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RUSH: Juan Williams. Obama convened a secret meeting that didn’t stay secret very long yesterday of left-wing journalists and reporters. They had people in there like Juan Williams, people from MSNBC, I think Chris Matthews. It was 10 or 12 of ’em, and it was like a strategerical session. Obama brought ’em in there to, you know, buck ’em up, to basically tell them to be confident and go out and keep spreading the Obamacare word in a positive way.

Juan Williams, of Fox News, just gave his report from that meeting. He said, among other things, that in the meeting at the White House, somebody in the meeting — Obama, somebody — said that the White House wishes that the insurance companies had not sent out those cancellation notices. He said the White House wishes they had called them “renewal notices.” So they think they’ve got a PR and optics problem, and the White House told these leftist journalists, “Look, the thing you gotta go out there and say is, ‘These were not cancellation notices. They were renewal notices, and these evil, rotten insurance companies who are desperate to savage our brave young president called ’em cancellation notices.'”

So based on what Juan Williams said, I, El Rushbo, am going to make you a prediction, that it will not be long before you hear everywhere in the Drive-By Media that the insurance companies are attempting to sabotage the great plan of our great young president by sending out what they were calling cancellation notices when all they really were was renewal notices.

Juan Williams came out, he told everybody the White House is mad insurance companies told the truth and didn’t try to hoodwink their customers and lie to them about how they were actually losing their old plans. The White House thinks the only problem they’ve got is that the insurance companies called them cancellation notices instead of renewal notices, and that’s how they operate.

Remember, folks, liberal Democrats cannot survive being truthful, or if the truth about them is known, everything is a lie, everything’s an illusion, everything is camouflaged, everything is a mask. And so now you didn’t get cancellation notices. That’s the next thing. You got a renewal notice. The insurance industry doesn’t like our brave young president. They’re trying to wreak havoc and sabotage his brave new plan.

Interestingly, I had a story from yesterday’s Stack that I didn’t get to, but it’s from Sheila Jackson Lee, member of the House from Texas. She’s a Democrat. She told National Review Online yesterday “that instead of sending out cancellation letters, insurance companies should have told their customers that their coverage was about to get better.
She said she wrote an amendment before the president’s announcement that would require insurance companies to ‘tell the truth.'” So this is it. This actually got started yesterday. Sheila Jackson Lee said to National Review Online yesterday, these were not cancellation notices.

“‘The cancellation notice was not the truth,’ she says. ‘It should have been: “We intend to or expect to modify your insurance.”‘” And now today that’s become, “They should have called them renewal notices.” So they’re gonna try to change this with optics. They’re gonna try to change this — what was that guy, Lakoff, rhymes with? They’re gonna try to do this with words and imagery and try to make you think that you didn’t actually get your plan cancelled and taken away from you; you got a renewal notice. You got a renewal notice and it was an improvement. It was a better plan. You just don’t think so ’cause insurance companies lied to you.

Now, the reaction reasonable people are gonna have, “Well, then why’d the president apologize?” ‘Cause he did, he went out there and he apologized. But what did he apologize for? He apologized for the way you felt. He didn’t apologize for what he said. He did not apologize for lying to you when he said you could keep your plan. He apologized that it upset you when you found out you couldn’t. So the table is set. He never apologized for taking your plan away from you. He apologized you felt the way you felt because you misunderstood. You weren’t being canceled. You were being given a renewal notice for a plan that was actually better. And that’s how it’s gonna be.


RUSH: Here’s Don in Pittsburgh on the Rush Limbaugh program. Great to have you, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thank you for having me on your show. Yeah, been a longtime listener. I really wanted to make a statement. First of all, I’m a 20-year Navy veteran, served from ’74 to ’94, and, believe me, my service to my country made me proud, and I’m proud to listen to you every day because you provide a great service to our country.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I really appreciate that.

