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RUSH: I want to get into the Health Care Stack here, folks. It is just outrageous, and the bottom line is, it’s worse than anybody is admitting. I’m talking about from the Regime. I think it’s worse than anybody really even knows. But it has been mentioned earlier today, and I want to reemphasize this: I don’t think that it is designed to work. It can’t. This is the point. You know our great 17-year-old caller who watched the Hillsdale College online course Econ 101.

The professor illustrated that the government cannot replicate the private sector. They can’t take over and make the private sector work as it works unfettered — well, not unfettered, there’s regulation, but without the government being involved. They just can’t do it, no matter what it is, making sure everybody has pencils, making sure everybody has food. No, they cannot do it, and it’s not that these people can’t do it, although they can’t. They’re maybe the least qualified of anybody that’s tried.
But government as an entity can’t do it.

The private sector, capitalism, free markets, cease to exist once the government interferes, once the government attempts to take over and control it. They just can’t do it. It isn’t possible. And the professor’s point was it’ll never work. But yet that’s not stopping them from doing it, is it? It’s not stopping Obama from trying, is it? It’s not ending the daily soap opera of whether or not the website’s up and running, whether it’s gonna work out eventually, whether or not you’ll be able to get health care, whether or not all of your data is secure.

Every suspenseful item is left open with no answer to it. The bottom line is, it just can’t work. Liberalism doesn’t work for the people that it’s aimed for. The poor, minorities, it never works. Never makes people happy, never makes people satisfied. All it does is fails. Now, the people who run it, however, never, ever recognize this, do they? They just keep plowing ahead. So you have to conclude, well, it isn’t designed to. I want to start here with F. Chuck Todd on Today show today.

He is the White House correspondent and the political director. Well, I don’t know if he’s still political director. But he’s the White House correspondent at NBC News. And the news anchor, Natalie Morales, said, Chuck, “President Obama is going to focus on the broader benefits of the health care law today at a White House event as he tries to move past all the website woes.” That’s, by the way, at 2:30 Eastern time.

The big news today is that Obama has announced a new offensive, a new initiative. He’s gonna be out there every day touting the benefits, the additional benefits, the new benefits. And of course every day, the story is going to be, “Did the president succeed today?” and the suspense and the drama will be never ending. The questions will never be answered, because soap operas never end. So here’s F. Chuck. He’s all excited because Obama and the Regime are gonna start touting the website today.

TODD: Well, the White House is confident enough that HealthCare.gov is working well enough that they can do something that they’ve tried to do many times before: Launch a coordinated campaign led by President Obama to tout the benefits of the health care law. He’s gonna tout the website, and every day between now and December 23rd — the last day you can enroll in order to get health insurance by January 1st — you’re gonna see some event launched here at the White House touting this health care law, and all of this because they believe finally HealthCare.gov is a — at least a workable website, if not a perfect one.

RUSH: But it isn’t. Did you see this report? It’s not about real things. It’s not about the effect of this on real people. It’s not about reality at all. It’s the game, the drama, the suspense. “Can Obama convince people that it’s working? Can Obama succeed in reversing these fortunes? Can Obama turn a website that was ill-performing into one that is passably acceptable by the American people?” They’re just meaningless, worthless questions, and I’m sure Chuck thinks he did a great report there.

But Chuck’s report is vacuous. It doesn’t affect, it doesn’t impact, it has nothing to do with any reality whatsoever — and that’s the media meme of the day. The narrative of the day is it’s working at least well enough now that the Dear Leader can run out there and tout it without losing any credibility at all. Obama thinks that all he has to do is tell a better story. All he’s got to do is use a different set of words to describe it, and magically, he can change people’s attitudes about it.

But the bottom line is, you go there, and it still doesn’t work. The latest news today is that if you think you’ve signed up, you may not have. You gotta call your insurance company to make sure. Now in the old days, folks, it was really intolerable. You would meet with a representative of the insurance company, and you would make the deal on your policy, and that would be that — and that was unfair, and it was mean-spirited and extreme and discriminatory.

So now, it’s been streamlined.

It’s about improved markedly.

Now you go to the HealthCare.gov website and spend hours and days trying to log in. Then you finally make it. If you don’t get shut out, or disconnected, you finally stay in long enough to where you think you’ve signed up, and then you’re told that every bit of personal data is unsecure and it could be in the hands of anybody, and then after you’ve spent days doing that, then you’re told to make sure that you actually are covered, you have to call an insurance company.

