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RUSH: Every cable news network is going wall-to-wall with the blizzard that’s gonna hit Chicago and the Northeast — Boston and New York — and they’re all talking about record cold temperatures, record amounts of snowfall for this date and for this time of year. “Record cold! Record cold!” Not one of them — not one! Maybe Fox is, but it’s even rare there.

Hardly any of them are contrasting it to all of the news they have broadcast about global warming, about all of the advocacy they at cable news networks have engaged in for global warming. And why? To blame us for destroying the climate so that we will be forced to accept higher taxes, smaller cars, worthless podunk cars. They blame us for creating circumstances, destroying the planet by using fossil fuels, greenhouse gases.

We got this stupid crew of global warming hoaxers in the Antarctic going down there to prove that there isn’t any ice because it’s melting. They get stuck in it for a week. It takes a massive rescue effort to get their bums out of there, and not one of these networks draws the connection to the fact that maybe the global warming people are full of it, and the reason they don’t is because global warming is not really what’s the agenda.

The agenda is expanding government, more control over people, higher taxes, blaming people for advanced lifestyles causing problems. It’s just outrageous. It is irresponsible. There’s no truth in anything. They can sit there and talk about how cold it’s gonna be and they can talk about the record snowfall, but ignore the fact that they have been claiming this kind of day was never gonna come again.

It wasn’t gonna snow again because of global warming! The coastline in New York was gonna disappear. These people have all said that. So, folks, the problem is, these people are lying through their teeth. The news business isn’t even news business anymore. It’s nothing more than a branch office of the Democrat Party, and their purpose is to advance the agenda, whatever it is the Democrat Party — and, right now, the agenda of the Democrat Party is to destroy conservatives.

We stand as their biggest enemy.

We are their biggest stumbling block.

They think we are the biggest problem they and everybody else faces. But everything they believe in is a lie, everything they believe in is wrong. Now, get this, from the San Jose Mercury News. This is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say standards, truth, law, don’t matter anymore. Obama can just change the health care law willy-nilly. No, he can’t, but he’s doing it.

He can lie through his teeth about, “You get to keep your doctor, keep your plan.” No, you can’t. They still lie. They’re lying about the number of people they said they needed, seven million. “No, we never said seven million!” Yes, you did. They’re lying about everything. They’re lying about their failures. They’re lying about successes that they haven’t had. “Citing a new state law allowing illegal immigrants to get their law licenses, the California Supreme Court,” the last court in line here in the state…

The California Supreme Court, obviously populated by a bunch of leftists, “paved the way for a Chico [illegal alien] to fulfill his dream of becoming an attorney despite his not being a US citizen. In a unanimous ruling, the state Supreme Court determined there is no reason to block Sergio Garcia’s bid for a California law license, now that a new law permits the state’s high court to give such licenses to immigrants who are not yet citizens,” ’cause they’re gonna be someday!

As soon as we do amnesty, they’re gonna be, so go ahead and let ’em have law licenses. “State legislators, backed by Gov. Jerry Brown, pushed the legislation last fall as Garcia’s case was unfolding in the Supreme Court. During arguments in the fall, the justices appeared unlikely to back Garcia because federal immigration law appeared to preclude giving a law license to illegal immigrants.” How in the world…?

How in the same of Sam Hill can an illegal alien — by definition, illegal, in violation of the law…? Look, you may not like it. Some people might think that it’s not nice, and some people might think that it isn’t fair, but there’s a law against immigrating to the country illegally, and if you do that, you have broken the law. That’s why you are an illegal immigrant, illegal alien — or, better stated, “unregistered Democrat voter,” ’cause that’s what they really are: an undocumented Democrat.

But the man wants to be a lawyer, and it’s his lifelong dream. Who are we to deny his lifelong dream? So even though he’s not a citizen, and even though he broke the law, he wants to be a lawyer, so let him be one. The California Supreme Court said, “Yep, yep, fine with us.” Well, if this kind of thing keeps up, nothing’s gonna mean anything. There isn’t going to be any foundation of meaning to anything. No achievement is gonna be real. (interruption) You know why this is being done?

Tell me, Snerdley. Tell me why this is being done. It’s part of paving the way to amnesty. It’s based on the presumption that there will be amnesty. He’s gonna be legal someday ’cause there’s gonna be amnesty, it’s gonna happen, and so we’re gonna go ahead and give this law license. But the real reason it’s happening is touchy-feely. “It’s just not nice. It’s this man’s lifelong dream!” Remember, I never identified the well-known media figure in this story.

