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RUSH: Do you remember the controversy that came up with Megyn Kelly when she said that Santa Claus is white? And Jesus. But we’ll stick with Santa Claus for this, because there was a teacher out there who really got this ball rolling. It’s an AP story here from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. “A suburban Albuquerque teacher who told a black student that Santa Claus is white has been placed on paid administrative leave.” Rio Rancho school district spokeswoman Kim Vesely confirmed yesterday that the teacher is out of the classroom while the incident is being investigated.

“The teacher’s comments came week after students at Cleveland High School were told they could come to class dressed as Santa, an elf or a reindeer. Michael Rougier says when his ninth-grade son, Christopher, arrived with Santa hat and beard, the teacher asked, ‘Don’t you know Santa Claus is white? Why are you wearing that?’ The incident happened the same week that Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly said both Santa Claus and Jesus were white.”

Okay, so the teacher who said Santa is white is placed on administrative leave while an investigation is being conducted. Now, what would happen if a teacher said, “Well, wait a minute, Martin Luther King was black.” Would that be controversial? I mean, Santa Claus is white. We discussed this. In every portrayal of Santa Claus since the beginning of Santa Claus, Santa Claus is white. Do you realize what this says about where we are in our culture? I mean, it’s a fact, it’s just what is. Apparently it isn’t? It’s now controversial. We’re gonna suspend a teacher. We’re gonna do an investigation to find out what’s behind this?

So a personal insult to the young man. The young man shows up as Santa Claus, teacher says, “You can’t do that. Santa Claus is white. Who do you think you are?” Well, it is getting absurd. This is worse than political correctness. This is Stalinism. This is going way beyond political correctness. (interruption) Well, yeah, you can say if you don’t like that just don’t do it again. You can admonish the teacher if you want, “Hey, that wasn’t cool.” But, I mean, that’s not what they’re going after. This is a door open, make a point about race, it’s just absurd. The point it makes about racism, America is racist, that Santa Claus is an imaginary figure, he doesn’t exist, and the white power structure made him white because they’re a bunch of supremacists, and it makes everybody who’s not white feel inferior and insignificant and left out, and we’re not gonna do that anymore. original

So Santa Claus, a make-believe figure, you say he’s white, that’s racism. That’s what it means. That’s what’s behind it all. (interruption) Well, okay. That may be, too. Snerdley is shouting at me that the message is that you conservatives can’t talk about race unless we grant you permission. You can’t even bring it up. You can’t say what you think unless we grant you permission. How do we know the teacher wasn’t attacking Santa Claus by calling him white? There’s so much here that we don’t know. Teacher investigation? Is it controversial to say, “Wait a minute, you can’t do that, Martin Luther King was black.” I mean, this is just absurd folks. It’s gone beyond any rhyme or reason.

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