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RUSH: The House just moments ago passed the Upton bill, the Fred Upton bill to restore health insurance policies canceled by Obamacare. The House just passed a bill that essentially does what Obama said he was gonna do yesterday. It passed with 39 Democrats voting for it, 261 to 157. Obama has said he would veto this. And if he does, there’s a couple reasons, the primary reason being, he just wants total control of it. Now, Dingy Harry and the boys would love there to be Republican fingerprints on the mess. But Obama wants total control, plus he doesn’t really want the law changed.


RUSH: I have an explanation for why Obama is going to veto the Upton bill passed in the House 261 to 157. Thirty-nine Democrats voted with Republicans to reinstate your canceled health policy. The House voted to give insurers one more year to offer health plans due to be canceled under Obamacare. A bunch of Democrats voted with Republicans in what is said to be a rebuff to the Regime. The vote came one day after Obama said that he would let insurers, he would allow — I can’t, you know, I guess it’s not that big a deal. It just offends me. Presidents don’t permit or allow people to do things, not in our system. Right here it is in the media. After the president said he wouldn’t let insurers reenroll consumers for one year. Oh, this deeply offends me.

Anyway, here’s the crux of this. The White House said that Obama’s gonna veto this bill, the Upton bill, and here’s why. “It would allow insurance companies to sell substandard plans to new customers.” So this plan that you like and you were told you could keep is substandard. It’s inferior. It’s not any good anyway. And it was gonna be canceled no matter what he said he knew and didn’t know. It was gonna be canceled, but he’s gonna allow you to keep your plan for one more year, but the Upton bill would allow new ones to be sold, apparently. And Obama is not going to permit that. No, no, no. The president of the United States will not permit the insurance companies to sell substandard plans to new customers.

He also says, the Regime says, that the Upton bill omits coverage for people with preexisting conditions and — are you ready for this? The president says he’s vetoing the bill — and this is the biggie — because the Upton bill charges women more than men. That’s what he says. That’s what the Regime puts out. Again, you have to understand, the truth is irrelevant. It’s whatever Obama says. And Obama is telling the women of America that the Upton bill would permit the insurers to charge women more than men, and he’s not gonna put up with that. He’s not gonna let that’s Republicans continue to savage, ravage, and discriminate against women. Not gonna let it happen.

Well, it is proof the Republicans shouldn’t try to fix it, but they’re damn lucky he vetoed it. I’m just gonna tell you, they don’t know how lucky they are that he’s gonna veto this. And I hope he holds firm and does.

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