CALLER: What really puzzles me, Rush, is how anybody with a sliver of intelligence can let this man just pour garbage in their minds every day and expect them to believe it. Now the new thing is it’s a renewal notice, not a cancellation notice? I don’t get it Rush. I really don’t get it.

RUSH: ‘Cause we’re not talking about — let me help you. He’s talking about Juan Williams. Juan Williams was one of the favored leftist hacks invited to the White House. There were a couple from MSNBC. I think Chris Matthews was there, and then maybe some from the New York Times. It was yesterday. And in the meeting, it was a confab where Obama was sharing with them ways in which he wishes his lie about keeping your policy had been covered. He told these reporters, ’cause Juan Williams reported this, Juan Williams came out and said the president said he wishes the insurance companies had said that they had just sent out renewal notices rather than cancellations, ’cause they weren’t cancellations; they were actually notices of renewal, better plans.

And so Don in Pittsburgh heard that, and he says this insults his intelligence. He asked how can any intelligent person come out and say, “Oh, okay, Mr. President, fine, that’s what I’ll report.” It’s not about intelligence. It’s about hackery. It is about activism. It is about people who are disguised as journalists who are just Democrat hacks. Obama brought ’em up and said, okay, here’s how we’re gonna deal with this. We’re gonna simply say the insurance companies are the evil, rotten players here, and they were trying to sabotage our great plan by calling these cancellation notices when all they were were renewals. And the renewals were actually for a better policy ’cause you were gonna get free birth control pills, paid for by everybody else.

So Juan Williams came out and said that’s what the president wants. Yesterday Sheila Jackson Lee got this all started by saying — and I doubt that she got it started ’cause frankly she doesn’t have the capacity to get it started. Somebody told her and she repeated it. She said they shouldn’ta sent out cancellation notices. They shoulda said these are improvement notices. So that is what probably will become the new narrative, that the insurance companies — that’s what Obama was setting the table with. He’s bringing in some friendly hacks, and he doesn’t give them orders, he doesn’t say, “I want you guys to go out and –” He sits there, “Wouldn’t it have been greater if they woulda just said –” and these guys hear that, he knows that they want to help him, so…

I was watching a TV show the other night and there’s some evil corporate business owner who is being troubled by a prostitute who has befriended one of his sons. In the room was a young up-and-coming junior executive thug who’s trying to impress the boss, and the boss starts lamenting, “Damn it, I just wish this woman, if she weren’t around.” And the guy goes out and kills her thinking that he will impress the boss. Well, that’s how this worked. Obama brings him in, he complains and wines about how evil the insurance companies are. They’re out there sabotaging his great plan. All he wants to do is help people. I could just see this. He’s got these salivating Democrat journalists in there (imitating Obama), “Ah, man, all I want to do is just help people, give ’em better coverage and so forth, and the damn insurance companies are calling them cancellation notices and all they were were renewals.”

So these guys in the room want to help the president; they want to get noticed; they want their gold star; they want continued access, so they hear what the president wants and they go do it. We’ll see if it works. What do you think the odds are, Snerdley, that, oh, in the next hours to days we will begin to hear how the insurance companies sabotaged our beloved president, and they called these notices cancellations when they were actually renewals? I think the odds of this are very high.

Here’s what Juan Williams said, his quote as he reported it: “What you hear from these senior officials is they’re concerned about what happened with insurance companies. They wish the insurance companies hadn’t sent out cancellation notices, and if they had, that they had simply called them renewals.” That’s what Juan Williams said Obama and the officials in the room said. Well, they were dragged in there to get indirect or subtle instructions, marching orders, and Juan came out with the microphones and said this is what the Regime wants said. So let’s see. Let’s see if it actually happens that way. Odds are pretty high.


RUSH: Look, folks, you have a policy, and you get a note saying this policy no longer exists, here’s your new policy. It’s half the coverage, twice the price, that’s not a renewal. And that’s what they’re gonna try to get away with. That’s their favorite thing, just blame it on the private sector, whoever’s the next target.

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