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RUSH: Do you know, folks, there’s actually a debate going on at ESPN and throughout the sports world over who can use the N-word when and how, and who can’t when and how? (interruption) No, and this is just part of the whole thing of turning me off to football and sports in general. In the first place, you have this generation of journalists from the coddled generation. I think some players, too.

We’re getting to the point now where people covering sports and playing in it have come from this coddled generation where nobody’s ever supposed to say anything mean. Nobody’s ever supposed to do anything mean. Nobody’s ever supposed to disrespect. We’re all supposed to go get together with Conflict Resolution 101. Some NFL player for the Redskins the other day or last night after the game was talking about how mean the ref was calling him names and so forth.

You have Jonathan Martin of the Dolphins now with Posttraumatic Distress Disorder over hazing and so forth or what’s been going on. I’m not defending any of this ’cause I don’t know what happened. But the nature of the complaints and the all-out attack — and I don’t think this is even arguable. There is an attack on masculinity that’s been going on in our culture since the advent of the modern era of feminism, the late sixties and early seventies.

They’re trying to take out the actual realities of life and the way people are built to sanitize everything, and you can’t. Now we’re getting into this televised discussion of who can and who can’t use the N-word and how. Let me just give you three examples of this — and, frankly, this is just reprehensible to me. Call me a fuddy-duddy if you want, but I will not sit around and watch this kind of stuff.

I’m not gonna get caught up in it, and I’m certainly not gonna weigh in and have an opinion on it. First, TNT, Inside the NBA, the anchor Ernie Johnson speaking with Charles Barkley about Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes having to apologize after he was fined for using the N-word in a tweet after he was ejected from a game Wednesday night. Ernie Johnson says, “Charles, what do you want to get off your chest about this?”

BARKLEY: I’m a black man. I use the N-word. I’m going to continue to use the N-word with my black friends, with my white friends. They are my friends. What I do with my black friends is not up to white America to dictate to me what’s appropriate and inappropriate. What we say in the locker room, the language we use sometime(s) it’s homophobic, sometime(s) it’s sexist, and a lot of times it’s racist. White America don’t get to dictate how me and Shaq talk to each other. And they have been trying to infiltrate (sic) themselves saying, “Well, you guys use it. It’s in rap music.” No, no, no, no, no. That’s not the same.

RUSH: Of course it’s not the same, but Chuck — and I can call you Chuck because I know you. It’s what his friends call him. Chuck, it’s not “white America” trying to insinuate themselves into what you can and can’t say. It’s your good buddies on the left who are doing this. It’s your good buddy liberal Democrats who are trying to force you to speak the way they think you should, not white America.

It’s white liberals who, in their own minds, still run their own versions of plantations. They’re the ones trying to force all this political correctness on you. They’re the ones trying to take your locker room away from you. They’re the ones trying to take the basketball court away from you. They’re the ones trying to take YOU away from you. It isn’t “white America.” Well, what a crock! This is on a televised basketball game. You have to sit here and listen to this.

So then they went out and they found Shaq. TNT, Inside the NBA, during a discussion about Matt Barnes of the Clippers having to apologize after he was fined for using the N-word in a tweet, after he was ejected from a game Wednesday night. After Barkley says that as a black man, he’s gonna use the N-word and he’s gonna continue to use the N-word and white America can’t stop him and it doesn’t matter what’s in hip-hop music, Shaquille O’Neal then had this to say.

O’NEAL: Chuck makes a good point. In the Ebonic culture we have programmed ourselves to use the word positive. We have G14 classification to stay it to each other. But when we say it to each other, believe it or not, it’s in the positive sense.
RUSH: There you go. It has a G14 classification. G14 classification. So when the brothers use it, when the brothers are talking to each other and using the N-word, do you know it matters whether or not there’s an A on the end of it or an E-R? If you pronounce it with E-R it’s worse than if you say it with an A, cause because if you use an A on the end of it you’re talking to a brother in a positive way, and these guys getting all bent out of the shape now that people are trying to take their word away from them.

After how many years of America being told the word is not allowed, the word is totally prohibited, now we’ve got the sports media weighing in saying it is never permissible. That word conjures up the worst aspects of America, and that word is never permissible, and here come the black brothers, “Oh, yes, it is when we say it. We’re gonna say it, and you white Americans, you can’t gonna take it away!” Chuck, Shaq, it isn’t white Americans trying to force their way of thinking on you.

