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RUSH: Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, as we head back to the phones. This is Julia. Hi, Julia. Great to have you. Hello?

CALLER: Oh, hi!

RUSH: Well, hi. Oh, wait, Julia, are you 11?


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley told me. I forgot to acknowledge we have someone 11 years old on the program. It’s Julia from Glenshaw, Pennsylvania. So we’re on the air now, Julia. So how are you?

CALLER: Good. How are you?

RUSH: Well, I’m really good. I’m very happy to talk to you.

CALLER: I’m happy to talk to you, too.

RUSH: I know. Thank you. That’s so cool. What’s going on?

CALLER: Well, I was calling you about my holiday chorus concert and how there was lessons on Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and La Fiesta la Posada, but not Christmas, because all it was for Christmas was two or three kids walking across the stage, and one kid asked the other, “What do you think whenever you hear the word ‘Christmas’?” And he said, “Santa, snow, snowmen, candles, and presents.” And nothing about Jesus or religion.

RUSH: Really?


RUSH: And yet your chorus performed music from the other cultures that celebrate — were those religious? Did you have to delve into the religious aspects of the others, like Kwanzaa or whatever the others were, Hanukkah?

CALLER: Yeah. We talked about what the 10 candles or seven candles meant, each one of them.

RUSH: But Christianity was simply Santa Claus, presents, snow and candies?


RUSH: Well, Julia, did it make you believe less in Jesus?

CALLER: No. I just thought it was a little wrong. I have nothing against the other religions, but it’s just that they didn’t say anything about our religion.

RUSH: See, this is the point. She’s got no problem with any of the others, but they have a problem with hers. And so they have to take in a school, this 11-year-old and try to corrupt her belief, but it’s not gonna work. They’re not gonna be able to take Christmas out of your heart, Julia, no matter how hard they try, or your mom or dad or any of that. It’s a great learning lesson. She sounds totally flummoxed by it. I gotta take a break, though, I’m way long. Julia, thanks for the call.

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