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RUSH: This was this morning in Los Angeles, KTTV, Fox Eyeball News, Good Day LA. Meteorologist Rick Dickert the cohost Steve Edwards had this on-air exchange about the wildfires out there.

DICKERT: We see wildfires every month now in Southern California. With global climate change, all the atmospheric scientists agree that our summers long longer, hotter, and dryer with shorter windows of rain and snow.

EDWARDS: Okay, well, call Rush Limbaugh and tell him that.

RUSH: Is that not great? They’re doing a bunch of BS about mythical global warming in the midst of the coldest winter anybody can remember, and fires every week now are bigger and better than ever and make sure to tell Rush Limbaugh. I was reading one of my tech blogs today. Let me see, did I print it out? I think I did, and I might have. It’s one of the tech blogs. (interruption) What? (interruption) Oh, really?

Three people have been arrested suspecting of starting the fire?

You mean human beings are started the fire?

Wait a minute. What are they arresting people for? They need to be arresting, what, carbon dioxide? They’re arresting human beings for starting the fire? (interruption) That’s right. CNN says they’ve arrested three people for starting the fire. But the LA guys, Rick Dickert and Steve Edwards, just said that it was global warming. They gotta let those guys go. They didn’t start the fire, LA! It was on TV today: Global warming started that fire and every other fire.

Rick Dickert and Steve Edwards said so on KTTV, Fox Eyeball News.

Somebody call ’em and tell ’em to turn on CNN.

Three human beings have been arrested for starting the fire.


RUSH: This global warming thing is another timely illustration of how the left works and how they’ve succeeded here. So you have these two… these two robots, essentially, these LA TV guys, who say it’s just global warming. They’re not even curious about it. They don’t even challenge the belief. They just accept it for whatever reason, and they actually end up saying things like global warming is starting fires. Never mind they arrested three guys that started the fires.

They really do believe this stuff — and if they’re young enough, that would be the explanation. They’ve heard it ever since they first started learning things as students. So I was reading my tech blogs yesterday. As you know, it’s my hobby, I read ’em every day, and I came across a tech blog called Gizmodo, which is the tech block of the Gawker guys. “The World’s Biggest Global Warming Offenders Visualized,” and there’s a map here of which countries are the greatest offenders.

Now, you and I know it’s a hoax; there is no manmade global warming. The East Anglia e-mails, the fraud, all of it has been discovered. That doesn’t matter. To these people, the science is “settled.” They believe everything the UN tells them. They believe everything the government tells them. They are dutiful little children of socialism. The government is the final authority. The government never lies.

The government is totally benevolent. The government is always looking out for them. The government is the final authority. Any government. The ChiCom government, the United States government, the United Nations, they are never questioned. “New calculations show that the US, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Germany and the UK were responsible for more than 60% of global warming between 1906 and 2005.”

Now, I’m telling you, people that read this are gonna accept it as gospel. Here you have an individual who claims to be able to prove that those countries are responsible for more than 60% of the global warming in a century, and he’s unquestioned. The data provided by the UN is unquestioned. Whatever happened to youth rebelling? Whatever happened to youth challenging authority? Whatever happened to that?

Now these are the biggest slaves to whatever governments say, to whatever the United Nations says. It’s generally frightening, in a sense, how totally manipulable these young people are. They have been totally manipulated, and they furthermore are arrogant about it. They think that they understand the science and that they are the experts and that people that don’t believe this are idiots, stupid, or worse or what have you.

They’re the ones who have no curiosity.

They’re the ones who have no suspicion that they might be being misled. Anyway, if you look at the map, every country here is color coded according to its contribution. And while they maintain here in the text of the story that US, China, Russia, Brazil, blah, blah, have shares. If you look at color coding in the map, what you’ll see here is that the capitalist countries of the world are the great offenders, and the communist-socialist countries of the world are doing the least damage.

The United States is orange, UK and Germany are red, India is orange, Japan is orange — and orange and red represent the greatest offenders. That’s the point. China’s the leading contributor to greenhouse gases. China is leading the world in pollution. If there’s anything to this, China is the greatest offender. There’s the map, and this is what every young little tech blogger reader is gonna see. The United States, UK, Germany, India, and Japan. What do they all have in common?

They are all capitalist, leading capitalist economies. Look at that. They’re the ones responsible for a hundred years of it! You can barely see China and Russia on this map. They’re barely contributing anything to it. This is how the left creates mind-numbed robots, arrogant and condescending mind-numbed robots who are in their late teens and early twenties and who believe this stuff like it’s their religion — and that’s what gets me.

There’s not one sprig of doubt that maybe they’re being lied to. There isn’t one speck of thought that maybe they’re being manipulated. There isn’t one bit of idle curiosity about why maybe they would be manipulated, and when they hear the solution, “We need to make our country smaller! We need to grow the government. We need to raise taxes, and we need to slow down our economy,” they applaud it. It’s entirely an education problem.

Oh, and never mind that in 1974, everybody was worried about the next ice age, and that was in the 100 years that these clowns claim that all of the global warming took place. Now, get this on these wildfire arrests from AP. “Glendora police Chief Tim Staab said the men were trying to keep warm and the wildfire appears to have been an accident.” They were freezing, the people that started the California fire.

They were cold.

It was cold and they were trying to stay warm and they started a fire and it got out of control.

It was an accident.

They were just trying to stay warm ’cause they were freezing.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we have even more news now on who it was that started the California wildfire. Once again, from Fox News: “Glendora Chief Tim Staab said the men were trying to keep warm and the wildfire appears to have been an accident.” And so global cooling is actually the problem. Somebody call Rick Dickert and Steve Edwards at KTTV Fox Eyeball News in LA because they think global warming started all of the LA wildfires. Global warming’s responsible. They wanted me to be told.

So it’s three guys, and get this. The three who have been arrested for starting the wildfires are in their early twenties. (gasping) And at least one of the three who started the fire is homeless. No. Say it ain’t so. Because, you know, the homeless, when we have a Democrat administration, the homeless are saints. So a freezing homeless guy in his early twenties is one of three people who started the fire because they were freezing. They wanted to get warm in the middle of global warming.

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