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RUSH: Rusty in Waterford, Michigan. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. How are you doing today?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: Mega dittos from a longtime listener.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: First, I want to say I picked up your book after Thanksgiving, and I’m a big Vince Flynn fan, and I absolutely love the book. I thought it was very entertaining read. I’ve got my kids reading it, and I’m just very impressed that you were able to pull that together.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you.

CALLER: It’s wonderful.

RUSH: Talk about risk-takers.

CALLER: It just occurred to me when I was listening to that Wolf Blitzer sound bite that you played a few minutes ago, that I’ve listened to your show a long time. I’ve never been an independent. I’ve always made up my mind. I think I came out of the birth canal as a conservative, so I don’t understand the independent mentality, and I’m having a hard time understandings the liberal mentality now because of that quote. I’ve always thought that the liberal mind-set was completely devious — you know, they’re smarter than us and that’s why they’re able to win — but that Wolf Blitzer clip got me thinking. Are they? Do they think they’re being sincere and open reminded and bipartisan?

RUSH: That’s a good question. What he’s asking me is did Wolf Blitzer really mean what he said about Christie’s speech being really great, or is he just trying to deceive everybody? That’s a great question, but I don’t have time to answer it right now. I’ll do that in the monologue segment of the next hour.


RUSH: Now, we had a caller who heard the Wolf Blitzer sound bite praising the Christie speech. The caller admitted that he’s always viewed liberals as filled with deceit, which I understand. So his pregunta was, “Is Wolf trying to deceive us? Is Wolf, by praising the Christie speech, trying to get a bunch of people to support him, knowing he can’t win?” That was the question. Before I explain it, let’s go back and listen to what Wolf said.

He’s following a Gloria Borger comment on CNN. This is after Christie’s inaugural speech today. Gloria Borger made a big deal about how Christie is in trouble. He’s losing independents left and right. It’s looking hopeless. There are other Drive-By Media types claiming that moneyed Republican donors are losing interest in Christie, and so she was saying he’s in big trouble, and Wolf came in and said (summarized), “You know, that’s just a shame, because, man, what a speech! What a great speech!”

Here’s exactly what he said…

(replaying of sound bite)

RUSH: Okay. So here you have an accredited member of the Drive-By Media praising a speech made by a Republican. The question is: “Is he deceiving us or does he really believe it?” In Wolf Blitzer’s case, here’s the answer to the question: Wolf believes it. I don’t think that Wolf engages in deceit. However, Wolf does believe that Republicans are the cliches. He believes the cliches — they’re bigots, they’re hated, they’re extremists — and thus Wolf believes that Republicans have to prove they’re not.

Republicans have to prove that they are willing to work with Democrats. Republicans have to prove that they are willing to compromise with Democrats. Republicans have to prove that they are not closed-minded bigots. Republicans have to prove that they are not haters. So in Wolf’s worldview, Christie did all that. He thinks that Christie, within that framework, hit a home run. Now, Wolf does not want Christie to be president.

He just thinks this is what Republicans have to do to change in order to be more liked. Because in Wolf’s world, being accepted by the media is the coin of the realm, and Christie — with that speech — was on the way to accomplishing that if it weren’t for this cloud of scandal hanging over him. But Wolf was not praising Christie when he didn’t believe it, in order to convince people to support Christie because Wolf knows Christie can’t win.

Wolf believes that the Republicans’ big problem is that Hispanics hate them, and that women hate them (and that they’re justified in it), and that young people hate them, and that blacks hate them, and that single women hate them, and that gays hate them. So anything a Republican can do that would dispel that notion, Wolf thinks the Republican has gained ground. That’s my interpretation of Wolf praising Christie.

You have to understand the starting point for something like this. You have to understand from Wolf’s standpoint, what does a Republican have to do to prove he’s not like all the other Republicans? Christie, in his mind, did it here. Because in Wolf’s worldview, like everybody else in the media, most of the Republicans, the way they naturally are, can’t win and won’t win. They are always gonna be hated and disliked and suspected and all of that.

Christie? Now, there’s a guy!

The short version is Christie sounded more like a Democrat than most Republican, in Wolf’s view. See, Wolf also has a totally distorted, convoluted view of the Democrats. He also believes the cliches about them, that they are loved by everybody — and that they, in turn, love everybody — and that they’re open-minded and that they’re not partisan, and they’re not mean, and that they’re not political, and they’re not even ideological.

They’re not liberals.

They’re just decent, good people, and that’s what Republicans have to become — and Christie, he was on the way! But Wolf was not trying to deceive you. Now, he may be unique in that regard. I know him a little bit, and I don’t think that that would be in any away an attitude that would influence or shape his opinion or reaction to something. But he is locked squarely in the cliches that are attached to members of both parties.


RUSH: Let me give you the short version of the analysis of Wolf Blitzer praising Christie’s speech. It’s real simple. In Wolf Blitzer’s worldview the Republicans have to prove they are not X: Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, mean, extreme, partisan. The Democrats don’t have to prove anything because they are ideal. The Democrats are not perfect, but they’re not racist, they’re not mean, they’re not sexist, they’re not bigoted, they’re not homophobic, they’re none of that. Republicans are all of that, and they have to prove that they’re not. And that’s all Wolf was saying, that in his view Christie went a long way toward proving or establishing that he’s not a real Republican.

But the Democrats, they don’t have to prove anything ever. They just are. You’ll notice, for example, there are never any clouds of scandal hovering over Hillary. No matter that four people died on her watch at Benghazi when she’s secretary of state. She wasn’t there. It’s not a problem. There was no scandal. Christie has to prove that he is not partisan. Christie has to prove that he is bipartisan. It is assumed by people like Wolf that the Democrats are already bipartisan and open-minded and willing to compromise and work with anybody, as Obama says. He’ll work with anybody that’s got a good idea. And Wolf believes that.

Wolf believes the Republicans won’t work with anybody, ’cause they’re partisan, racist, sexist, bigots. He might not think they’re racists, but bigots, extremist, mean, and all that, and so in his view Christie went a long way to proving he’s not a real Republican. Ergo, Christie got praised, pure and simple.

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