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RUSH: Here’s a good example of a leftist talking about wealth. It’s Juan Williams. Juan Williams was on the Fox News Sunday panel yesterday. Chris Wallace said, “We’ve been asking the viewers to send us questions to ask the panel, and we have one that we want to put up on the screen. This is from Skip Rousseau on Twitter who asks, ‘Other than hope, what substantive argument do the supporters of the Affordable Care Act have that the law will work as intended?'” And then Wallace says, “Juan, how would you answer old Skip there?”

WILLIAMS: I think that the reason I think this is gonna work is, it doesn’t disrupt the market for most people. Nobody on this panel is gonna have their health care affected, impacted by what’s taking place. What we have here is 70% have employer-provided insurance, and that stays in place right now.

RUSH: Did you comprehend what you just heard there? Can you imagine if a Republican had said that? “Well, the reason I think Obamacare’s gonna work is it doesn’t disrupt the market for most people. Nobody on this panel is gonna have their health care affected by what’s taking place. It’s not gonna be a problem for us. What’s gonna go wrong? It’s gonna work. It’s not gonna disrupt the market for most people.”

I know it’s not true. It’s going to affect everybody, and he says here, “By the way, 70% have employer-provided insurance,” that’s right, and starting next year they start getting their cancellation notices. Juan Williams is in the middle of a three-year, $2 million contract with Fox. Remember he got canned by NPR, and Fox, as a PR move, gave him a raise. They signed him to an extension at a raise. So Juan Williams is saying Obamacare will work ’cause it won’t affect people in the media. That’s who’s on the panel. (imitating Williams) “It’s not gonna affect us here in the media.” And that’s what they all think.

When you watch, I don’t care, take your pick of any network reporter telling you about the latest horror story. It’s other people, it isn’t happening to them. And that’s why they don’t care. It isn’t happening to them and they don’t think it will happen to them, which means it really isn’t big. It’s not real. If it doesn’t happen to them, it’s not happening. But more than that is their detachment from real people.

I mean, real people are being adversely affected by this, genuinely punished, losing their insurance, premiums doubling, deductibles tripling, cancellations. (imitating Williams) “Well, that’s not gonna be a problem. Obamacare’s gonna work. It’s not gonna affect people on the panel here, so it will be fine.”

Bill Hemmer just had his insurance plan cancelled. Bill Hemmer works at Fox. He works in the morning and just had his plan cancelled. (imitating Williams) “Well, it isn’t gonna affect anybody in the media.” I mean, this kind of insensitivity and — I may go so far as to call it ignorance.

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