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RUSH: Here you go. This is it. The Washington Post story. “Obama’s Ratings Tumble After Health Care Flaws. It’s by Dan Balz and Peyton M. Craighill. “The flawed rollout of the Affordable Care Act,” Obamacare, “has pushed President Obama to the lowest point of his presidency, with dwindling faith in his competence and in many of the personal attributes that have buoyed him in the past, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

“Opposition to the new health care law also hit a record high in the survey, with 57% saying they oppose [Obamacare]. Forty-six percent say they are strongly against it.” Fifty-seven percent oppose it in the Gallup poll. Fifty-six percent say that government should not have anything to do with health care.

Now, never mind, folks, that just one month ago — just 30 days ago — these same Washington Post/ABC polls were telling us what idiots Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were for trying to stop Obamacare. Just a month ago moderate Republicans — and, if I might add, conservative Republicans who are scared to be known as conservative Republicans and try to portray themselves as moderate — were saying that. In fact, let me get even more precise.

Conservative media people scared to death to be identified as such, who portray themselves as moderate Republicans, were also telling us that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were absolute idiots for trying to stop Obamacare, that there was no way it could happen. The same conservative media types — afraid to be conservative, and so they cast themselves as moderate, centrists, or what have you — were also telling us that there was no way some lunatic like Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin or somebody like that would ever, ever break out and have a chance at getting the Republican nomination.

Just a month ago, remember we were hearing all of that about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee? “The idiots!” Once again, they were the prescient ones. They were the ones who were correct.

RUSH: So back to the Washington Post, Dan Balz and Peyton M. Craighill: “Opposition to the new health care law also hit a record high in the survey, with 57 percent,” in the latest ABC/Washington Post poll. It was just a month ago that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were idiots. Then they say: “Disapproval of ObamaÂ’s handling of the health-care lawÂ’s rollout stands at 63 percent, with a majority saying they strongly disapprove. Last month, 53 percent disapproved.”

So his disapproval in this poll shot up 10 points in just one month, and we were told that we were gonna love Obamacare once we got to know it, and we were told the people who wanted to stop it were idiots. That’s an important point to remember, folks, just a month ago, all the media, left and right, conservative and liberal, both parties were telling us what an idiot Ted Cruz was, how stupid Sarah Palin is, how shortsighted Mike Lee was being for trying to stop Obamacare. I’ll tell you, you talk about disturbing numbers for the Democrat National Committee. The Washington Post tries to obscure these numbers by burying them late in the story, but try this.

“Almost four in 10 Americans say they are more likely to oppose a politician who backs [Obamacare], while just over a fifth say they would be more likely to support such a politician.” So 40% would oppose an Obamacare candidate, and 20% say they would support one. That’s a huge gap. That is the biggest gap in that measure recorded in the Post/ABC poll during the entire debate over the law. So in plain English what it means is that 40% will vote against anybody who voted for Obamacare, while only 20% will vote for somebody because they support it. It’s like 2010, exactly, 2010 midterms, and this is why the Democrats are panicking.

But my favorite result in the Washington Post/ABC News poll in the story is buried at the bottom. “The survey asked people to rate the ideological leanings of the two political parties and of the Tea Party movement. Forty-three percent say the Republican Party is too conservative, compared with 36 percent who say its views are just right. For Democrats, 46 percent say the partyÂ’s views are too liberal and 41 percent say they are about right.”

And yet it’s the Republicans who are supposed to change their brand? There’s as much disapproval of the Democrat Party in this poll as there is the Republican Party, but it’s only the Republicans who have to change their brand. It’s only the Republicans who have to go out ask get the Hispanics. It’s only the Republicans who gotta stop the War on Women. Same percentage thinks the Democrat Party’s too wacko on the left.

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