most Americans do. If you’ve been sick, if you’re gonna get sick, you can’t get insurance, that’s not true. All kinds of people who haven’t been sick yet have insurance. And all kinds of people who have been sick have insurance. It’s wrong from the get-go, but it’s crucial understanding the way these people think.

What he’s trying to say here is that the people who need health care can’t get it because our system sucks and our system sucks because it discriminates against the weak. It discriminates against the unlucky, and it discriminates against the poor, and it discriminates against everybody, our system is so bad. Our system is so unfair, our system is so mean that the people who really need to get well don’t. And that’s BS, folks. This country heals people all the time. This is why this whole thing, people like this in charge of the health care system, just offend me. The assumptions that they make going in, and the assumption starts with this country is inferior, this country is biased, it’s racist, it’s extremist, it’s bigoted, it’s discriminatory. This is not true!

Now, in the case of preexisting conditions, yeah, but that is not even a scant minority of the population. There are plenty of people who’ve been sick who have insurance, just like there are plenty of people who’ve had car accidents who have automobile insurance. This the best health care system in the world, that these people are now dismantling. We have the finest doctors, the finest hospitals, some of the greatest research, our pharmaceutical industry, unparalleled in the world. You can’t have all of that in the kind of world or country this guy is attempting to portray here.

But that’s just the starting point. Okay, so his belief is that our whole country is unjust and unfair, and our health care system is, too. And the people who really need the health care can’t get it. The only people who can get it are the people who don’t need it, genetic lottery winners, the people who never get sick. They’re the ones, because the insurance companies suck, and the insurance companies are unfair, and they only insure the people who they know will never get sick. And that’s BS as well. I’m sorry if you’re the 25-year-old woman threatened by my yelling. This stuff just burns me.

RUSH: Okay, here’s Jonathan Gruber and it’s just not fair. The only people that have health care in America are the people that don’t need it. Isn’t it just typical, the only people that have money in the world are the people that don’t need it. The only people that get freebies are the people that can pay for it. The only people that need health care can’t get it because — it’s a crock. It’s just more of this never ending belief in the basic fallibility and inferiority of this country. It just isn’t true that we have a discriminatory health system where if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick, if you’re gonna get sick, you can’t get health insurance. It’s just not true. You know it as well as I know it.

But that’s the starting point. The starting point is America’s intrinsically discriminatory. It’s unfair and it mistreats the poor. It mistreats minorities and women and children are hardest hit and all the cliches. Okay. So he then said to F. Chuck Todd, “The only way to end that discriminatory system is to bring everybody into the system and pay one fair price.” Socialism. Yes. It’s no different than nobody should make a dime more than anybody else, and nobody should have to pay any more than anybody else for a house. Nobody should have to pay anything more for a car than anybody else pays. It’s just not fair, otherwise.

Why should everybody’s health care cost the same? Why doesn’t everybody’s car cost the same? Why everybody’s house cost the same? Why doesn’t everybody’s hotel room cost the same? Why aren’t movie tickets the same from theater to theater, town to town? Why aren’t salaries identical? What the hell is it about health care that it has to be the same for everybody. What is it about health care that these people believe is innately discriminatory to the poor and the sick.

So he says the only way to end this discrimination is to bring everybody into the system and pay one fair price. That means that the genetic winners, the lottery winners who’ve been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination now will have to pay more. So what he’s saying is you people who are healthy, it’s not because of anything you’ve done. It’s not because you’re drinking carrot juice and eating this, not eating that. It’s not because you’re jogging. It’s not because you’re getting exercise. It’s not because you’re doing what all the food and health Nazis say. It’s not any of your business. You just got lucky in the gene pool. That’s it. No control, no participation in the way your life has turned out at all. You are just a walking robot. And you either had rich parents or healthy parents or white parents or what have you, but it just isn’t fair.

So we’ve gotta change this basic unfairness. It’s not fair that some people don’t get sick. It’s not fair that some people don’t get as sick as other people. It’s not fair that some people don’t get really sick. And it’s really not fair that the people that don’t get sick don’t pay much for their insurance. It’s really unfair that the people that don’t get sick don’t pay much for their health care.

Why should they? Why should somebody who never goes to the doctor pay out the nose for it? What is intrinsically unfair about that? You know, to a lot of people, health care’s a choice. To a lot of people, going to the doctor is the last thing in the world they want to do. To some people, spending money on their health is something they’d rather not do. They rather have the flat screen. They rather go out and buy the souped-up car. Why is that bad? We’re so out of control on all of this, all these assumptions are being made.

But I still haven’t gotten to the meat and potatoes of this. The meat and potatoes, the genetic winners, the lottery winners who’ve been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination, will now have to pay more. So you’re healthy, you’ve done everything the so-called social architects tell you you have to do. All of the healthy Nazis and the food Nazis, they’ve told you everything to do when you’re healthy. You gotta pay a price. Just like they told you you better go out, you better buy a car that gets 40 miles to the gallon to save the planet. So you do. Then they realize they’re coming up short on fuel taxes, so they raise your tax, because you’re doing something responsible. It isn’t right, it isn’t fair, that you’re not paying more when you have the ability to.

