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RUSH: You know, something’s happening to me that I never thought would happen. I’m worn out of football by five o’clock on Sunday afternoon, I’ve had enough. I don’t care what’s going on. I never thought that would be the case. I mean, I used to be — well, you people know, you stick-to-the-issues people, golf or football, whatever, you just got ticked off at me talking about it a lot.

I’ll tell you, the game is — I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about it, and I know what’s going on. I predicted it, and it’s having an impact on me. The way the game is covered. The way it’s played. The way it’s refereed. The way they deal with — (interruption) well, no, I’ve been asking myself if it’s me or if it’s the game. I mean, it could well be that, you know, we all have our passions change as we get older, or maybe age has nothing to do with it, it’s just as we live.

Like the game last night, there was a big game last night, the Chiefs and the Broncos. I didn’t care. I watched a little bit of it, and Kathryn said, “You know, Homeland’s on at nine o’clock. You want to watch it sometime this week?” I said, “Let’s watch it now. To hell with it, this game’s gonna be going till midnight.” So we watched Homeland last night and the game didn’t change much from when we started watching Homeland at about 10 after nine until I tuned back at midnight and the game was just ending. But, no, I don’t want to make a big deal of it. I mean, I’ve done no analysis. I’m just telling you, and I don’t know what it means. It may mean nothing. I’m losing my “can’t tear me away from it.” I haven’t been to one game this year. There hasn’t been a game on the schedule that I care to go to, period.

Anyway, folks, this a big week. It’s a big week for Obamacare, and that means the media’s gonna spend as much time this week on the anniversary of the assassination of JFK as they can. The assassination of JFK will happen on the 22nd, which is Friday, and they’re gonna take occasion of this anniversary to just totally blanket coverage on the JFK 50th anniversary, which is a big deal, but it will also provide the Drive-Bys and everybody else an opportunity to ignore Obamacare.

Major cancellations are yet to happen with Obamacare. Obama and his minions are still trying to downplay what they’re calling, “Ah, it’s just 5%. We’re just talking about the individual marketplace that’s been canceled.” Now you got insurance examiners and companies being brought to the White House. I’m sure Obama’s promised ’em a bailout. You know he has. You know he’s bringing these insurance guys in, and he’s promising them a bailout. That’s how these guys work. They’re gonna lose money left and right by reinstituting policies that they had canceled, policies which remain illegal, by the way, just the Regime isn’t gonna enforce them for one more year. But they’re illegal.

The plan that you liked, the doctor that you had that you liked and all that, if your insurance company is able to give you that plan back, they’re gonna loose money. I don’t know that it’s happened. I mean, I’m not sitting here saying conclusively, but Obama’s bringing these insurance execs up to the White House, and what do you think he’s promising ’em? You know he’s gonna bail ’em out. I mean, everything’s riding on this, cover their losses or what have you. The question remains, are they going to be able to actually reinstate your old policy? I mean, they have bureaucratic snafus that they have to navigate as well.

But, look. While everybody’s focused on just this, the private insurance market, ladies and gentlemen, I mentioned to you last week, Betsy McCaughey had an analysis. She said if you think this is it, you’re wrong. The tip of the iceberg has barely even been reached because beginning next year everybody in an employer-provided plan will get their cancellation notice. In fact, I know people who have already started receiving their cancellation notices. My cousin, who lives out in Los Angeles, I got this obscenity-laced e-mail from him on Thursday or Friday last week. He’s in his early thirties and he just got canceled. And all of these employer-based plans, they’re next. Everybody’s starting to write about that.

Now, even The Politico is writing about it. No, I take it back. Everybody is not. The Politico is sort of alone. Betsy McCaughey is, Andy McCarthy has a piece about it today at National Review. We spoke about it last week. And now we’re talking about not 15 million people as Obama is talking about. We’re talking about 156 million Americans who get their health insurance through their jobs. A hundred fifty-six Americans, and the lion’s share of those plans are gonna be canceled. Look, it’s in the Federal Register. The Regime knew and stated that 93 million Americans were gonna lose their plans.

Speaking of twisters, hurricanes, Pelosi is trying to defend Obamacare. She was on Meet the Depressed yesterday with David Gregory. Did you see this? She’s recycling this. She stood by her famous remark about having to pass the bill to see what’s in it. She is still saying that when people see the bill they will like what’s in it, in the midst of them getting canceled, in the midst of people losing the insurance they liked, after having been lied to, after having been defrauded. By the way, I mentioned my buddy Andy McCarthy, this is the second piece that he has written on the fact that this is a criminal fraud. Anywhere in the private sector the people that do this would be prosecuted, most likely by federal prosecutors.

And this is! It is a pronounced fraud and if the politics were such in this country, it would be impeachable. You can’t proceed with impeachment if the political circumstances aren’t there for it, and they’re probably not, in which case nobody would have the stomach for it on the Republican side. But nevertheless, it’s a major fraud. It’s not just the lie, and Andy makes the case a second time here in his piece today, it’s called, “Obama’s 5% Con Job.” And the point is that the 5%’s not even the 5%.

Avik Roy is a scholar at one of the think tanks, and he says the individual market is 8%, not 5%. The individual market is 8% of health insurance consumers, and that is 25 million people, not 15. And his point is, the president can’t even be honest about that. But it is the next shoe to drop next year, cancellation notices will start going out soon. Employer-provided plans are the next to be canceled, because they are illegal. They will not fit within the new mandates that Obamacare has. It’s not just the individual market.

