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RUSH: Well, my friends, how was your weekend? Everything trusted and fine and dandy? Did you enjoy the — what? (interruption) No, no, no, no. I knew it. I knew it. I was hoping it wasn’t gonna happen, but here it comes. (people singing “Happy Birthday”) I just knew it. I don’t even get a break when my birthday comes on Sunday.

By the way, nobody can hear you singing because the broadcast engineer has not faded the theme. (Staff: “Awwww.” Dawn sings solo.) Nobody can hear you singing. (Snerdley: “Let’s start again. One, two…”) Gonna start again because nobody heard you. (Snerdley sings solo, staff joins in.) Ah, look at that, you guys had some shirts made up. There it is, if you’re watching Brian, if you’re watching on the Dittocam, it’s a T-shirt they had made up. “Highly Overrated Staff, EIB Network.” You wear those shirts with pride, right? Dawn, you’ve got a long sleeve sweatshirt type on.

Anyway, here’s the birthday cake with, what is that, nine candles? (laughing) For my birthday, the staff gave themselves shirts. Oh, I get it. Six and three. Is that what it is? All right. Well, it’s hard to just make one wish. (interruption) What’s that? Sixty-three wishes. Let’s give it a whirl here. (blows out candles) Trick candles! I can’t believe you guys, trick candles.

So I turned 63 yesterday. It was a Sunday and I didn’t do anything, and it was glorious. I didn’t do anything. “It was just another day” — Jon Secada, 1994. So I was thinking since my birthday’s on Sunday there’s no way the staff is gonna come in here and do it a day late. And yet here they did. As you know, I’m not one who’s big on being noted for a stellar achievement of living another year. Unless you’re in New York or certain parts of the country, that’s not that big an achievement. But, anyway, thank you all for the affection. I know it’s truly felt and meant.

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