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RUSH: When Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on The View and my name came up, I was mostly a little ragged around the edges and maybe a little extreme and maybe sometimes embarrassingly. Now that she’s at Fox, I’m astute.


RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I want to take you back to this program yesterday reporting on — wait, I don’t report. I was telling you, giving you my analysis of the plummeting poll numbers of Barack Obama compared to those of George W. Bush.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I never believed the Bush approval number. I mean, I believed it, but I didn’t think that it was all owing to Bush. It was the result of what had been said relentlessly for four years about Bush: Bush lied, people died; books on the assassination of George W. Bush. And none of it was ever replied to. None of it was ever defended, reacted to, responded to by anybody at the White House, from the president on down. So it just sat there.

RUSH: And, folks, it’s a fundamental point. Obama’s plummeting approval number is real. It’s happened in a year. The media has tried to save him from it. The media spent five years building him up into messianic status, and still he’s plummeting. It took them four years to get George Bush down to 36%. There’s a major, major difference. Dana Perino on Morning Commute, Real Clear Politics website Morning Commute, co-host Tom Bevan and Charlie Stone were talking to Dana Perino, and they said, “What is the one secret that you’ve always wanted to tell about your experience at the Bush White House?”

PERINO: The president says, “So, I hear you’re upset about this book.” I said, “Yes, sir, I am, and I want you to understand, the coverage is really bad. It’s very negative, and it’s going to last for many more days.” And President Bush said, “I’d like you to try to forgive him.” And I said, “But I…” And he interrupted me and said, “No buts. I don’t want you to live bitterly. I want you to let it go. This book is not going to be remembered in about three weeks and it has nothing to do with the job we’re sent here to do.”

RUSH: I’m playing that bite for you because that’s exactly what happened for four years. The media hammering on Bush and their policy was, “We’re not gonna dignify it. We’re not gonna react to it.” And they did believe that every criticism would have a life of no more than three weeks and it would be gone, and, if they reacted to it, it would simply give it life. Bush also told me a couple times: “I am not gonna sully this office by getting political. They want to live in the gutter, they can live there. I’m not following them into the gutter.” So they wouldn’t reply to it, and here’s Perino just proving it.

Now, I got two more sound bites. Sorry, folks, I teased you about Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and I’m not gonna be able to get to that sound bite now ’cause it’s not the next one, it’s two from now. I mean, I could go there, but the length of time I’ve spent telling you I can’t go there has now erased the available time I woulda had to play it, ’cause it’s too long to fit in the amount of time I’ve got left. Damn it. My bad. My fault. Totally unintentional.

And, by the way, I don’t have anything against Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I don’t want anybody misunderstand. I’ve never met her. I don’t know her. (interruption) What, Dawn? It was just a casual observation. (interruption) She has. She did. But there were a couple times it cut both ways. But don’t anybody send her a note. I’m not criticizing her. Whatever you do, folks, do not get something like that started. The left is gonna start tweeting all these lies now. But I just want it on record, I have no beef. I don’t know her. I haven’t met her. She’s fine and dandy, as far as I’m concerned.


RUSH: Even I, ladies and gentlemen, must admit we’re off to a rousing start. No, I don’t think Elisabeth Hasselbeck is running around with Angela — or Andrea Tarantula. They’re on different shows. Why would you even ask me that? Andrea Tarantula has nothing — aw, jeez.


RUSH: To prove to you that I am not teasing and I’m not employing typical tried and true, amateurish radio tactics, put that side, go back to sound bite number 10. I just want to replay what I said yesterday comparing the Obama poll plummet to that of George W. Bush.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I never believed the Bush approval number. I mean, I believed it, but I didn’t think that it was all owing to Bush. It was the result of what had been said relentlessly for four years about Bush: Bush lied, people died; books on the assassination of George W. Bush. And none of it was ever replied to. None of it was ever defended, reacted to, responded to by anybody at the White House, from the president on down. So it just sat there.