It’s your buddies on the left. Make no mistake about it. Now, you may think yourself on the left. You may think yourself a Democrat or a liberal or whatever, and if you do, it just means you have no idea who actually is lined up against you. It’s not white America. Most of white America frankly couldn’t care any less about this other than what it means to the overall cultural decay that may be taking place here.

But the political correctness, Chuck, that you’re all bummed out here about? Everybody trying to take your word away from you? It’s white liberals, Chuck. They’re the ones that run pieces on this. Here’s Michael Wilbon. Now, Michael Wilbon was among the group of people who said I had no business being in the NFL. Michael Wilbon believed a bunch of made-up quotes attributed to me, things I never said about blacks and slavery and so forth.

He believed I had no business being in the NFL. He joined that chorus, not knowing what he was talking about, ’cause it was politically correct. Now, here’s Wilbon. He’s on Pardon the Interruption. This is Thursday on ESPN with Tony Kornheiser. This, again, is after Matt Bartley had to apologize for being thrown out of a game. Well, he used the N-word in a tweet after he was thrown out of the game.

Kornheiser said, “Barnes has apologizing via Twitter today.” This is what sports has become, by the way. Sports has become all this social media claptrap, and I’m telling you I just have no desire to get involved in this stuff, and this is why. So Kornheiser says to Wilbon, “What do you say about the issue of the use of the inflammatory N-word there, Michael?”

WILBON: People can be upset with me if they want. I, like a whole lot of people, use the N-word all day every day my whole life. Publicly I wouldn’t do that, but I have no issue with it. I have a problem with — and excuse me, here — white people framing the discussion for the use of the N-word. They better not sit there like plantation owners and tell black people how to use the language that was forced on us!

RUSH: Oh! Okay. So now the N-word was “forced” on you back in the days of slavery. Now it’s white people… This is what sports has become! This is what sports media has become. (sigh) I’m sorry. It loses me. It has nothing to do with what’s taking place on the court. (interruption) Well, Snerdley’s asking me if it is remotely entertaining. Of course it is entertaining, but it’s full blown… You know, the left is destroying the country, Mr. Snerdley. They are destroying it, and I have a tough time laughing at that.

I’ve been laughing at it for 25 years while they continue to destroy America. Now here’s this Wilbon, Chuck Barkley, whatever, and “white America” is trying to take the N-word away from ’em? White America? For how many years have white Americans been scared to death to say anything about anybody? It’s white leftists who are trying to take the N-word away from them! The censors and the people on the politically correct side of things are leftists, liberals or whatever.

But here’s another one. “I’m gonna use it all day every day! I do use it all day every day. I can use it; you can’t stop me.” I don’t know. They’re destroying the country. They’re destroying the culture. The American left just continues to rip this country apart at the seams, or they’re trying to. They’ve taken over education, they’ve taken over Hollywood, they’ve taken over music, and now they’re taking over sports. They’re doing it via football and basketball. They’re making their move on it, pure and simple, and they’re succeeding as far as I’m concerned.


RUSH: Snerdley, tell me what you think of this. Some division of college football was gonna have their championship game this past weekend. I don’t know what division. It was Winston-Salem State versus some other team. It’s not IA, 3A, 5A, it’s way down there. And there’s a luncheon, both teams went to a luncheon the day before the game to hype it, celebrate, sportsmanship and all that, and a couple of players on the team playing Winston-Salem followed the Winston-Salem quarterback into the bathroom and beat the kid almost to death. They had to cancel the game.

They beat the quarterback of the opposing team at a sportsmanship luncheon to the point that he couldn’t play. They had to cancel the game. Everybody’s wondering, “What is happening to our sports? What is going on?” Then you got this guy Matt whatever his name is, tweeting the N-word which is sponsoring all these other guys coming out and saying, “I’m not gonna have that word taken away from me.”

I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen here, folks. As the liberals try to take over sports via the media and the way it’s covered and reported on and the way it’s judged, liberal sportswriters are judging the players, how they play and everything, and it’s becoming more of the coverage than what happens on the field. You’ve got Bob Costas telling you what he thinks about gun control and whatever other social issue at halftime of NBC Sunday night games now. I mean, the liberals are everywhere trying to take over the sport and what’s gonna happen here is that there are a lot of people that watch sports who don’t care a hoot about politics, call ’em the Budweiser crowd, call ’em the low-information voter, they don’t care a hoot about it, and they’re sitting there and they’re hearing all this and they’re gonna end up despising liberals.

