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RUSH: “Eleven Republican attorneys general…” By the way, that is the correct way to say it. Obama says “attorney generals.” He’s Harvard educated, and he says that, just like “corpseman,” in the Marines, and 57 states and other things. Regardless, “Eleven Republican attorneys general say that the Obama [Regime] is breaking the law by repeatedly making changes to Obamacare without going through Congress,” and they’re right.

“The attorneys general specifically criticize Obama’s executive action that allowed insurance companies to keep offering health plans that had been cancelled for not meeting Obamacare’s more rigorous standards.” This is the old “if you like your doctor, you can keep it.” Well, that was a lie. You were never gonna be able to keep your doctor. You were never gonna be able to keep your plan. Never. It was a three-year lie.

So when the lie was exposed and the public opinion on Obama and Obamacare began to plummet, the president went out there and said, “You know what? Okay, I’m gonna do a deal for you. If you want your old plan, I’m going to allow the insurance companies to offer it to you for another year,” and the insurance companies said, “We can’t. We’ll be in violation of the law. The plans that we were offering aren’t legal anymore.”

One of the reasons — and there were many. One of the reasons is that practically every Obamacare policy must include contraceptives, birth control pills, abortifacients and whatever else. Whether you want ’em or not, whether you need ’em or not, you’ve gotta pay for other people. Well, your previous plan didn’t have that. The Regime requires that practically every new plan contain that ingredient, and therefore you couldn’t keep your old plan. So then Obama just made a snap of the fingers.

“I’m going to allow the insurance companies to continue to offer same for one year, which conveniently would take you past the November midterm elections.” The insurance companies said, “Wait a minute. Those are long gone. We just can’t offer them. We can’t break the law.” It’s gotten to the point now where the insurance companies — and this is also by design. The insurance companies just can’t keep up.

There is no way that they can even operate anywhere close to profitability, which means they’re soon to go out of business, which is also by design. But now the Regime… You may have heard the whispers. The Regime is floating the possibility of maybe bailing out the insurance companies just for a while. Now, the Regime and everybody the Democrat Party, their dream is socialized, nationalized medicine. That’s called “single payer.”

The term “single payer” sounds great, and it is a disguise term. Single payer? Well, yeah, I’m all for that Mabel, single payer. But what it really means is bye-bye private-sector health care and insurance. It means the government is in charge of all of it, and most people don’t want that. Single payer doesn’t really convey that to the low-information voter. That’s what the Democrats want.

But they’re not ready for it, as we see.

They can’t even run what they’ve done now. They can’t even do this. It’s just an absolute disaster. So they need a little more time to get ready for single payer, which means they need the insurance companies in the private sector to stay in business a little longer than they intended, which means they may have to bail ’em out like they bailed out GM and like they bailed out a bunch of “green” sector energy companies and so forth, and like they bailed out anybody else they wanted to bail out, bankers and Wall Street.

They may have to bail out the insurance companies, and that would be an absolute disaster. We don’t have to money for this kind of thing. It’s just a total disaster. So what these attorneys general are doing, finally… If you have a president who’s gonna ignore the Constitution, he’s gonna get away with it if there’s no push-back. He’s gonna get away with it, if nobody says, “No, stop, you can’t.” He’s gonna get away with it if there’s no challenge. So it’s at least a start.

But that means that there are 38 or so other state attorneys general who are not joining the lawsuit. Many of them are Democrat. Of course, they’re not gonna join Republicans in this. But in so doing, they are endorsing impeachable acts by the president. They’re endorsing it. He’s behaving in ways that are illegal. He does not have the constitutional authority to do what he’s doing. He can’t just snap his fingers and change any law, whether it’s got his name on it or not.

But he’s doing it, and this is an attempt to stop it.

There are a lot of people helping this effort, and we’ll see where it goes, but it’s about time that we had some push-back on this. Now, the Republican Party hasn’t pushed back because the Republican Party believes the American people don’t have a problem with this, and they’re just scared to death of what the public might think of them for stopping Obama from doing something. So they’re just totally acquiescent in whatever Obama wants to do.

But these 11 attorneys general finally had their fill, they’ve had enough, and they say that everything that Obama’s doing here — this latest health care “fix” — is flatly illegal under federal, constitutional and statutory law. Did you hear…? I don’t have in front of me, so I may not have this dead to rights. Didn’t the Regime send out some e-mail to people warning supporters about how to deal with a potential impeachment of Obama or some such thing? (interruption)

Oh, yeah. Yeah. That’s right. It’s a fundraising warning. The Democrats are fundraising off of a phantom, potential impeachment of Obama. There isn’t gonna be any impeachment of Obama. The Republican Party would have to do that. Do not doubt me: They’re not going to go anywhere near that. That isn’t gonna happen. So the Democrats are using these phony scare tactics, fundraising off of that.


RUSH: Here’s Dusty in Charleston, West Virginia. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you, sir?

RUSH: Fine. Thank you much.

CALLER: I was calling pointing out that during the push for the Affordable Care Act, the president and other supporters of the law were constantly referencing the possibility that someone could lose their life savings, lose everything they have in the event that they didn’t have adequate coverage and would, you know, fall ill or have some sort of accident.

RUSH: Right. “One illness away from bankruptcy.”

CALLER: Right. Right. When the conversation started, they immediately eliminated tort reform from the equation, and that just goes against that kind of belief. I don’t know why the president doesn’t share the same sentiment that a business owner, small business owner or physician could lose everything that they have, everything that they worked for to build up their business or their practice, if they were to have to go through some sort of litigation or some sort of frivolous lawsuit or malpractice.

RUSH: Are you being serious?


RUSH: Or you’re being facetious?

CALLER: Right. I mean, I think I know the answer to the question. But, I mean, I’m just pointing it out.

RUSH: Yeah, because this president doesn’t care about that. Small business is the villain.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Business is the villain. The free market, capitalism, the private sector is the villain. They’re where all the mean people are that don’t care about their employees’ health care, and so the government has to come in and do it for ’em. So the tort bar suing people left and right, putting them out of business, is exactly what they deserve. That’s what your modern Democrat Party believes.

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