RUSH: We followed that with a sound bite from Dana Perino which basically proved it. She wanted to respond to something that was out there, and he said, “No, you’re not gonna do it. I want you to forgive whoever wrote that criticism in that book. I don’t want you to live in anger and negativity. This will be gone in three weeks.” And that’s the way they dealt with everything. Every attack on Bush they said it’s got a life of three weeks and it’ll be gone. There was always a new one to replace it. But Bush just refused to get political and he said that his reverence for the office was such he’s not gonna follow people to the gutter. Well, in the process, the media had four years to drive his approval numbers down to 36%. It took them four years, but they did it.

Now, my point was Obama’s number is now 37% at CBS. It’s 39 at Gallup. It’s 36 Quinnipiac in Colorado. The bottom is falling out of Obama, and it’s on Obamacare. The point that I made yesterday was that this is real. The media’s been trying to protect Obama. They’ve shielded him. They’ve done everything they could to protect Obama and make sure that he’s not accountable for any of the disasters that have happened, be they jobs, economics, foreign policy. This whole administration is a disaster, and the media has shrouded Obama in a protective cover and helped him remain removed from it, so he has no accountability. But this they can’t help him on, and that was my point.

Now, I happened to casually mention when I saw the sound bite roster that back when Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who I like, who I have not met, who I don’t know, her husband was a quarterback in the NFL, I don’t know her. I have nothing at all against Elisabeth Hasselbeck. But I do remember when she was on The View and whenever there was any controversies involving me, she was — (interruption) I mean, there were times, Dawn has reminded me, I frankly don’t remember them, but Dawn said, “There’s a bunch of times that she was supportive.” Okay, fine. But there were also times where, “This is very embarrassing. I don’t know that I can support this.” I just made the casual observation that when she was on The View I was less than okay, but now that she’s on Fox I’m astute, and that’s simply because she had a little bite here on Fox & Friends this morning reacting to the sound bite I just played of me comparing Bush’s approval numbers to Obama’s.

HASSELBECK: Rush Limbaugh says, look, that approval rating that you just discussed, listen to his just astute take on why this is happening, why it’s significant, because this is not a president that has had a media that’s been unfair to him.

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is all on Obama. You know, people aren’t feeling this way because they’ve been told. Here’s the thing, folks, this is why this matters. You and I know that George W. Bush approval number, 36, 37% took the media four years to get it there. The George W. Bush approval number was the result of four years of relentless, unstoppable media pounding. The media drove that approval number of George Bush down to 36%. The media did not drive this down. Obama’s 37% approval is all on Obama.

RUSH: It’s astute now. It’s an astute observation. And I have to say, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is right, and I thank her for that comment. Elisabeth, I begged people not to bother you with tweets and e-mails and so forth. Okay, Brian Kilmeade next, following Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kilmeade added…

KILMEADE: Keep in mind, two days ago Nancy Pelosi said stand tall behind the Obamacare act. David Plouffe says Republicans would be crazy, it’s impossibility they’ll run against the Obamacare. And we also know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that it’s going to be “something we run proudly on in 2014.” I don’t know if that statement and that belief will last more than a week.

RUSH: So he’s thinking that the Democrats may turn on Obamacare. I don’t know that’s gonna happen. Anything’s possible, though, ’cause this is only going to get worse. Nuclear option notwithstanding. I mean, Obama’s feeling pretty good right now, because, folks, there’s no other way to put this. He gets to play dictator now with judicial nominees. That’s really what that means. He gets to play dictator. That’s something he’s always wanted. I saw him. He’s ecstatic. What Obamacare? What’s that? That’s just a bump in the road. This today, that’s the big deal for me. That’s what he’s thinking. I don’t care what they do to Obamacare, ’cause it’s not going anywhere. It’s gonna become the law of the land and I’m gonna control one-sixth of the US economy and whatever else I can grab, and now I can put Bill Ayers on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Anything’s possible. Anybody can be a judge.

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