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RUSH: Bill in Cedar Park, Texas, great to have you. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: How are you doing today, Rush?

RUSH: I’m very well, sir. Grazie. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Just wanted to get with you real quick. I’ve been thinking about this. You know, Obama is talking about this trickle-up economy, and for the life of me I just can’t imagine anybody’s thought process as to a trickle-up economy. The only thing that I can compare it to which does work in this business, quote, unquote, is the Mafia. When you think about it, everybody’s gotta pay for security and all this stuff —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait just a second. You’re bouncing off something Obama said that trickle-up doesn’t work?

CALLER: No, no. Obama is saying trickle-up works, and it can’t.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, Obama said trickle-up works. The left believes that the rich get rich off the poor. They convince the poor to spend all of their money on the rich, and the rich end up getting rich that way. The math has had never worked out on that for me, but that’s what they claim. Yeah, you’re right. Okay.

CALLER: And that’s the thing that I’ve tried to bang my head against the wall to try to figure out, but the only business, quote, unquote, that works is the Mafia, because everybody’s having to pay everybody higher up on the chain for their protection and whatever services they’re rendering to.

RUSH: Right. Loan sharking, protection rackets, bookies, numbers, yeah. Everybody is trickling up to the Mafia. I get your point. The Mafia, yeah, ain’t a whole lot that trickles down there. That’s a good point.


RUSH: You know, unions are also trickle-up. The government is trickle-up. That would be taxes. It’s not just the Mafia. You have other similar type organizations that are able to demand and coerce and commandeer things from people. Government does it. Unions do it. It’s not a surprise Obama would use unions and government as his business model. Remember in socialism, the powerful get rich. It’s called trickle-up.

RUSH: Now, one thing here, folks. You start talking about trickle-up and trickle-down and you can really rub people the wrong way. ‘Cause trickle-down works. Trickle-down is what economic commerce is, and the left has impugned and maligned it. We had this guy call and say, “Rush, Rush, you know, trickle-up, Obama’s always talking about trickle-up. The only place trickle-up works is the Mafia.” It does, but let’s examine why. I was kinda constrained by lack of time. But what is trickle-up in the example he gave with the Mafia?

Trickle-up is where people kick up to captains, and the captains kick up to the boss, and the boss kicks up to the capo di tutti di frutti, and it finally gets to the head honcho, and the Mafia doesn’t have to split anything. We’re talking illegal businesses here. Great examples are cash businesses. In other words, these businesses that are extorting, which is the trickle-up are not paying — he-he-he — any business taxes, folks. They’re not paying any business taxes, they’re not paying any income taxes ’cause their businesses are illegal. And so they got a bigger pot to distribute upwards. Everybody involved is keeping a hundred percent of what they earn until they kick it up. That’s why trickle-up works.

Trickle-up doesn’t work in a legal business where you’re already losing half of everything to federal taxes. The government is the Capo di tutti or whatever. No, not to be confused with the consiglieri. That’s just the legal advisor. Don’t get the terms wrong.

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