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RUSH: Donnelly, Idaho. Robert, great to have you here. I’ve got about a minute, but I wanted to get to you. You’ve been on hold awhile. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you very much. Dittos to you, Rush, from a small town near Rio Linda, originally.

RUSH: Oh, really? And you’re still alive to tell about it? That’s cool.

CALLER: Yes. Yuba City. Do you know where Yuba City is?

RUSH: Oh, absolutely! Yuba City.

CALLER: There you go.

RUSH: In fact, shortly after I moved to Sacramento, Yuba City was named the Worst City in America.

CALLER: Yes, it was. (laughing)

RUSH: There were actually refugees leaving Yuba City, streaming into Sacramento. We didn’t have room for all of them.

CALLER: I know. Anyway, Snerdley said get to my question real quick. Two quick questions for EIB. One was, everybody is saying how much we needed Obamacare. Why’d we need Obamacare? It was for the 30 million people who don’t have insurance.

RUSH: That is a great point. If we needed Obamacare so much, if it was so crucial, why is nobody signing up? That is worth an exploration in human nature.

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