Now, last night on Greta Van Susteren’s show, Representative Mike Rogers guested. He told Greta Van Susteren that data security at HealthCare.gov did not even meet minimal standards for the industry. In terms of the private sector velocity and efficiency claimed by the Regime over the last couple days. I have to remind you, I am just blown away that members of the administration actually talk that way. They actually said that the website and the team running HealthCare.gov were operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness.

Now, these people hate the private sector, and I’m not exaggerating. To people in the Democrat Party, the private sector is no more than this fatted calf golden goose that is always gonna be fat and it’s there to be taken from, but it’s resented. Capitalism is where unfairness and discrimination and inequality reside, and it’s unacceptable — and yet what do they resort to in order to assure everybody that their website’s up and running? That it is proceeding with private sector velocity and effectiveness.
Except that it isn’t.

Because Congressman Rogers said that experts warned him they would be sued out of business if they rolled out a website with this many security gaps. And this is how bad it is. You keep this in mind as you see or read or hear about Obama back on the stump today and every day through December. I mean, that’s what everybody wants, right? I mean, isn’t it bad enough that he already tried to hijack Thanksgiving for this stupid thing by sending his little Obamabots out to every Thanksgiving dinner to try to corrupt every Thanksgiving meal with his Obamabots touting it and lying about it and telling lies about it?

It’s not enough to hijack Thanksgiving, now Obama’s gotta hijack the entire Christmas season by being out there every day touting the benefits, which will be covered every day by a slavish media totally absorbed in the expense of it, in the drama of it? So what normally would be a great Christmas holiday season (well, maybe not this one because of Obama’s economy) we’re not gonna be able to escape Obama every day touting this thing. But Congressman Rogers said that the White House — and remember this, again, when you see Obama out selling this thing and touting it.

Mike Rogers said the White House refused to brief Congress on the known security risks and attacks that have already taken place. They wouldn’t even tell ’em in closed session. They wouldn’t tell ’em off the record. They wouldn’t tell them with tight security. They would not be honest. That’s why I think that this is worse than we know.

That’s why I think that the real status of this, the dangers that associate with everybody that goes to this website, I think they are more profound, deeper, worse than anybody dares admit. Because if the Regime will not even admit the known risks and the security attacks, the hacks that have been attempted and succeeded already in closed session, Rogers said, “‘That’s just unconscionable,’ especially when the same people who will not brief them are out cajoling people to put their identity information at risk.”

Now, Congressman Rogers is not alone. “Rogers echoed the concerns of David Kennedy, the former Marine Corps cyberwarfare expert who warned Congress last month to shut down Healthcare.gov until the security gaps were closed.” This is from HotAir.com, Ed Morrissey.

Kennedy said this. “After warning Americans when testifying before Congress on Nov. 19 to stay away from Healthcare.gov, Kennedy now says the situation is even worse. ‘They said they implemented over 400 bug fixes,’ he said. ‘When you recode the application to fix these 400 bugs — they were rushing this out of the door to get the site at least so it can work a little bit — youÂ’re introducing more security flaws as you go along with it because you donÂ’t even check that code. IÂ’m a little bit more skeptical now, and I would still definitely advise individuals to not use the website because itÂ’s definitely something that I donÂ’t believe is secure and neither did the four individuals that testified in front of Congress,’ Kennedy said. ‘I think thereÂ’s some major security concerns there around privacy and information, and they havenÂ’t even come close to being addressed, and wonÂ’t be in the short term.'”

Perfect. You see, they’re not ever gonna fix this stuff. They can’t, folks. They don’t know how. This is not what they do and it’s being proven each and every day. The bloom’s off the Obama rose. I don’t think he can come up with new words every day, tell a better story every day and change this. Because this is too real. On the one hand, you’ve got the soap opera type presentation of this, and on the other hand you got people signing up who really care about their health care. It is crucial to them. It is tremendously important and it’s a mess now. Then you throw in what they were promised, and nothing is real anymore.

Health and Human Services is now saying the site’s up 95% of the time. Big whoop. Up? What about functioning? “Up” means that you can just log into it. The industry standard in the private sector is for websites to be up 99.9% of the time. Anything below that’s considered a failure. 95.1% in the private sector is a disaster. This is from an article about all of this. 95.1%’s a disaster. And it is. And they’re trying to cover it up. And they’re trying to mask it with new stories, new words, new assurances.

