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RUSH: Iran is declaring victory over the world with Obama and Kerry and their sanctions deal. The Iranians are out mocking Barack Obama and mocking John Kerry. The Iranians are saying, “Look, we negotiated a secret deal with them, and we are free and clear to develop whatever we want.” Kerry is out there saying, “Everybody knows this isn’t true.” John Kerry’s out there saying, “Everybody knows that poverty is what causes terrorism!”

It isn’t! Poverty is not the reason for terrorism. Everybody knows that. This is a dunce, lamebrain. That theory has been debunked for years. But anyway, that’s a news story. It’s big. The Iranians are running rings around the United States on their nuclear program. We have new developments on Benghazi, the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the attack on facilities in Benghazi finds the attacks were “preventable.”

It “faulted the State and Defense departments. It also cited the failure of the Obama administration to ‘bring the attackers to justice.'” Now, just to remind you, the Senate Intelligence Committee is run by Democrats, and the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is Dianne Feinstein, and there’s a lot going on that she doesn’t agree with or find kosher and is unhappy with, and she doesn’t believe some of the explanations.

Now, the Senate Intelligence Committee report is a direct repudiation of the New York Times story of a week or so ago which claimed, “Oh, yeah. It was nothing more than a video, and there was no Al-Qaeda there, and nothing to see.” The New York Times did a story to clear the decks for Hillary, to excuse her, to give her a clean slate, to essentially say that whatever happens in Benghazi, you won’t find Hillary to be blamed.

None of her fingerprints at all, nor Obama’s — and it was just abject lies. None of it was true. They went back and blamed the video and all these things. Here you have… This is breaking news. It happened this morning. The Senate Intelligence Committee finds the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi were preventable. They faulted the State and Defense departments, and they cited the failure of the Regime to “bring the attackers to justice.” That story is out there.

You’re not hearing about it ’cause the media’s just obsessed here with Christie and the lane closures. Iraq is being destroyed by Al-Qaeda. Fallujah is just one place. We’re told, “Al-Qaeda? Nah, Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist! I mean, we’ve decimated Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda wasn’t in Benghazi. Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with that. We vanquished Al-Qaeda. Iraq is one of Barack Obama’s greatest successes!” Al-Qaeda is about to retake and destroy Iraq. We have the Gates revelations in his book.

We have Obama’s latest threat yesterday to start pretending he’s dictator again, to bypass Congress with executives orders. We have a thousand news items out there, a thousand stories, and the Drive-Bys are missing all of them. They’re obsessing on the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge.

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