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RUSH: John Podesta again has been brought in by Obama to fix this mess, the mess being Obama’s plummeting approval numbers. Now, there is nothing that Podesta can do to repair the damage that’s been done in terms of Obama’s honesty, the perception of his trustworthiness, there’s nothing he can do. So what do liberals do in this case? Now, there’s a truism, folks, gosh, I wish everybody understood this. Liberalism is, no matter what you think, still the minority viewpoint in this country. Among informed people, it is the minority viewpoint.

There are a lot of people that vote Democrat and support liberals that have no idea what they’re doing. It’s all personal to them. It’s just goodies and Santa Claus and compassion and free birth control over here, or whatever. They’re not ideological. That’s why I’ve always said ideology is the key to solving this. Anyway, it’s a never-ending lament of mine too. But liberalism must always govern against the will of the people. And the evidence for this is very simple, the proof. Liberals cannot win national elections being honest about their agenda. They just can’t. They might be able to win in San Francisco or Boston or New York, but nationwide they cannot do it.

There has never been a Democrat or liberal presidential candidate who has been honest in a campaign about his agenda. They all lie about it, and they all make themselves sound either centrist or even right wing at times. And they all try to make everybody think that they believe in traditional American values, other than, you know, they’ve got their pet things, abortion and this kind of thing. But in terms of hard work and perseverance and doing the right thing and playing by the rules, winning big, earning a lot, whatever, they preach belief in that which they don’t believe in, but they preach it. They get into office and that’s when they start doing what they never promised to do or they never even gave any indication.

So now what’s gonna happen? Well, why is Podesta really there? Okay, Obama has now lost his trustworthiness. He has lost any hope of majority support from the American people for his agenda. Obamacare has wiped that out. It really has. So you bring in Podesta to deal with that. And how did you deal with that? You attack Republicans, but you basically say, to hell with the will of the American people. And you just do what you’re gonna do despite the Constitution, despite the law, you just do it. To hell with popular support for it. Be nice if you had it, but now that you don’t, still not gonna derail the agenda. So you bring in the consiglieri. You bring in the muscle.

And even The Politico has figured this out. “John Podesta Hire Signals a More Aggressive White House.” More aggressive White House? How the hell can it be more aggressive? The Constitution’s already in tatters. From the article. The Podesta move “also signals a more aggressive focus by the White House on using executive authority to circumvent Congress in the final three years of the administration.” Now, that they’re being honest about. At least The Politico is.

The hell with the will of the people and to hell with the Constitution and to hell with the separation of powers and to hell with Congress. Okay, we got three years left, and here’s what we’re gonna do. We basically have a year or two — that’s why they so desperately want to win the House next year because it would give them three full years instead of two to proceed unimpeded.

“Podesta has been urging Obama for three years to use the full extent of his authority as president to go around Congress. He co-authored a 2010 CAP report on executive powers, saying they present ‘a real opportunity for the Obama administration to turn its focus away from a divided Congress and the unappetizing process of making legislative sausage.’ Podesta will focus in particular on leveraging the presidentÂ’s executive powers.”

So that’s what he’s been brought in to do. Podesta has been brought in as a third party to assume the face of violation of the Constitution so that it’s not Obama’s face on that. And that’s what Podesta’s in there to do. Podesta will also slime the Republicans in the process because that is his level of expertise. And he’ll accept funding from George Soros in the process. That’s all they can do, slime their opposition, discredit the opposition and continue to portray Obama as a victim.

Now, last night on CNN’s The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer spoke with the chief political analyst at CNN, the one and only Gloria Borger, and Wolf was asking her about Podesta being hired. And Wolf said to her, “Podesta’s obviously a talented political guy, knows a lot of the policy stuff, Gloria. What does he bring that the president needs?” Now, listen to this.

BORGER: He can help Denis McDonough kind of figure out the flow of information and what should get to the president and what shouldn’t get to the president. One of the questions we’ve been asking over these last months is, why didn’t the president know on a variety of issues, right? And so the question, why didn’t he know about the website? Why didn’t he know about the IRS scandal? I think that John Podesta is a hand who can say, “Look, this needs to get to the president and we need to let him in on some of the secrets we’ve been keeping from him.”

RUSH: This is unbelievable! This is journalistic malpractice. This woman is actually trying to further the idea that Obama didn’t know about any of these things. Why? Is it because he’s so smart that all of this is so mundane and so unchallenging and so beneath him that he can’t be bothered with it, but now Podesta is going to teach the chief of staff how to inform the president of things? So Obama, despite all the White House meetings with the IRS people, he didn’t know the IRS was discriminating or targeting the Tea Party. He didn’t know that for three years the website was a mess. He didn’t know any of this.

He just didn’t know. And that’s because the White House was keeping secrets from the president. His chiefs of staff, they were keeping secrets, but Podesta, he knows how to make sure the chief of staff tells them. So you gotta bring in some hack who’s an expert on informing the president about what’s going on? How foolish do they think we are at CNN? You really think that we’re this dumb to accept the idea that this guy’s been hired because only he knows how to tell somebody how to tell the president something? This is an insult to everybody’s intelligence.

First, Gloria Borger. You don’t really believe Obama didn’t know this stuff, do you? She might, folks. I mean, this press corps, I’m telling you, they’re just partisan Democrat hacks, script writer for the soap opera. This just unbelievable. This is hilarious. (imitating Borger) “You know, Wolf, one of the questions we’ve been asking over the last month, why didn’t the president know on a variety of things? And so the question, why didn’t he know about the website, why didn’t he know about the IRS scandal, Podesta’s a guy that can say, ‘Look, this needs to get to the president,'” as though everybody else working for the president’s too dumb to know what Obama needs to be told.

Now finally we got a guy smart enough ’cause he’s worked with Clinton, Podesta knows what the president needs to be told, and that’s why he’s been hired, and that’s the biggest crock. He has been hired to make end runs around the Constitution in Obama’s name, or actually not in Obama’s name. That’s the key to it. I don’t know. For some reason, that just really irritates me.

That is such an insult to our intelligence. That’s worse than most of this stuff that these people in the Drive-Bys do. “Well, the president didn’t know any of this! He needs to get somebody who knows how to tell the president and decide what the president needs to know.” How on the one hand can you people claim this guy’s so smart, so brilliant, so hands on…? I mean, this is the guy who was gonna save the world, create utopia!

But he’s the most ignorant president we’ve ever had, apparently. He doesn’t know diddly-squat about anything, by these people’s own admission. Do I sound peeved about this? Because I really am. I just… One thing I hate: Condescending arrogance. That just really rubs me raw — and having my intelligence insulted like this, that’s a close second. The idea that Obama didn’t know? Who do you people think you are?

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