They may not know who liberals are right now, but they’re finding out who they are by watching the way they’re taking over the sports that they love to watch and cover and report on. At some point these guys are gonna say, “What the hell is this?” And they’re gonna find out who liberals are and may end up voting against them someday. So there could be a silver lining here. (interruption) Yeah, they beat the quarterback up. I don’t know. I can’t say that because the politically correct crowd, I can’t characterize this kind of behavior.

Now, the leftists that cover the sport, they can talk about this all they want in a wringing of the hands, “Oh, how horrible is this.” Let me talk about it and they ban me from even talking about ping-pong. But they’re just taking the fun out of all this. I get enough of liberalism every day. Sports is an escape. Sports is a diversion. It’s always been, you know, get away from the humdrum of your daily life and the left is bringing it into the four hours of escape time, and they’re pummeling people with it. There’s gonna be a blowback to it, I would hope.


RUSH: I got a couple of e-mails during the break that I want to share with you.

One is, somebody sent me some comments. Apparently there was a post on what I’m talking about on one of the blogs yesterday. Somebody was reading the post about what’s happening to the NFL and the left taking over sports. Somebody posted a comment that was sent to me, and another friend sends me a note about what’s happening. Here’s the friend who e-mailed first. “Dear Rush: I don’t think the left is conducting a war on football. I think the war is for control of Sunday.

“Sunday in America has traditionally been devoted to church, football, family dinner. Liberals disapprove of all of these institutions. They would prefer a day devoted to meditation and mindfulness, gardening, and an organic community meal.” Here’s the other one. HotAir.com is where this post is. “It should be blindingly obvious to anyone that leftists are trying to kill the game of football. It’s the most popular sport in America now. It is also one sport that women cannot play, where the physical difference between men and women prevails. It involves violence and hitting.

“It’s also primarily watched by men. It is accompanied by scantily clad ‘cheerleaders’ that men also like to watch. Its audience is patriotic, even in New York City — I recently attended a Jets game during which they honored a double-amputee Afghanistan veteran and there was a sustained and heartfelt standing ovation for the young man. Basically, everything the Left hates is involved with football.”

To back this up, another African-American journalist who used to be on ESPN (and he may be for all I know). They had this show before Pardon the Interruption called Around the Horn, and one of the participating journalists was an African-American named Kevin Blackistone, who is now a scholar of racial studies at some university. He just came out a couple weeks ago and said that we’ve gotta stop playing the National Anthem before sports events because it’s a “war anthem.”

I’m not making it up.

It is a war anthem, and it has no place in America in 2013. We’ve gotta get rid of the flag, gotta get rid of the Star-Spangled Banner before every sporting event. It’s offensive and it’s racist somehow. I don’t know how it’s racist, but it is, and we gotta get rid of it. Now, 25 years ago, 20 years ago, some Looney Toon like this says this, and we do a big thing about it, laughing at it, poking fun at it, maybe do an update on it.

But the fact of the matter is, 25 years later that has become a prevailing opinion in a sizable segment of the country’s population. There’s no question, there’s no doubt that there is a war on football. Somebody’s conducting it for a host of reasons. It’s very public. They are in the process of making it very well known that they need to change this game for whatever politically correct reasons.


RUSH: This is Cheryl in northern Ohio. Glad you waited. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi, Cheryl.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you for having me.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m just so sickened. As a black woman, I’m so sickened and angered by those clips that you played of those black sports figures and sportscasters just rallying for the right to use the N-word, this vile, disgusting word, this despicable word. These men, and I can’t even call them men with a straight face, who are so happy to use the word that was used when their great-great-grandparents were sold on auction blocks as cattle. You know, there is no other group of people in this country that have embraced a vile word to describe their own people, to describe themselves.

RUSH: Well, now, let me remind you what Wilbon said. Wilbon said that that word was forced on you and your grandparents and his grandparents, the slaves —

CALLER: Then why use it now? Why make it a word that you want to use on a daily basis?

RUSH: I couldn’t begin to answer that. All I can tell you is that if you listen to Barkley and if you listen to Shaq and Wilbon, and they’re not the only ones. I mean, they say, “Look, it’s our word. It’s our culture, and you can’t take it away from us, you white people.” And what they don’t understand, it’s not white people trying to take it. It’s their buddies on the left. It’s the politically correct crowd.

CALLER: Everything that’s negative that’s happening to black people is caused by the left, let me just say that. But with respect to this word —

RUSH: Well, no argument there.