You know what they’re doing? It’s real simple. They’re just saying it’s fixed. That’s all they’re doing. Nothing’s changed, really. They’re just saying it’s fixed. They got the media out there applauding, “Oh, right, it’s fixed! They did it. It’s up and running, and now will Obama be able to convince people who previously had doubts? Will our hero be able to escape the current role he’s playing of villain. Can we help?” I don’t know what you call it. They’re just saying it’s fixed. It isn’t. It’s more insecure than ever. It’s as dysfunctional as ever. It’s a Washington Examiner story, and I think we talked about it last week.

I may have even predicted that before it was all said and done they were just gonna say it’s fixed and to hell with it, which is what they do, on the left. They just say things like, “It’s fixed. It’s your problem if it’s not working. We’re just gonna say it’s fixed and move on. We’re just gonna say the economy’s roaring back and that’s it. We’re just gonna say jobs are being created left and right, and that’s the story. And we’re just gonna say that people are happy, and that’s it. We’re just gonna say it because we know we’ve got the media in our hip pocket. You prove that it isn’t working,” that kind of thing.


RUSH: By the way, David Kennedy, the Marine Corps cyberwarfare expert, he’s a white hat hacker. He’s the kind of guy that goes in and hacks websites to check their vulnerability, and then he reports to the owners where they are vulnerable. He does not exploit the hacks that he finds. That’s who the guy is. And one of the things that he found is that the Obamacare site extracts a lot of information from visitors. You don’t have to sign up. You don’t even have to start filling out a form before they start collecting data on you just because you’re logged in. This is being done purposefully. It is a security breakdown nightmare.

So the Regime’s high-tech guys are coming out and saying, “Guess what? HealthCare.gov, our tech surge is gonna be complete by the end of November,” and what this means is you better get ready because by the end of November they’re gonna declare it fixed, whether it is or not. Those are my words from October 25th. I predicted to you back on October 25th what they were going to say, and they’re saying it. “It’s fixed! It’s up and running. It’s your problem.” Let’s go to the audio sound bites quickly, because at Fox News on Friday on The Five they discussed my theory that Obama is angling for single payer, the government totally socializing health care out of all of this.

ANDREA TANTAROS: Rush Limbaugh thinks Obama is secretly rooting for the current health care failures so he can offer a solution, a single-payer plan. So, is that so farfetched? Is that the end game all along? Bob, wasn’t it their goal to get single-payer as part of Obamacare? There just wasn’t enough Democratic votes when they were trying to push it through?

RUSH: Obama said so. He told his union buddies 10, 15 years, but single payer, by the way, it’s not a great thing, folks. Single payer is the government running everything. Here’s what Bob Beckel said in response.

BECKEL: No, remember, they wanted a public option to be able to compete in the insurance marketplace and the insurance industry went crazy and so they dropped it because of that. But the earlier thing that Obama said here was, before Obamacare, this was about the single-payer, that had always been something that a lot of us wanted. And when the Democrats took over both the House and the Senate and the White House, there was still a lot of hope you could push that through. And then it became increasingly clear the insurance companies were not going to allow that so they fell back into Obamacare.

RUSH: Next up, Brian Kilmeade.

KILMEADE: My feeling is there’s no way President Obama has a master plan to collapse the system and only leaving the single-payer out. The same people that brought you that website and are so detached are not the same people that have a master plan.

RUSH: Okay, so what Kilmeade’s saying is, no matter who they are, they’re not competent enough to plan — What Kilmeade means is, they did not mean for this level of disaster to happen. They may want single payer. They may want to totally socialize and control health care, but they didn’t intend for all of this to happen. That they’re not happy that all of this has happened, and he may have a point.


RUSH: Okay. So there’s Obama. He’s finally started. What is this, the 19,000th press conference on Obamacare? What on earth is he going to say that’ll be different from what he’s been saying about Obamacare for the last six years? There isn’t anything new that he can say. This is just a continuation. They’re calling it a rebranding effort. And the media, of course, is waiting with bated breath, excitement, suspense to hear what the hero is going to say next. Next maybe somebody’s become a villain trying to recapture hero status. And it’s all smoke and mirrors.

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