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RUSH: To the audio sound bites. You remember earlier this week we played for you a sound bite of Bruce Springsteen mocking and making fun of Governor Christie on the Jimmy Fallon late night show on NBC. I made the comment that I thought it was a pretty low rent thing for Springsteen to do. We played some sound bites of Governor Christie himself after Hurricane Sandy. It’s actually kind of sad if you want the truth about it. Christie was going on and on and on about what a life-changing thing it was for him to talk to Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen’s the greatest guy in the world.

And President Obama called Governor Christie from Air Force One, and Springsteen was with Obama on Air Force One. And Obama put Springsteen on the phone to say hi to Christie. And Governor Christie, I mean, it was like meeting God, and that’s how he described it to people. He said, “You know, one Jersey guy, that’s great, but two Jersey guys working on Hurricane Sandy, there’s nothing that can stop us.”

Governor Christie has been to 127 Bruce Springsteen concerts. Governor Christie is a huge fan. Governor Christie loves Springsteen. And, according to Governor Christie, it made him cry. It made him cry he was so happy, so moved when he finally got to speak to Bruce Springsteen. He melted he was so happy, and he told the world this. And yet there’s Springsteen making fun of him in a parody of his song Born to Run on Fallon’s late night show, talking about having to take a leak but he can’t because he’s tied up in Governor Christie’s traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

And I thought, how rude is this? This is downright mean. And I thought it was an example of some pretty low character for Springsteen to do this. I know he’s more affiliated with Fallon and NBC politically and this kind of thing, but Christie, imagine if you had an idol, and you met the idol and you told everybody what a great guy the idol was, and then the person goes out and laughs at you and makes fun of you on national TV, how would you feel? Well, anyway, I described all this, and Megyn Kelly did a segment on it last night on her show, The Kelly File, on the Fox News Channel. One of her guests was a columnist from The Daily Beast by the name Keli Goff, and this is Megyn Kelly setting it up.

KELLY: Rush Limbaugh did not find it so funny.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Governor Christie loves this guy, 127 different concerts he’s attended, and he’s mocked, he’s made fun of. He can’t be a real fan ’cause he’s a Republican. You can only be a real fan and friend to somebody like Springsteen if you’re a Democrat. And even then, for only as long as they can use you.

RUSH: Now, that’s what she played, but I had made the other points that I just shared with you. So now, in the next bite, you will hear that I am not allowed to take the moral high ground like this. I’m not allowed to say the things I said about Springsteen and Christie. No. Megyn Kelly speaking with Keli Goff, whoever that is, from The Daily Beast. She said, “Rush pointed out that Governor Christie’s a huge Springsteen fan, actually talked about how he cried the first time he talked to Springsteen after Hurricane Sandy. If he actually felt a connection with Chris Christie or felt moved by the tears that Christie felt upon speaking to him and all the concerts he’d been to, why would he have done this? Why would he have gone out and lampooned and made fun of and laughed at Governor Christie? He’s suggesting that there’s a coldness here, and the reason that this is okay to do is because Christie is a Republican.

GOFF: Megyn, first of all, Rush Limbaugh’s the last person who should be taking the moral high ground with anyone. I mean, that’s a little silly.

KELLY: What do you mean? He can’t point out meanness when he perceives it?

GOFF: Well, when that’s what his image is largely built on. I mean, we don’t have to get on the name-calling —

KELLY: So he can no longer even comment on somebody —


GOFF: I think it looks disingenuous and a little silly.

RUSH: Really? So in this lunatic’s mind, my image is, what, mean? I’m only the politest talk show host on the radio. Mean? So therefore, anyway, you hear it. It’s like if you haven’t served in the military, you’re not allowed to talk about the defense budget. And so I’m not qualified. I can’t talk about this, because my image, according to her, is largely built on being mean and name-calling?

See, you can’t make fun of liberals. They’re above it. You can’t make fun of people in the Democrat Party or on the left. They are above that. You can’t tell jokes. You can laugh at Chris Christie all day. You can make fat jokes about him. You can make fun of him ’cause he’s a Republican and likes Bruce Springsteen. You can make fun of him because of this bridge thing. You can do anything you want with Chris Christie, but don’t you dare talk about Hillary and any aspect of her appearance, don’t you dare. Don’t you dare make any comment about Michelle Obama and her sizable — whatever. Don’t you dare. There aren’t any Republican comedians, because they’re not allowed.

And so Megyn Kelly turned to defense attorney Arthur Aidala about this. This is the guy that defended I think LT in that — it doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to tell you who he is. He’s a bald-headed lawyer on Fox.

AIDALA: It’s a little overreaching. No one says they’re best friends. Rush said Christie has seen Bruce all of these times. He never said Bruce was a big supporter of Christie.

KELLY: Oh, come on.

AIDALA: There’s not that mutual friendship —

KELLY: Is that how he treats a fan? Probably best-known fan?

AIDALA: May I have 20 seconds?

KELLY: I guess so.

AIDALA: Jimmy Fallon is about to step into the biggest shoes on television, right? And Springsteen is helping him. He launches a month from tonight, or last night —

KELLY: That is not in dispute. The dispute is whether Springsteen should have said, “I’d love to help you. Let’s pick a different target.”

AIDALA: Megyn, the words weren’t mean. It’s about a guy who’s stuck in traffic who’s gotta take a leak.

RUSH: Right. Well, okay, so now they weren’t even making fun of Christie. Now all this was was helping Jimmy Fallon launch his show, where he’s replacing Leno.


RUSH: I have no idea who Keli Goff is, but I was just told that she was an intern for Hillary Clinton. So that ‘splains it.

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