CALLER: — these people don’t even have the intelligence, they can’t even tell you why this is something that they want to use every day. But I will say this and I have to say this. For any black man who wants to sanitize this word and make it something that has laudatory value, let me just say this. This is the word that virtually every black male child, every black male teen, just before he’s shot on the streets by another black teen, that’s the last word that he hears, “I’m gonna kill you, blank.” And that’s the word that’s instilled into that blank. So you tell me what there is positive about this word.

RUSH: I don’t know.

CALLER: This is the word that’s been yelled at your children as they’re being shot dead on the streets of America.

RUSH: I think you’re exactly right, and when they talk about it being a positive, they use it as a positive, I think it’s cultural decay. It’s a shame.


RUSH: What that results in is segregation, the Balkanization of the country. And who’s the arbiter? We’ve got a First Amendment, free speech, saying the government can’t stop you from saying various things. There are other societal circumstances that dictate what you can and can’t say, but who’s the arbiter here?

Some people get to use a word; others don’t. How does that work? And then it can come back on you. Use the wrong word in the wrong place and the wrong people can destroy your career, your life, or what have you. Balkanization. I want to play the sound bite. This is Kevin Blackistone. He said this on Around the Horn on ESPN back on November 6th. Now, I’ll tell you what inspired this. The Northwestern University football team came out with a new uniform.

The design of the uniform was meant to honor wounded soldiers in America, and there were actually blood drops depicted on the uniform, and this just sent the left into a tizzy. They just all were outraged and shocked. “How dare this be allowed to do this! Blood drops, blood splatter depicted on a college football uniform?” Hey, you know what? Real blood ends up on those uniforms, too. So that sent Blackistone over the edge, and this is how he reacted to it…

BLACKISTONE: The singing of a war anthem to open every game. Whether it’s going to get a hot dog and being able to sign up for the Army at the same time, whether it’s the NFL’s embrace of the mythology of the Pat Tillman story, it’s been going on in sports since the first National Anthem was played in the World Series back in 1917. You are conflating a war anthem with a simple game, and when you have military flyovers and all the other military symbolism that goes on in sports, I think you’ve got a problem.

RUSH: Right. “When you’ve got military flyovers and recruiters at the hot dog stand and blood splatter depicted on uniforms and a war anthem played before every game to honor the military, you’ve got a problem.” (interruption) “Where do they find these people?” Mr. Snerdley’s asking me where they find them. They’re being turned out of every American school at every level every year! They’re either being raised this way, brought up this way, taught this stuff. There are gazillions of ’em who think like this, Snerdley!

That’s what I’m saying. We’re losing. All these traditions and the institutions that have defined American greatness and exceptionalism, they are all under assault. I’ll tell you my reaction. I’ve told the story. I’m not gonna retell the whole thing, but I was at a Super Bowl for my first flyover. It was at what was then called “The Murph,” Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego. I was in the closed section of the end zone, and there were three or four, I think they were F-18s.

I don’t know, but they were coming right at us, and I’d never seen this before, and they flew over, and the roar… I got goose bumps, and I started beating on my buddy’s shoulder. I wasn’t thinking pro-military. I was loving my country at the moment. I was just loving my nation. They had a giant American flag out there. It wasn’t love of military, Mr. Blackistone. It’s love of country. That’s what all of this is, and honoring the US military and the people who volunteer for that service.

I remember I was beating on my buddy’s shoulder and I was shouting, “How can you ever be a Democrat if you see that?” This is in the eighties, and there were a couple of Democrats sitting in front of me who turned around and starting shooting me daggers and so forth. They were not happy with it. It turns out, they didn’t like this display — which I, at the time, didn’t understand. I was so naive in so many ways 20, 30 years ago.

The whole concept of people hating the military and hating the country was so strange to me. I didn’t understand how it could be emotionally. Intellectually, I knew. But these people are all over the place, and the media finds them. The media wants them.

Who’s next? Robert in Mobile, Alabama. (interruption) Yeah, I’ll get to the aerobics story here. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging on that. Robert, I’m glad you called, glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Well, good to talk to you, Rush. I was so glad to hear you talk to the black woman before, ’cause I was afraid I was gonna finally get through to you and call to disagree with you. And I’ve been listening you since the Clinton years. But here you talked to her and you clarified that. I thought you might have thought that Wilbon and Shaq and Charles Barkley should — it was okay for them — to use the N-word as long as they (garbled) like to use the N-word.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Hey, Robert?


