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RUSH: Here’s Robert, Racine, Wisconsin. Robert, thank you for waiting. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, you were talking earlier about the way the government is being run these days. The Democrats are walking all over the Republicans, and a couple of years back the Republicans fought back in a way I think that they weren’t themselves really aware of by sending Tea Party Republicans into the offices. Now that the people have spoken, it seems like the Republicans are really fighting against the Tea Party people along with the Democrats, and then you have the media fighting against the Republicans and the Tea Party, and electing officials with all the corruption that goes on in the election cycles. What are we supposed to do to get things changed?

RUSH: Well, there are any number of things. Mark Levin suggests in Article 5 of the Constitution, some new amendments to simply restate what already exists. Others think you just keep electing Tea Party, just keep electing freshmen, keep electing people outside the current sphere of politics to go and clean it up. People like Cruz. We need about 95 more of them in the Senate and a whole bunch more of them in the House. These things sound impossible or hard to do. That really is the solution to it.

CALLER: So you think that just by trying to elect against… All the Democratic infighting that’s going against the, um…

RUSH: Look, I’ll tell you what I think. (sigh) I’m not a professional Republican or conservative, political person. I’m not a consultant. I’m not an expert on how to win elections, meaning it’s not my business. I’ll tell you what I believe, and it’s gonna sound sophomoric and it’s gonna sound impossible. I really believe that the overall solution, the real solution to this is just a continued focus on informing people, reducing the number of low-information people, converting them into people that are educated, informed.

It’s daunting, because the entire reason for the United States’ existence and what makes it special has been so obliterated in the public school system for so many years, that even now when you run around and start talking about the concept of individual liberty and freedom being lost, most people think you’re crazy. They still think they’re free to do whatever. If they want to go smoke some weed, they can go smoke some weed.

If they want to take their parents… They don’t see it yet, particularly young people, and it’s a daunting challenge. But I do know it’s gonna take among any number of things. It’s gonna take influx of different kind of people in the political system. But you’re probably gonna say, “Well, that’s not possible because the people in it now have corrupted it so that outsiders don’t have a prayer of ever getting in it,” right?

CALLER: Well, that was one of the thoughts I had because I’ve seen it right here in Wisconsin. We had to elect our governor twice because of all the corruption that went on in the state.

RUSH: They’re still trying to destroy it.

CALLER: Without having voter ID requirements, they walked all over it.

RUSH: Yeah, and they’re still trying to destroy him.


RUSH: And when all that was going on, speaking of people defending Christie, how many…? If you can recall honestly, how much of the Republican Party actually joined that battle to help Scott Walker?

CALLER: It was minute.

RUSH: He was on his own, and what did it take to keep him in office? It took you and me. It took people, the people of Wisconsin being informed and being educated as to what was going on, and he was a large part of that. He was, in many ways, the educating force. He didn’t give up. He didn’t. He didn’t get cowardly. He didn’t get frightened. He didn’t run away from it. It’s gonna take really special, committed people.

CALLER: That’s one thing, too. Walker has put out a book, and I hear a lot where people are saying that’s a prelude to running for president. Do you feel that he might do that or have any ideas on that?

RUSH: None whatsoever. No clue. I really don’t know. Now, it seems one of the requirements to run for president is to either write a book or have someone write a book or dictate a book, steal a book, or plagiarize. Yeah, if you’re gonna run, you gotta have a book out there. Obama took no chances and did two. Two autobiographies, by the time he was what, 15. So, yeah, you could say just on that basis alone that it’s an indicator that he’s gonna seek higher office. Does that bother you if he is?

CALLER: Well, I wouldn’t want to lose him as our governor this soon. He’s started some great reforms in the state, and I would like —

RUSH: Now, doesn’t that tell you it can be done? Look at that state. That state was owned by the Democrats and the union. Now, it was bloody, it was brutal, it was personal, but he prevailed, didn’t he?

CALLER: Yes, he did.

RUSH: It can be done.

CALLER: We did manage to keep him. I lost one of my senators in my district, but at least we managed to keep the governor in place, and like I say, I hope he sticks around for another term, at least one more.

RUSH: Well, there’s another factor here. Not only did you keep him in office, but he continued to be who he was. He didn’t go soft once he got reelected. There was not a linguini in his spine at all. There was not one speck of cowardice. He was committed to it. It illustrates, it shows that it can be done, and in a Democrat stronghold it can be done. They tried twice. You’re right. They tried twice to get him out of office simply because he was there. They concocted crimes. They lied about things that he was supposedly doing. They created allegation after allegation after allegation. They tried stymieing him legislatively by leaving the state. They tried everything.

CALLER: Yep. And that’s true.

RUSH: And even with the Democrats behaving as badly as they did, it was still close. And that’s because of all the people that vote Democrat simply because there’s money in it for ’em. They’re not voting on issues ideas at all.

CALLER: Would you have any ideas to what small people like myself could do to get the media back reporting the actual news —

RUSH: That’s not gonna happen.

CALLER: — rather than making it up on their own?

RUSH: That’s not gonna happen. That would be like you saying a guy like you is gonna change the Democrat Party. It isn’t gonna happen. The media is the Democrat Party. Don’t hold that out as a measure of success or failure, ’cause if you do, you’re always gonna think you’re losing and failing, cause you’re never gonna change the media. You’re never gonna get the media to be other than who and what they are. Wisconsin is not the only place this is happening.

Republicans are winning governorships and have been in the states, and it is really troubling the Democrats. These governors, these Republicans that are winning, as they get into office and start doing their work, they are illustrating the absolute disaster that they inherited, and people are learning it and learning from it. And that’s why the Democrats had to go in and literally destroy Bob McConnell. They sent one of their agents in there, Terry McAuliffe, who in terms of being a governor, he’s gotta get a phone call every day. He’s just a placeholder for the Clintons in there. And not only did they take McConnell out, they did it in such a way as to see to it that he couldn’t get elected to the Senate. They tried to discredit him, destroy him.

That’s all the Democrats can do. They can’t win on ideas. They can’t win on issues because they — (interruption) yeah, Cuccinelli. Yeah, Cuccinelli. But also McConnell, they took McConnell out as well, in terms of seeing to it that after he was governor he was destroyed credibility-wise and couldn’t seek the Senate seat that’s held by Mark Warner. The Democrats can’t possibly win on ideas because they know they can’t even be honest about what they believe. If they did that they would lose big. So they have to go after people’s credibility and reputations, and that’s what they do. Some people don’t have the guts like Scott Walker did to put up with it. Most say, “I don’t want this hassle. I just want to live my life.”

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