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RUSH: Back to the phones we go, and Mansfield, Ohio. Jerry, I’m glad you waited. You’re next. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: That I thanks, Rush. North central Ohio listener. I appreciate what you do.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: This all occurred to me when you talk about the minimum wage strategy that’s now happening. Most of the young people are on minimum wage, and it’s like they’ve allocated monies to strategically to buy support, buy votes, support those people that support them, and seems like since they’re dipping in popularity with the youth, that it would be a good strategy play to increase their income so they could actually support and afford the Obamacare program. I just wondered what your take was on that.

RUSH: Well, it’s an interesting thought. Look, Obama is not going to do it that way. If everybody was in favor of raising the minimum wage, you can’t raise it enough for everybody to such a level that they would be able to afford Obamacare. That’s not what he’s gonna do. The real question now… Look, I got two stories. This Harvard poll that’s come out that we talked about yesterday.

“Fewer than one-third of young, uninsured Americans say they are leaning toward enrolling in a health-care plan under the new Obamacare exchanges… just 29 percent of uninsured 18-to-29-year olds say they will definitely (13 percent) or likely (16 percent) enroll in the Obamacare exchanges.” Twenty-nine percent. That’s a combination of 16 and 13. Some of that 29% is ambivalent about it. Sorry, that isn’t gonna get it done. That won’t get it done.

I understand, you think Obama’s raising minimum wage to give these people more money to afford it. He won’t do it that way. He’ll find a way to buy them off. I have no doubt that Obama and his strategerists are, right now, trying to come up with ideas. Just like they have miniature bailout of the insurance companies to keep them on board during all this, they’ll conjure a way to buy these people, something to give them. He’s not interested in people having disposable income, particularly now.

That’s too much economic and freedom and power. There’s another take on this story. “Young Invincibles Spurn Obamacare — Mounting opposition to ObamaCare among young adults is creating a new crisis for the White House. While the federal enrollment website HealthCare.gov appears to be improving by the day…” What a crock! What, you got 29,000? It’s improving? “[P]olls show the ‘young invincibles’ key to making the law work are becoming less likely to enroll.”

There’s polling data all over the place that the youths are not interested. They’re not interested because they don’t like the invasion of privacy that they’re encountering with security snafus. They don’t like what the NSA is doing, tracking their movements on their cell phones, and monitoring their communication. Don’t doubt me on this, folks. Of all the things going on in this country, they are more ticked off at Obama for the NSA than they are for anything else, and a close second is the economy.

They don’t have jobs — and they a lot of them are now discovering, by the way, that they were the marks. A lot of them are discovering that they were the targets. They were the ones that were going to be paying a lot in order to cover other people, and they’re resisting it all. The Millennials, that’s been the news of the week is how the Millennials are objecting. (interruption) Don’t call it “selfishness,” Mr. Snerdley, but you might look at it that way.

No, they’re discovering self-interest.

They’re discovering here that they were being used.

They’re discovering here that, all of a sudden, rather than being the recipients of federal largesse, they are going to be the source, and they said, “Whoa!” A, they don’t have jobs. So I guarantee you, as the Regime looks at these polling numbers, the minimum wage — trust me, Jer’ — is not about actually increasing anybody’s income, because it doesn’t do that. That’s not what it’s for. Even the Regime knows this. This is just a political wedge.

Nobody gets rich on the minimum wage. Nobody’s gonna be able to afford more. No matter raise it a buck or two or 10, it isn’t gonna matter. The Millennials are not nearly as dumb, nor are they as slavishly devoted as Obama thought. So I get what Obama and his people are doing. They see these polling numbers. “We’re losing the Millennials. Okay, time to buy them back.” That’s what they’re talking about right now. “What can we give them? What can we buy them back with?”

That’s how Obama looks at the federal Treasury. It’s his to spend to buy love, to buy support, to buy loyalty, or to buy a change in poll direction. But actually coming up with a policy that would help people improve their standard of living? That’s not what this Regime is about. The past five years are all the evidence that you need. I will bet you that one of the things… I’ve been waiting for this, in fact.

Let’s make a note. What is this, December 5th? Mark it down, somebody — iCal it, do something up. “December 5th, 2013: El Rushbo predicting that one of the ways Obama will try to buy the Millennials back to get his poll numbers up, is to forgive student loans.” It’s just sitting out there on a silver platter, just waiting for Obama to do it. It’s the Chicago way! If they don’t succeed in getting rid of you with a gun or a knife, they’ll forgive your student loan and they’ll buy you back.

That’s what’s on tap, my friends.


RUSH: A quick question for you Millennials who are now balking at paying Obamacare premiums to cover other people. Where’s your compassion? I keep hearing that the youth are compassionate and they only care about people. Here’s your chance to prove it. Go pay your higher premiums so that the sick and the elderly and the less fortunate get their health care. I mean, that’s the deal. You see, the truth is, “compassion” is for words only. When you get to the deeds part of it, that’s when the bloom’s off the rose.

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