RUSH: I’m serious, now. What did I say that made you think I was approving of them using the word? I plainly said, “I don’t want to hear this when I am turning on the TV to get news or whatever it is on sports. This is the last thing I want to hear. I think this is sick, frankly, that this has become a big deal. The N-word, using it proudly; it means something positive.” It goes against everything I’ve ever been taught about it, and now I’m told, “Well, no. When we do it, it’s a positive. When we do it, it’s a good thing.”

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.

RUSH: I think it’s harmful, Robert.

CALLER: Oh, no! I knew you didn’t think it was okay to say. I thought you might have insinuated that they’re right to say it, they had the right to say it, that it was some kind of right for them to say it ’cause they’re black. But I heard you talk to the other caller clearly and I said, “Okay, now I understand.” After all these years of listening to you, I didn’t want to call and disagree. I tell you one thing, though, Rush. I wouldn’t mind everybody using the N-word to get free from it, ’cause we tried to insult you white people over the years, Rush. We tried. But you know why we can’t? Because you won’t let us. Because won’t get offended! Well, we can’t insult you if you won’t get offended. That’s freedom for you all. I would love that freedom for black people, where we don’t get offended and that word no longer has a hold on us.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. My hearing is an obstacle. Who is the “you” won’t let us use the…?

CALLER: White people won’t get offended when black people try to come up with racial slurs against you. You won’t get offended, and that gives you all freedom over yourselves.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

CALLER: Yeah. I would love for black people to have freedom from the N-word, but the only way to get freedom from it, Rush, is if we donÂ’t get offended.

RUSH: In other words, is what you’re saying that you wish you didn’t have to be offended when you heard it but everybody’s making you think you ought to be offended so you act like you are?

CALLER: Exactly, Rush, and the only way to get freedom is if you say everyone use it. ‘It’s not offensive; everybody use it.” It’s like you said before, Rush: If you’re gonna say that white people can’t use it? Then it can’t be okay for black people to use it.

RUSH: Okay. I understand that. I totally do. You know why? This whole notion that we are ordering our society and doing things or not doing them because whoever is offended by something. I’m distressed that the offended have so much power.

CALLER: I am too, Rush.

RUSH: I don’t grant people the power to offend me. That’s what you’re really saying.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: You don’t want to be offended. You don’t want to have to act like you’re offended. If the word doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother you. But people run around and act like you gotta get outraged and join the chorus of those who are outraged.

CALLER: The rebel flag! The rebel flag is a classic example. Blacks used to love watching the show the Dukes of Hazzard, Rush, with that big General Lee and that big rebel flag on there in the ’70s.

RUSH: Is that right?


RUSH: You liked the Dukes of Hazzard?

CALLER: We loved it! Blacks in the South loved it as much as everybody else.

RUSH: Well, that was Daisy, though. Let’s be honest.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, part of it. It didn’t offend us in the ’70s. It wasn’t until the politically correct crowd told us, “Well, you should be offended by that rebel flag.”

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: Well, I didn’t know I should have been offended! (laughing)

RUSH: He’s exactly right. He’s exactly right about this, folks. It’s just like if somebody walks down the street whistling Dixie, you’re supposed to get livid about it, and you don’t want to care, right?

CALLER: Exactly. I want the freedom from it. I want to be as free as you white people are when it comes to words, ’cause we’ve tried to offend you (laughing), but you won’t let us by getting offended, and it’s so much freedom.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: You are free, and I like that.

RUSH: Robert, I’m just gonna tell you, as McCain would say (impression), “It’s our friends on the left.” It is our friends on the left that keep the N-word powerful. They are the ones, and that is such hypocrisy. They’re the ones that keep the word powerful. They’re the ones that make sure it remains offensive, and yet now they are the ones demanding that certain people be allowed to use it. Well, actually they’re not. They want to wipe it out and so forth. You’re exactly right to hit this on the freedom angle. You couldn’t hit the bull’s-eye any more accurately here than you have.

I’m glad you called, Robert. Thanks much.


Marge in Gilbert, Arizona, I’m glad you called, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, thank you, Rush, for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Yeah. I am from Arizona. I’m a Suns fan. Yay. And I also like RedZone. So I listened to Barkley and I heard him say what he said, and I usually listen to that at halftime because it’s like comic relief during halftime. But anyway, he was blaming white people for not being able to say what he wanted to say. He also said he used to be a Republican but now he’s a Democrat and backs Barack Obama. Well, Barack’s telling him what he can say and what he can’t say and what he can eat and he can’t eat, and what insurance you can buy, so —

RUSH: Well, you know, that’s the reaction that I had. You know, it’s been a while since the first hour. Let me grab the sound bite. It’s number 17. This is Chuck Barkley on TNT and bouncing off the fact that a Clippers player used the N-word and apologized for it on Twitter, and here’s Barkley reacting to all this.

