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RUSH: Denise in Evans, Colorado. Hi, Denise. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. Thank you so much for taking my call. I’m a little nervous and I’m very honored to be speaking with you.

RUSH: Well, you don’t sound nervous at all. You sound great.

CALLER: Oh, I’m shaking. I just wanted to tell you that in speaking about your topics today you were saying the Lord works in mysterious ways, and today I received a gift for my youngest daughter Olivia from Liberty the horse and you and your beautiful wife as well, and I just wanted to call and say thank you so much for sending that to her and to my other daughters, and that’s just very gracious and it’s quite a shock and an honor to receive that from you.

RUSH: Let me guess what happened. Your daughter sent a fan letter to Liberty —

CALLER: Yes, she did.

RUSH: — the talking horse, and Liberty was so moved, that Liberty told the elves in our shop to send out a box of the audio version, which is some CDs, and I’m guessing that Liberty also sent Ted-Tea Bear?

CALLER: Yes. Yes, he did.

RUSH: And you weren’t expecting any of that.

CALLER: No. Not at all.

RUSH: Well, that’s the fun we have is.

CALLER: Well, I can’t… I’m so excited to go pick up my kids from school today —

RUSH: How old are they?

CALLER: — to show them because I know they’re gonna be just as shocked as I was to see it.

RUSH: Oh, they don’t know that the stuff’s arrived yet?



CALLER: I got it this morning in the mail and they’re at school, and I was wondering if I could send a picture, I’d love to take a picture of them with the bear and send it to you. How do I — how do I send that to you?

RUSH: Well, you just hang on, and after we finish here, Mr. Snerdley be will pick up the phone and give you encrypted, secure, off site server used by Edward Snowden in order to send the picture.


RUSH: We love it. Actually you can do that at the TwoIfByTea.com Website. Hang on, Denise.


RUSH: Okay, we’re back. Denise, are you still there?


RUSH: Okay. What you do is you go to the TwoIfByTea.com website, and then you click on the Rush Revere portal there, the Adventures of Rush Revere, and click on the mailbox. And where you send an e-mail, I think you can attach a picture. I know people are sending us pictures left and right.

CALLER: Okay. And you’ll be able to see that picture as well?

RUSH: It’s my website.

CALLER: Oh, okay, good.

RUSH: I mean, I’ve got overrated staff working there of course.


RUSH: But, yeah, people are sending us pictures left and right and you’ll see that there’s all kinds of stuff that kids can download. Blank outlines of pictures in the book that they can then color themselves and send it back as works of art. It’s all there. If you just poke around the Adventures of Rush Revere section of the TwoIfByTea.com website, you’ll find a way. But also, hang on. Mr. Snerdley will give you a way to get the picture. I don’t know off the top of my head what it is, but —


RUSH: — if I made this public, whatever it is, we’d be deluged, and then Edward Snowden wouldn’t be able to keep up with it all.

CALLER: I understand. Thank you so much for sending that.

RUSH: I want to thank you for calling. Liberty gets an e-mail, and we always try to respond with a little bit more, and we love these bears that we had made. This is, by the way, folks, Ted-Tea Bear, you can see what I’m talking about, the cutest little — well, tell ’em what it is. You’ve got one there. You like it?

CALLER: Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s so soft and fuzzy, and when the girls and I looked on the website and we saw the little bear cause, you know, you have him hidden, you have to click on it, and when they saw it, the three of them all said, “Oh, how cute.”

RUSH: It is cute. It’s got a tricorn hat.

CALLER: When they see that in the house, the three of them are just gonna flip out.

RUSH: Well, that’s cool. Yeah, the bear is dressed like Rush Revere.


RUSH: Tricorn hat with a blue Patriots jacket and my signature on the bottom of the right hoof. It’s a cute little thing, and my cat plays with it. My cat’s another story.

CALLER: It’s very cute. Thank you so much.

RUSH: Well, you’re welcome. I’m glad the stuff got there and the audio version as well. So hang on. Mr. Snerdley will pick you up here in just a second. The Ted-Tea Bear, by the way, I’m gonna just throw this in ’cause I’ve mentioned it. If you do go to the TwoIfByTea.com site, the Adventures of Rush Revere portal, this is the last day to get one in time for Christmas, just throwing that in. Yeah, here it is. Let me show you. This is Ted-Tea Bear right here, holding it up for those of you watching on the Dittocam. Is that not cute?

I mean, it’s just cute. That’s what Denise was calling it. It’s what we sent her daughters ’cause they sent Liberty a fan letter. It’s got the tricorn hat, and there’s my signature right there on the bottom of the right foot and the American flag is on the right side. Ted-Tea Bear. Lovable, little thing, yeah. It looks like our sheep dogs in a way. I mean, if you wanted to look at it in the right way, but it’s actually a cute little polar bear that’s not threatened by global warming. It’s the happiest little bear that you’ll ever see.

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