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RUSH: Here’s Robert in George, Iowa. Robert, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, how are you?

RUSH: Good, thank you.

CALLER: Hey, with Barack’s numbers falling the way they are, how can MSNBC plan to keep their numbers up? I mean, they’ve gotta be falling.

RUSH: MSNBC’s ratings you’re asking me about?

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, their ratings. I mean, they gotta be in the tank.

RUSH: They are. You need a magnifying glass to read them.

CALLER: I mean, they’ve been touting that as Obamacare for so darn long, and Mika, all she’s worried about is the government shutdown, worried that’s gonna hurt the Republicans. I don’t think that’s even gonna be a blip by the time this is done.

RUSH: Well, the whole MSNBC thing, let’s not forget, one of the reasons MSNBC is plummeting is that I, not long ago, refused to play any content from them. I figured, why? I mean, it’s genuine depraved partisan politics insanity, genuine extremist radical ignoramuses on that network. Why should I play what they say? I mean, I can tell people what liberals think without having to play that and create interest in it and perhaps a tune-in factor for ’em, so what the hell? And since I initiated my ban, their numbers, which were never great in the first place, plummeted.

But the latest thing to happen on MSNBC, Martin Bashir last Friday got mad at Sarah Palin because she said something he didn’t like about Obamacare. She compared Obamacare and the Obama economy to the equivalent of economic slavery. And the left owns that allegation. They own slavery. They’re the only ones that get to talk about that. She had no right. So Martin Bashir probably made up a story about slave punishment in Jamaica, not even in the United States, and ended up saying that somebody ought to defecate in her mouth. (interruptuion) Oh, it was it both? So it was number one and number two in her mouth. And he said it with great pride.

He said it thinking that he had just made something profound, a great point. It sat there all weekend long and there was not one peep from anybody at MSNBC suggesting that it was in any way inappropriate. But over the weekend something did happen and on Monday, or maybe it was yesterday, I forget which, he made a big apology and it was said to be heartfelt and serious. But it asks an even larger question: Why is he still there? You know, pick anybody you want at Fox. Let’s say Dr. Krauthammer, or Ted O’Baxter would suggest that somebody do to Obama what Bashir suggested happen to Sarah Palin, what do you think would have happened? Within seconds they would have been yanked off the air before their show was over.

Roger Ailes woulda stormed down there and taken ’em off the air publicly, and that would be the end of ’em. They wouldn’ta even finished their show. That’s exactly right. If Ailes had to sit there and do the rest of the hour himself, he would yank whoever did that off the air. At MSNBC, what’s the big deal? Apology takes care of it and that’s it. These are truly reprehensible people over there. And, again, if you look at, I think, the terrified state that the left finds themselves in right now — and, by the way, that’s a self-contained state. I’m not saying it means anything. I don’t want anybody to conclude that I believe that what’s happening now represents a fundamental shift in the thinking of the American people. I’m holding out hope that it does, but I’m not lost in this yet.

But what is happening is real, and I’m telling you, the failure of MSNBC, the fact that it has no audience, that it’s laughed about and has no respect, it’s all in the mix with how every other leftist radical in this country looks. Everything they believe, everything they thought would equal utopia, including the end of conservatism, hasn’t happened. Everything they believe in, they’ve gotten pretty much everything they want out of Obama. The only thing they haven’t gotten is Club Gitmo closed and card check with the unions and their carbon tax on global warming. Everything else they’ve gotten, and it’s done nothing but made a mess of this country.

Obama’s economic policies have created 91 million people not working. There is not one aspect in the average American’s definition, not one thing in this administration, that’s working. Now, from the Obama standpoint, you could argue it’s working exactly as planned. If you want to transform this country, if you don’t like the way it was and you’re trying to turn it upside down, then what’s going on right now has to happen. But if you’re just some dumb acolyte, some leftist brain-dead supporter who believes all this stuff, there’s nothing good going on right now. And even in the glitterati, even in the elites of the left, this is not supposed to be happening.

Their guy is never supposed to be 37%. I mean, he’s a messiah. They’re in uncharted territory. Well, it’s not uncharted. It’s happened before. But the real problem for them is, remember, folks, the Democrat Party and the American left only survive when they successfully camouflage who they are, what they believe, and what they want to accomplish. It’s the only way they win elections nationally. Now, in certain states and districts they can go out and be honest about who they are, but not very many. You can count the Elizabeth Warren type candidates on one hand. Well, maybe two. Boxer and Feinstein, maybe some places in Washington and New York. But outside of that, they have to mask it. And when they win the presidency, they have to mask it. That’s why the Limbaugh Theorem with Obama.

Right now the curtain’s raised and everybody sees because they’re living it. People finding out the whole thing is a lie, not just Obamacare, but all the promises are lies, all of the assurances are lies. There isn’t this massive happiness and utopia out there. The country’s more divided and partisan than people can remember.

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