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RUSH: This is Madison in Burbank, South Dakota. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. I’m reading your Rush Revere book.

RUSH: Madison, I just noticed after I took your call that you’re 7 years old?


RUSH: Amazing, 7 years old. Now, you just finished reading the book, did you say?

CALLER: Not finished. I’m on the sixth chapter, though.

RUSH: Oh, you’re not finished. You’re on the sixth chapter.


RUSH: What do you think so far?

CALLER: Well, the things Liberty does are funny. And one of my favorite parts is when he kicks the golden keys through the window. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Yes. Liberty is getting a lot of fan mail. Well, this is great. How long have you been reading the book, Madison?

CALLER: Well, my mom ordered it for me for a history class.

RUSH: History class?


RUSH: Wait a minute. You’re 7 years old. That’s like first or second grade. What grade are you in?

CALLER: Second.

RUSH: Second. Are you being homeschooled?

CALLER: Yeah, I’m homeschooled.

RUSH: Obviously. It has to be, you’re so far ahead of the game. Now, Madison, you’ve gotta be a really smart little girl because that book was written for — I mean, the target age was between 10 and 13. And you are 7.

CALLER: Yeah. I’ve been reading it.

RUSH: Are you having any trouble with it, though, or is it easy for you to understand and follow?

CALLER: Yes, it’s been making sense.

RUSH: Well, that’s just great. I’m singing here. You have such a great name, too. Madison is such a great name, especially for somebody interested in history. Madison is just one of the greatest names.

CALLER: I was named after James Madison.

RUSH: (laughing) This is just so cute. Madison, I love your voice. Would you say my name?

CALLER: Rush Revere. It’s Rush Limbaugh, though. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Madison, I want you to do a little promo. Say, “You’re listening to Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network.” Can you say that?

CALLER: I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh and IB network.

RUSH: Close enough. That’s excellent. You know what, Madison? I want you to hold on. Do you have the audio version of the book or do you just have the actual book itself?

CALLER: I just have the actual book.

RUSH: Well, you gotta hear Rush Revere read the book. You hang on and Mr. Snerdley will get an address where we can send you the audio version. It’s on four CDs. It’ll only take you four and a half hours to listen to it, and it’ll add to your reading experience. So don’t hang up, Madison.


RUSH: So when Mr. Snerdley was talking to Madison, getting her address, and she said, “Would you tell Mr. Limbaugh something?” He said, “Sure.” Madison said that she just won the National Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest. She’s the youngest to have ever won the National Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest. She’s gonna send me one of her prints. She asked Mr. Snerdley if she could do that. Now, Madison, I tell you what we’re gonna do.

I made up my mind to do this before Snerdley even told me that you’re gonna send me one of your duck stamp prints. We’re gonna send you a special certificate that we send people occasionally, readers of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, and we have these cute little bears in the Two If By Tea gift shop at TwoIfByTea.com, and we call ’em Ted-Tea Bear. He’s the cutest little white little bear, and we’re gonna send you one of those, too.

So we’re gonna send you the audio version, we’re gonna send you a special certificate, and Ted-Tea Bear as an added Christmas gift. Folks, I haven’t mentioned the book lately, but I have to tell you, we just found out on Wednesday that we again are number one for the sixth consecutive week on the New York Times best-seller list in the category that we are in, and it just continues to fly off the shelves out there, and we continue to feel happy and gratified and filled with thanks for all of you, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

We’re literally being overwhelmed now with kids sending in fan mail and e-mail to the characters. So we continue to build the Adventures of Rush Revere portal at the TwoIfByTea.com website. I mean, there’s all kinds of interactive things for the kids there to do and to download, such as coloring pages and any number of things. If you haven’t visited the website recently, you should. TwoIfByTea.com.

Just find the Adventures of Rush Revere, and it’ll all be revealed. As I say, it’s number one New York Times list for six consecutive weeks out there. (interruption) That’s right. “She wanted to talk to Rush Revere,” exactly right, and I’ve spoken to her. Rush Revere is jealous of Liberty. I’ve spoken to Revere about it. He’s not getting nearly as much fan mail as Liberty is getting, and he’s prominent on the cover, and he’s a little…

It’s not that his feelings are hurt, ’cause they’re good buddies and everything, but he’s still a little jealous. You can tell. You can tell when I talked to her. That’s why I told her, the audio version is read by Rush Revere. Rush Revere reads the audio version of the book. And so, anyway, it’s our sixth consecutive week at numero uno. By the way, speaking of that, folks, we’re gonna be calling the winners of our last great sweepstakes of the year.