BARKLEY: I’m a black man. I use the N-word. I’m going to continue to use the N-word with my black friends, with my white friends. They are my friends. What I do with my black friends is not up to white America to dictate to me what’s appropriate and inappropriate. What we say in the locker room, the language we use sometime(s) it’s homophobic, sometime(s) it’s sexist, and a lot of times it’s racist. White America don’t get to dictate how me and Shaq talk to each other. And they have been trying to infiltrate (sic) themselves saying, “Well, you guys use it. It’s in rap music.” No, no, no, no, no. That’s not the same.

RUSH: Chuck, white America is not trying — white America is scared to death of running afoul of you, Chuck. It is white liberals who are trying to tell you what you can and can’t say, Chuck. And it’s white liberals who are trying to tell you where you can and can’t get health care. And it’s white liberals, Chuck, who are telling you what you can and can’t eat. And it’s white liberals, Chuck, who are telling you you’re getting fat and obese. And it’s white liberals who are disapproving of everything you do. You know, this thing over the N-word is one of the first noticeable breaks we’ve had in the left and the black community. Well, certain members of the black community. Can you believe this?

Here is Barkley on TV making the case for how he wants to be able to use the N-word. When he uses it, it’s fine, it’s a positive, and he not gonna let any white Americans tell him he can’t, and there aren’t any white Americans telling him he can’t. It’s the people like Al Sharpton who raise hell whenever the word’s used. It’s the New York Times who has to call George Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” in order to carry forth this myth. But it is the left and white liberals, Chuck, who are trying to control what you say, what you eat, what you think, what you drive, where you go, what kind of sport is permissible in America and what kind of sport is too dangerous. You know, there was a time I knew Chuck. When he played for the Phoenix Suns I actually took a couple road trips with him.

In fact, one of the championship series when they were playing, as Magic Johnson said, the Chicago “Bull,” Chuck was a… I don’t know that we were friends. I didn’t know him that well, but he was always as nice as he could be to me. In fact at this time, Chuck had this annual fundraising charity thing, and one year it was in Orlando, and he asked me if I would attend. He just said, “We’d like you to come here. A lot of people would like to meet you,” and I get down there and I find out I’ve accepted an invitation to be keynote speaker.

He hadn’t told me that. I find out three hours before I’m going out that I’m the keynote speaker at this. There are a thousand people and so forth. I ran into him a couple of times in a bathroom in Las Vegas. I’d say, “Hey, Chuck, how are you?” and then Obama gets elected, and everything changed. I can remember Chuck was with Fuzzy Zoeller once at a golf outing in Philadelphia, and he sent a message to me through Fuzzy, and was it, “Tell Rush the liberals are gonna be held in check here, not to worry about it.”

Chuck’s lost now. Ever since Obama’s been elected. Chuck was gonna run for governor of Alabama as a Republican, wasn’t he? Now all of a sudden here Chuck out there making the case for the N-word and he’s not gonna let “white America” take it away from him. “White America” is not trying to. The politically correct crowd is white liberals. Anyway, you may as well play Shaq next because Shaq had to get in on this. He’s on the same show. Shaquille O’Neal.

Here’s what he had to say…

O’NEAL: Chuck makes a good point. In the Ebonic culture we have programmed ourselves to use the word positive. We have G14 classification to stay it to each other. But when we say it to each other, believe it or not, it’s in the positive sense.

RUSH: Yeah. (interruption) The “Ebonic culture”? (interruption) The Ebonic culture, Bro”? (interruption) Bro? (interruption) “The Ebonic culture, Bro.” I didn’t know there was an Ebonic culture. I knew it was a language. All right. So they making the case the Ebonic culture and the G14 classification, which is the highest ranking government job you can get or whatever. Anyway, what Chuck doesn’t know is that a lot of people probably agree with Chuck on the left being so omnipresent and trying to shut people up here or there, but Chuck’s just blame it on the wrong crowd. Anyway this is why, folks, sports is becoming something that I’m finding less and less enjoyable, ’cause this what sportscasting and sports commentary has become, is this garbage.

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