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RUSH: I better play this sound bite. Grab number 31, before Governor Christie hops the state plane and comes out here and tries to find our studio. Fred Dicker, the New York Post, did write that Christie is ambivalent about supporting a Republican, Republican gubernatorial nominee to oppose New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. And in the story in the New York Post there’s a consultant, an operative that’s quoted saying that Christie is really damaging his chances to be the Republican presidential nominee. So yesterday in Trenton, Governor Christie held a presser. During the Q&A, he said this about those reports that he is supporting Westchester, New York County Executive Rob Astorino for Governor of New York.
CHRISTIE: Mr. Astorino hasn’t told me or anybody else he’s running for governor. I’m not supporting somebody who doesn’t say they’re — who won’t say whether they’re running or not. So, I think it’s kind of much ado about nothing. When we have a Republican nominee for governor of New York then I’ll support the Republican nominee for governor of New York.

RUSH: Okay, so that’s cleared up. Governor Christie says when we have a Republican nominee, then he will support that nominee. (interruption) Well, I know it’s somewhat interesting and it has to be cleared up, but look, time will take care of this, and all will be revealed in due course, and you all will see. These things are not one-offs, the hugging of Obama and all that.


RUSH: Let me tell you why that Christie story hit people, folks. It’s because he did not support Cuccinelli in Virginia, remember? Ken Cuccinelli, the conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, asked Christie to come in, and he wouldn’t go. So Fred Dicker has the story that he’s not gonna support a Republican against Cuomo, and it had believability because of the past.


RUSH: Cameron in New Canaan, Connecticut, we go back to the phones. Greetings, sir. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Good day Rush. It was great to hear that you got away from your addictions. I, too, enjoy getting away from mine from time to time.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: While you were away, you might have heard the story about the ad that was rejected by the NFL after it was approved by Fox News by a firm called Daniel Defense. But first I’d like to mention and expose Chris Christie for the unacceptable candidate that he would be for president. Can you imagine that there would be some Republican governor who would have turned down Obama with the offer of his money and thereby —

RUSH: You know, let me tell you about that. The mayor of New York did turn down Obama. The governor of New York did turn down Obama. They both said we don’t want you here. We have enough to do without you coming in and taking up space, occupying the media, causing traffic jams, and all the rest. So, yes, it is entirely within reason that a Republican governor would have said, “Thanks for the offer, but not now. We’re too busy.”

In fact, I can tell you this, Cameron, old buddy, old pal. A real Republican would have not offered the president said opportunity. He would have said, “I’ll be glad to accept your assistance, I’ll be glad to accept it, but I’ve got a job to do here.” Didn’t have to invite Obama in, did not have to walk the beach, did not have to embrace, one week before a presidential election, did not have to do that. He could have accepted the assistance, could have done a press conference, could have said the president called and offered all kinds of assistance, was very kind, could have stopped it there. There are any number of things that Governor Christie could have done besides what he did.

But again, Mayor Bloomberg told the president, thanks, but we got it handled, and Governor Cuomo I believe the same thing. And so, yeah, there are plenty of ways to have done this, particularly one week before the election. A lot of Republican governors would have realized that the president was trying to come in and hijack the event. It’s one week before a presidential election. And if the president refuses federal aid because the governor doesn’t let him — let that be reported, and let the president take the heat for holding up aid simply because he’s not allowed to come into the photo-op. There are all kinds of ways of accomplishing this.

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