It’s four people, each bringing a guest to visit us for the day here at the EIB Southern Command as part of a three-day, two-night trip to South Florida. We have selected the winners, and we’re gonna be calling you soon. I don’t know exactly when because the weekend is upon us, but we will be calling the winners soon. There were 50 first prize winners, and those gift boxes are also all packed and ready. So if you’re one of the 50 first prize winners, keep a sharp eye out.

Well, you don’t know who you are, but if you are one, your gift box will soon be headed your way.


RUSH: Sandy from South Bend, Indiana. This is incredible, the number of people calling here who have genealogical traces to major characters from the Pilgrim days and our book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. This is Sandy in South Bend, Indiana. Hi, Sandy. Great to have you.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. What a pleasure that I can talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m tickled pink that you wrote the book. I purchased it and I’m gonna pass it on down to my granddaughter as soon as I give it read. I haven’t had a chance to yet. But I am a tenth generation descendant of Captain Myles Standish.

RUSH: That’s just incredible. We’ve had people call here that are related to William Bradford, John Howland, and now you.

CALLER: I’ve heard some of them, but I haven’t heard anybody from Myles Standish and I thought it was time. (chuckling)

RUSH: Well, you’re it. You are. You’re the first that has any genealogical trace to Myles Standish.

CALLER: I want to tell you how they found out. I had a couple cousins in the seventies that were doing the genealogy work, and they could not connect. They connected from Myles Standish up to a point, and from my grandfather, who was John Sidney Standish down to a point, and they couldn’t connect it. So they got in the car and they drove to Plymouth, Massachusetts, and asked people around there if they could give ’em some help, and they were directed to an elderly lady that had a family quilt. The family quilt was little squares that had every baby’s birth and deaths and everything, and by that quilt, they were able to connect, finally, how we were related. So I thought that was very interesting.

RUSH: That’s just short of amazing.

CALLER: Right. I have a picture of it, is all. They took a picture and when he photostated it to all the cousins and I was a little girl.

RUSH: Well, that’s great, ’cause I was gonna accuse you of lying. So…

CALLER: We were cousins. There’s still quite a few boys that have the last name of Standish, so the name will be carried on. I’ve got a couple of uncles that are still alive that are Standishes.

RUSH: Well, I tell you, Myles Standish was crucial. Myles Standish was a real man. They all were back then. But this is so great. Now, how many grandkids did you say you had? You didn’t say. How many do you have?

CALLER: I just have two granddaughters.

RUSH: Two granddaughters. But you only bought one book?

CALLER: Yes, I did. Well, one of them is 8, which I figured she can read it. She’s reading a couple grades over what she’s really in. She’s in second grade, and then the other one’s only three so I didn’t think she needed it yet, but maybe I shoulda bought her one.

RUSH: Well, no, no. I’ll send you one. I’m gonna send you an extra one so that they’ll both have their own.

CALLER: Oh, bless your heart! A signed copy?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Oh, that would be wonderful, Rush.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I would love that.

RUSH: Also I’m gonna send you an audio version of the book so that even if they can’t read it yet, you’ll be able to play it for ’em.

CALLER: Oh, that would be wonderful. I’m sure they would enjoy that immensely.

RUSH: Well, it’s a different way of getting it. You know, some people — especially young people — love having a story told when they can’t read and this is good. I did it, so it’s really well done.

CALLER: Right. I love how you did it the book, too, that it looks like it’s done on old parchment paper or something.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: It just has the feel of being an old book, so I really like that, how you presented it.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you what else I’m gonna do for your two granddaughters I’m gonna send a couple of Ted-Tea Bears.

CALLER: Awwww, how nice.

RUSH: From the Two If By Tea gift shop.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: So that’ll hold ’em over ’til we got some other stuff. So I want you to hang on here, Sandy, and Mr. Snerdley will get your address. Make sure it’s an address we can use FedEx for so we can get it to you quickly next week, okay?

CALLER: Oh, okay. Sure. I can do that.

RUSH: Thank you very much for calling. I appreciate it.

CALLER: Well, thanks, Rush, for letting me talk. (chuckling)

RUSH: My pleasure. So there was a descendant of Myles Standish. This has been a phenomenal experience, writing this book and hearing from people. Just the fact that they’re in the audience — that they’re in this audience, and they have genealogical connections with some of these great people that the book is written about — that is a great feeling. I have to tell you.

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