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RUSH: Yes, yes, I’ve got this pajama guy. Before you start laughing at that, folks, the latest tweet from Organizing for America… Have you seen this? Oh, you haven’t seen this? It’s some metrosexual (I mean, that’s even dubious) in his pajamas, holding a cup of hot chocolate in two hands, and the tweet is, “How do you plan to spend the cold days of December? Wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and talk about getting health insurance.”

There’s a hashtag, #GetTalking, and you’re supposed to spread this around, and this is how Obama’s trying to organize his troops: Spend the month of December thinking about, talking about getting health insurance. The guy they’re using here could be Rachel Maddow. It could be Fred Slobodnik. Really, we could be looking at a eunuch here. It’s unreal. It’s incredible. It’s a sexless individual.

No matter whatever your tastes are, this guy, this woman, whoever it is, would satisfy you. I could show you on the Dittocam. I probably should do that now that I’m describing it. But everybody who sent this to me said, “Rush, this is incredible. Did you see this, Pajama Boy? Republicans ought to be tweeting this out left and right.” I just want to warn you people about something: This is no different than that Julia ad that we all laughed at and mocked and made fun of.

We kinda got our clocks cleaned on that ad. Just like we were shocked to learn a lot of things we found that a lot of women really identified with that Julia ad and thought that ad was them, they didn’t think it was funny. They didn’t think it was insulting. They thought it was who they are. The Julia ad was an abject embarrassment. It portrayed a woman as incompetent, barely able to get out of bed without the government helping her, unable to go to bed unless the government gave her birth control.

There was never a man involved, yet she had a baby. She had a little garden. She lived in a government housing complex. We all laughed at it, and we thought, “Boy, this is gonna show people what Obama is all about,” and remember, folks, there were a boatload of people that ate it up and dug it. So before you start thinking that this pajama guy ad is something negative for Obama, just remember the Julia ad.

I know it’s a different era now. It’s a year later and things have changed somewhat, but I’m not convinced that this is not an accurate portrayal of the Obama base. I think this may be who they are and how they see themselves.


RUSH: I’m gonna turn the Dittocam on. I’ve zoomed it in during the break, and I’m gonna show you Pajama Boy. For those of you who haven’t seen this, it’s a tweet with an asexual… What do you call those people? (interruption) Well, no, that’s a behavior. There’s a name. (interruption) No, not metrosexual. It’s something like eunuch or satyr, martyr. It was none of that. I can’t think what it is. There is a name for this.

This “it” is sitting there in black-and-red-checked pajamas, “How do you plan to spend the cold days of December? Wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and talk about getting health insurance.” Okay, here it is as I turn on the Dittocam. See that? I think it’s a guy, but it can be whatever you want it to be. (interruption) Androgynous! There you go. That’s exactly what I was looking for: Androgynous.

That could be Rachel Maddow, if you wanted it to be. It could be Chris Hayes, if you wanted it to be. It could be John Podesta, if you wanted it to be. It couldn’t be Bill Clinton, that’s one thing. It could not be Clint Eastwood, couldn’t be John Wayne. It’s not Bob Beckel. It’s not me. Not Mr. Snerdley. The point is, folks, this is their target for getting young people to sign up for Obamacare.

This is the target, and we will look at this and think, “Oh, my God.” We will think, “OMG!” in all caps, exclamation point. “Oh, my God!” We’ll look at this that way, and I’m just cautioning you to remember the Julia ad because we had the same reaction, and the Julia ad was a huge score for the Regime with its target audience, women. This could be, too. But it’s a different era. We’ve had a year go by.

When the Julia ad came out, there was no bloom off the rose. Obama still was The Messiah. Nobody had lost their health insurance. The Republicans were, it was thought, still conducting this War on Women. Well, idiot jackals out there still believe that. So you cannot look at that and not cringe and laugh and, “Oh, my gosh! My country, this? Oh, no.”


RUSH: My point is, if you laugh too publicly, too loudly, too publicly about Pajama Boy here, you’re gonna create sympathy for this poor little guy and turn him into a victim. The Julia ad worked. I mean, it was huge, folks. It was a big score for the Democrats, but partly because it was a cartoon. Everybody loves cartoons, and Pajama Boy here is not a cartoon. He is a real…whatever.

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