So, “We’re gonna have a fixed system where over 30 million people will now for the first time be able to access fairly priced and guaranteed health insurance.” No, we’re not. This cannot work. Forced behavior, socialized anything, doesn’t work. Ask Stalin, ask Andropov, ask Brezhnev, ask Castro, ask Mao. Well, it worked for them. But ask the people that live in their countries if it works? Go ask your average Cuban if it works. Go find your average Chinese in Shanghai, ask him if it’s working. Go find somebody who lived in East Germany in the sixties and seventies and ask ’em if it worked. It doesn’t work.

However, here’s the thing. This business of winning the genetic lottery I think is a modern phrase for the eugenic belief that some people are inherently genetically inferior and weak. You can’t believe otherwise. If you’re gonna start talking about genetic lottery winners, then you gotta go all the way with this. If you’re gonna start, as Mr. Gruber is here, not me, this is not me, I don’t think this way. This stuff never crosses my mind. I don’t think of genetic lottery winners. And I don’t think of the winners of life’s lottery in terms of wealth and income. I don’t think that way.

This is not me. This is Jonathan Gruber at MIT. When you start talking about winning the genetic lottery, you are talking about a belief in eugenics. And the belief in eugenics is that some people and maybe some races — ask Hitler — some people and some races are inherently genetically inferior and weak. That’s what he’s saying here. Genetic lottery winners, there are some genetic lottery losers. What does that make them? What is a genetic lottery loser? A victim, somebody who’s weak, somebody who is always sick. And, by the same token, if you’re going to believe in genetic lottery winners and losers, then the winners are who? Well, they’re the genetically superior.

You know, the Nazis thought that genetic lottery losers should be murdered. Adolf Hitler believed that Jews were genetic lottery losers. And what did he do about it? Now, Obama doesn’t think that. Apparently Obama and Mr. Gruber believe that genetic lottery losers should be compensated for their lousy genes. And so Obamacare has come along to protect the victims, the losers of the genetic lottery. The losers of genetic lottery are victims and they’re mistreated by the evil insurance companies. They’re not getting insurance, they don’t get covered, the emergency room kicks them out, what have you.

But either way, it is a view of the world that starts with an assessment by the government of who is and who isn’t elite, is it not? You start talking about lottery winners and genetics, you’re talking about the government assessing who is and who isn’t genetically inferior. And if this government assesses you to be genetically inferior, they want you to be compensated. This is why you can’t escape all these mindless racial questions on the application form at HealthCare.gov. They’re trying to identify who among us are inferior and in need of their assistance.

Now, I think that Mr. Gruber believes that he’s part of the genetic aristocracy, and I think Obama thinks that he is part of the genetic aristocracy, ’cause they’re the smartest in the room. They believe in a genetic aristocracy just like they believe in an economic aristocracy. And they’re in it. Oprah thinks that she’s in it. So does this idiot, Toure. I’m sure he thinks he’s in the genetic aristocracy. All of these libs think they’re smarter than anybody. These faculty lounge theorists, they sit around and they talk about how stupid everybody else is and how if they had control, how they’d finally make everything work right. And we’re seeing how the genetic aristocracy makes things work, because we’re being ruled by the genetic aristocracy. We’re being governed by an elite aristocracy of the mind, Obama, et al, and his lib buddies.

So Obama and Gruber and all their friends, their status is life largely due to being born into the acceptable physical and social class. And that is affirmed by what university they get into. So that makes them part of the aristocracy. And then, by right of being in that class, in that elite aristocracy, they get to punish other lottery winners on behalf of the genetically inferior. They are the genetic aristocracy. They’re the winners of the genetic lottery. They get to sit here and determine who the losers are, and they tell others who are also okay, but not really qualified to be in the aristocracy, “You’re gonna pay through the nose because those people are genetically inferior. And we’re gonna call that fairness. And we’re gonna call that nondiscrimination. And we’re gonna call that fixing this country.”

So if people with poor health are genetic losers — and I didn’t bring any of this up. I’m simply bouncing off Mr. Gruber at MIT talking about genetic lottery winners who are not paying enough for their health care. If people with poor health are genetic losers, then the professor’s losers in the good-genes race are minorities whose health indices, the indexes, according to the Centers for Disease Control, are lower than whites in almost every category, including life expectancy. And you know I’m right. They tell you it’s their propensity for this disease, that disease, shorter life expectancy, the genetically inferior happen to be minorities. It fits right in with the way these people view the world. And this then justifies their treatment of them as victims.

But, you see, also, if there are genetic lottery winners, then it doesn’t matter. You can avoid all the trans fat in the world. You could avoid the 32-ounce soft drinks. You can go out and eat the healthiest garbage, and you’re still gonna be genetically inferior because you have bad genes, you lost the lottery. Your parents, your grandparents, your ancestors, they screwed you. You had no say in it. That’s the kind of thinking that’s gone into this. I saw that, F. Chuck and the genetic lottery winners, and now all of this has surfaced in a way that has enabled me to explain to you the thinking behind these people and the way they’re producing and ordering their whole health care plan.

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