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RUSH: Wilmington, Delaware. This is Claire. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to talk immigration. I think it’s one of the saddest realities for America. By not enforcing our laws, both parties, they both disgust me, have effectively allowed amnesty by not deporting people, and it’s likely gonna come to the replacement of our culture. And the reason I say that is, they talk about 11 million, which is such a ridiculous number, that are illegal. But let’s entertain it at this point and just say that it’s 11 million here illegally. In two generations that group will be dead and it won’t be of any consequence. But the four and five children that they brought here illegally by delivering them in our country, they’re now legal citizens. We have a declining birthrate, and I hope America’s listening, both parties, because these are your children and your grandchildren that were born in this country and are under our values, that are gonna be replaced by a group of people. There’s no way a declining birthrate’s gonna —

RUSH: Claire, let me tell you something that might — well, it’s not going to soothe you. All it’s gonna do is maybe help you understand it, but it’s not gonna help, really. The one thing that is driving your comments, you think there’s a crisis. We got a real crisis, and I agree with you. We’ve got an economic crisis. We have a cultural and societal crisis in this country. This country as founded, is hanging by a thread, economically and culturally. The problem is nobody in the political establishment, either party in Washington, thinks so. They don’t see it that way. They don’t see an economic crisis. They don’t see any problem with all the spending. It’s no different percentage-wise than it’s ever been. There’s no problem with it. There’s always gonna be somebody to print it. There’s always gonna be somebody to buy our debt. There’s no problem here. It’s not a crisis. We’re not saddling our kids with debt. And when it comes to immigration, they’re all just looking at voters. This is the problem. The political class does in no way see the country the same way that you and I or the vast majority of voters see it. There just isn’t any concern.

CALLER: Well, if we had more Joe Arpaios, I tell you, that’s what the country really needs. You know, here’s my fear. No one teaches our children history today. I’m actually homeschooling my child for the first time this year for two reasons. I think our education system absolutely stinks, one. But two, I have a faith and a deep faith in God, and I refuse to keep seeing society push God out and my child being in that society. I don’t know what he’ll grow up to be. I can only teach him and hope he’ll retain these things. But what really makes me mad about the immigration is that we are paying for these people, their education, their health care, their welfare, we’re paying for it. And they’re gonna rule us probably within another generation because they’ll outnumber us, and it is all at the expense of these politicians who don’t represent any American citizen. I am so sick of both of them, what they’ve done to this country. It’s an absolute disgrace.

RUSH: Okay, now, you just said something that I think also illustrates the great divide. You’re looking at demographics in a different way they are. You’re looking at pure numbers, and you used the term “they’re going to rule us,” meaning because we’re gonna be outnumbered and they’re going to outculture us. They’re going to destroy the distinct American culture, we’re gonna be outnumbered and America as we knew it is gonna cease to exist. The people in Washington, I’m telling you, I don’t care where you go, whatever party, do not see it that way at all. They see these as poor, disadvantaged, discriminated against, low-wage, pretty ignorant workers that are not gonna be dominating anybody. But they are going to be dependent on government, and therefore they’re gonna be loyal voters. That’s how they’re seen.

CALLER: I absolutely agree with you on that. But, you know, I mean, the people of this country had better wake up. It’s such a danger, not only who’s coming across that border, you’re right, they’re so worried about votes. Does anyone want to shut the border down from the people that could be crossing to come in and do excessive damage in one day in this country? It’s unbelievable that no one will stand up say these things. It’s unbelievable to me.

RUSH: Well, no, people do stand up and say it, just not in Washington. Of course the Democrat Party, you wouldn’t expect. I mean, the Democrat Party, they’re whole agenda has been to destroy what you and I call the distinct American culture. They believe it’s unfair, immoral, and unjust. We’ve always relied on conservative or Republican people to defend those things and provide push-back against what has been an attempt to change this country since the days it was founded. What we’re in the middle of here is our elected officials no longer push back. Our elected officials no longer seem on the same page with us. They don’t think there’s an economic crisis. They don’t think that amnesty or immigration is a crisis. They rather be seen as humanitarians. “We’re a nation of immigrants, what do you mean? We never lock people up. That’s crazy. That’s xenophobia.” There’s a disconnect. And I’m telling you it boils down to something very simple. There’s no difference in America today than there was 30 years ago.

CALLER: Well, I believe as a citizen, and I hope there’s a lot of people out there that feel the way I do. I hope I’m not alone, but we have a right to defend our culture. We have a right to defend our borders. We have a right to say who we want in this country, are they a benefit to us.


CALLER: We have a right to all these things.

RUSH: No. You’ve had your way for way too long, and you’ve been discriminating against people, and it’s time others got some of the power that you’ve been using. This is how it’s looked at.

CALLER: I know what you’re saying, that that’s how they look at us. But the people know better, and they better wake up and start voicing their words and stop being afraid.

RUSH: Look, they have woken up. This is what’s so maddening. The vast majority of the people do not want amnesty or this kind of immigration reform.

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