Remember we talked about this last week, with the aid of the Betsy McCaughey piece. Now, the Kennedy assassination, it’s fascinating. I spent a lot of time last night on this. I remembered something vaguely, but couldnÂ’t put my finger on it. It was a piece that I had read about how the Kennedy assassination actually caused American liberalism to do a 180 and assume the positions on issues that they have today.

I searched and searched, and I finally found the source of this, and it’s a fascinating theory. We’ve spoken about it before, but I just couldn’t remember where. It’s a book that was written back in 2007, I believe, “Camelot and the Cultural Revolution,” by Jim Piereson. The book is not available as an e-book. It’s available in paperback or hardcover, but there are various summaries of it I found.

Once I found that, I remembered his theory, and I spend a little bit more time with this. But his theory is the left just couldn’t accept the fact that a communist had killed their president. JFK was not a liberal in the sense that liberals are liberals today. He was a nationalist. He believed in America. He believed in American military power. He believed in tax cuts. He believed American exceptionalism.

He believed in all these things that liberals used to, in their own way, believe in. He was a fervent anti-communist, fervent anti-communist, and the left of the day could not believe that a communist killed him. In fact, there are quotes from liberals of the day — back in 1960, ’61, ’62 — who openly said (it’s amazing how things don’t change, folks) that the biggest threat to America came from the right wing of the Republican Party, back then epitomized by Joseph McCarthy.

The biggest threat was not the Soviet Union. The biggest threat was not state-sponsored communism wherever it was in the world. It was the Republican Party. It’s amazing how things don’t change. So when Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas — and by the way, there’s another aspect here that you touch on this at your own risk, but Kennedy’s presidency at the time of his assassination was in dire straits. He was in deep trouble, and the Democrat Party was worried he would not win reelection.

The whole Kennedy administration was in bad shape. The whole construction of Camelot did not begin until after his death, and it was Jackie who did it. As Brit Hume said over the weekend, the biggest PR campaign the history of the world began to recast JFK as Camelot, King Arthur and Washington in a way that it never was when Kennedy was actually president. But it all focuses on the fact that the left was just blown apart by the fact that a communist had pulled the trigger, Lee Harvey Oswald.

That is why they medial began to blame Dallas for it, right-wing nutcases, right-wing corporate executives, right-wing gun nuts, right-wing extremists in Texas, and it was the left that began to popularize all the conspiracy theories. It was the left that created all these conspiracy theories as to what had happened to Kennedy, because they couldn’t come to grips with the fact that a communist had pulled the trigger. They just couldn’t. They were more aligned with the communists around the world than they were with Republicans back then — which is the case today, by the way.

Piereson’s point is that that was the turning point for liberalism, that is when they totally shifted and began to blame America for everything — they had no choice — to protect the whole Camelot thing that Jackie was creating, and to deal with the unacceptable, that a communist had killed the president. They then began tarring and feathering everything about America: American culture, American religion, everything. That is when it began. This Mr. Piereson’s theory, and it’s impressive. It has a lot of validity.

Anyway, I was spending my time re-familiarizing myself with this, some of yesterday afternoon and last night. I actually stopped watching a football game to do this. That woulda not have happened in years past. I mean, I woulda done ’em both at the same time in the old days, but I actually turned the game off. Who was it, anyway? Oh, it was four games late. I had the Red Zone on. I don’t know, folks.

That’s a whole ‘nother subject, but the game, the way it’s being covered, reported on, just… I don’t know. They’re losing me, and I don’t know if that means anything. I’m not gonna extrapolate it beyond that. But it’s just… I can see the handwriting on the wall. Anyway, that’s what I did. I turned it off and started digging into this Kennedy stuff knowing full well that later in this week if not sooner, they’re gonna start focusing on the anniversary, 50-years, and the rebuilding of Camelot.

It’s the reimagining of it, how wonderful it was. The association of Obama with it will take place. I fully expect to see the Obama administration portrayed as an heir to Camelot. They tried that with Clinton, by the way, and they had all the ingredients there except Clinton got caught. JFK, when he got caught, nobody cared because it was with Marilyn Monroe. They said, “Ooh, that’s cool.” Clinton got caught with Monica, an intern by a stained blue dress.

That was tougher to categorize as Camelot, as opposed to trailer park — which is what Carville was describing Clinton’s women as anyway. So it’s gonna be an interesting week in that regard. But this theory of what turned the left against America. Now, I know many of you are saying, “But wait a minute, Rush. You’ve said, and you may yourself believe, the left has always had problems with the American founding.” That’s true. But they always looked at themselves as FDR in the New Deal. They looked at themselves as good for America.

They didn’t mind piping up about how great America was because of them. So the Kennedy assassination came, and they have been… You stop and think about it. Ever since, they have been on the warpath to tear this country to shreds, and this guy’s theory is it’s simply because a left-winger shot a Democrat president. They just couldn’t believe it, and they had to create in history, via revision and lies, the idea that Kennedy was actually done in by a bunch of right-wingers in Texas and that they are the primary sponsors of all the conspiracy theories that are out there, not madcap extreme right-wingers.

Let me take a break. Basically somewhat sets the table.

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