I was out playing golf with a good friend of mine in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage or Frank Sinatra Boulevard, someplace out there, and at dinner… My host, by the way, is a fervent anti-amnesty individual, and he is informed, and he is expert, and he is passionate. There is nobody who can out-statistic him, out-argue him on this issue. Well, a well-known American media figure happened to be in the dining room of the clubhouse that night, one afternoon, one evening after our round of golf.

He came over to say hi, and somehow the topic of amnesty and illegal immigration popped up. This well-known media figure just started bleeding all over the table. “Well, look,” he said to us. “If some poor person wants to come to my country to make the best of themselves, if some poor person wants to come here and become the best they can be, then I’m not gonna deny him. Who am I to say you can’t come to America and become the best you want to?” And my host lost it.

“Okay, what if the guy happens to hop the fence in your backyard and wants to date your daughter? What happens if the guy hops the fence, has a gun, whatever?” Then the statistics on the number of emergency rooms that would close and hospitals that close and all that. None of it mattered. None of the real facts mattered to this guy. All that mattered was feelings. In fact, we were driving, and my host is still so livid he’s pounding the dashboard of his car while we’re driving away.

He’s just livid. I said, “Well, you’re missing the point. This sap doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He doesn’t care. He does not. All he cares about is that you not think he’s a mean guy. The whole point was, our major media figure wanted you to know that he’s got a big heart and that he’s compassionate and that he’s not judgmental. He doesn’t care what impact it has on the country. That’s not his problem. He doesn’t care about. All he cares about is the way he is seen.

All he cares about is what people think of him, and so he’s not gonna be critical of this because it’s minorities that we’re talking about, this man is. My host said, “I know, damn it. You’re right,” and this is exactly what I’m talking about. This is exactly what I’m talking about. So the truth is, the law, none of it matters — and what takes precedent over it is all of these silly, specious things that end up being vastly detrimental. So… (interruption) Well, that’s a good question.

So now in California, you have an illegal alien — by definition, a criminal — and you see just by saying that, I guarantee, my saying that has caused leftists who listen to this program to absolutely go into orbit. “They’re not criminals! They’re people being shut out by people like you. They’re people being denied their chance to improve their life. They’re people like you because you’re a racist and you’re a pig and you don’t want people like that in the country.” It’s not that. It’s simply that we have immigration law! It matters.

The law exists for a reason. There is a dominant American culture that people used to want to preserve. That’s going by the wayside, too. But if it’s now okay for an illegal alien to practice law in California, then can anybody else who’s broken the law get a law license? And if not, why not? Why are they gonna be discriminated against? What if Frank the Felon decides that he wants to become a lawyer and cites Sergio Garcia here?

Well, Sergio may not be a felon. He’s just an legal alien and so forth. But, folks, this is how you water down borders. It’s how you water down standards, you water down every line of separation. Sometimes they’re needed. But the root in this, in the support for this among the low-information voter, is, “Yeah, this is so nice. We support this, ’cause this is nice. This man just wants to be a lawyer, and who are we to deny him? Who are we to say he can’t be a lawyer?”

Legal criminals will be second-class citizens in America. (interruption)What is a legal criminal? (interruption) Oh. Oh. Oh. (interruption) It’s a criminal here legally so you… (interruption) No, no. No, no. You’re here illegally, but you’re here, so you’re a criminal legally, a legal criminal. Instead of an illegal alien you’re a legal criminal. Is that what you’re saying? (interruption) Right. (interruption) Oh. (interruption) Well, is that true, can your average Joe Blow, born in America, who has broken the law, not get a law license?

Is that right? (interruption) A native born American who has broken the law can’t get a law license, but an illegal alien criminal can. So now a legal American criminal is a second-class citizen. That could well be. I don’t know. “California Illegal Immigrants Can Get Law License, State Supreme Court Rules.” Really all you need to know here is the headline, and I’m telling you, forget the lawyers on the Supreme Court.

I mean, their motivation is gonna be political. (interruption)

Well, it’s an interesting question: Sergio Garcia, after he gets his law license and wins a couple cases, could Jerry Brown appoint him to the California Supreme Court? Yeah, I assume so. I mean, you know, you do not have to be a lawyer to be on the US Supreme Court. You do not have to have been a lawyer to be on the Supreme Court. It’s just everybody is. But you don’t have to be. If you look at the requirements, you don’t have to be. Pretty soon Sergio Garcia will be a US Supreme Court justice, maybe.

Sergio Garcia from Chico, California, not the golfer.

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