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RUSH: Jim in central Illinois, and I really apologize. I took your call when I didn’t have enough time. I’m sorry about that. I’m glad you were able to hold on.

CALLER: That’s fine. I’m still here.

RUSH: All right. Well, why don’t you start all over.

CALLER: Okay, I will. I wanted to ask you a question, but first, I think it’s probably obvious to a lot of people that have worked in industry or just had life experiences that they garner the truth. Obamacare was set up to fail. It was set up that way, and there’s a lot of ways you can know that it was set up. First of all, I use the term “cost driver.” There may be other terms. You may have used terms like that. I’ve never heard you use it, but perhaps you did. What makes something cost what it costs? Does insurance drive the cost of medical benefits, or do medical benefits drive the cost of insurance? It’s pretty obvious.

RUSH: No, it’s not. No, no. Wait, Jim, it’s not obvious to most people. What is the cost driver there?

CALLER: Well, the cost driver is the medical benefits. Medical care for people came into existence prior to insurance being available. Medical bills have always been around since the medical industry, or the industry grew. Now, all of a sudden people said, “I can offer you a plan to pay for your medical benefits, and I gotta have a lot of people so that I can get the cost down as low as I can get it.” But it was always the medical industry that drove the cost. And when Obama’s people say, “We’re gonna bend the cost curve,” it was obvious they can’t bend that cost curve without taking over the medical industry.

RUSH: Exactly. Bingo.

CALLER: It’s pretty obvious to a lot of people, I’m sure. Now, why more people haven’t said that, I don’t know.

RUSH: It hasn’t occurred to them. Jim, seriously. I guarantee you, and God bless people, but bending the cost curve down is language that they think is inside baseball specific to an industry. Now, it makes perfect sense if you stop and think about it, “We’re gonna bend the cost curve down.” But people don’t know where they are on the cost curve. What cost curve are you talking about? All they care about is what their bill is.

CALLER: Yeah, well, I understand. I’ve worked with a product in the business that I was in. I mean, I work for a large company, but I had to do a lot of this kind of stuff. I’ve done cost reduction efforts on stuff and —

RUSH: Yeah, well, let’s stay focused on your theory that it was designed to fail.

CALLER: Okay, here’s another one. There’s no way that they could bend the cost curve down, there was no way because of what the driver is. But also, in order to get the medical — well, Obamacare has nothing to do with medical, either procedures or costs or anything else. In order to control that, they truly have to have control of physicians, hospitals, anything else. And they don’t touch it.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Now. A lot of people think they’re trying.

CALLER: Well, they are trying, and I know they’re putting pressure on some people. I’ve had my personal physician, I just changed.

RUSH: You’re darn right. They’re pressuring doctors. They’re pressuring hospitals, hospital associations. They’re doing everything they can to get themselves involved in who gets treated and who doesn’t and what it’s gonna cost.

CALLER: Of course they do, and it’s illegal for them to do that, and some of the doctors and whatnot will bend to that pressure and some of them won’t.

RUSH: Yeah, but wait a minute.

CALLER: The guy that I’ve got —

RUSH: For the low-information voter, though, it’s not illegal. They think Obama’s rescuing them. They think that doctors and hospitals are ripping them off and so here comes Obama and he’s promising $2500 premium reductions. He says you can keep your doctor and your plan if you like them, and we’re gonna get even with these people, and we’re gonna make sure you can afford this. We’re gonna have “affordable” care like “affordable” housing. What the hell is…? Do you ever stop to ask: What is affordable housing?

CALLER: (laughing) It’s what you can afford, as far as I’m concerned.

RUSH: No. It’s housing that you can’t afford, by definition. That’s the point of it.

CALLER: Yeah, okay. The way they use it, yes. I agree.

RUSH: Yeah, but what they mean is they’re gonna make it affordable for you. By definition, affordable housing is something you can’t afford, but they’re still gonna let you have. It’s all a game with them, a semantic game.

CALLER: It’s pretty sick and demented, actually.

RUSH: But, now, I want you to stay focused on what they’re doing that’s designed to fail.

CALLER: Well, the whole idea, in order for them to have any effect on giving people medical insurance, meant that they had to have control of the industry, whether they have lowered the costs or not. They don’t have insurance companies in the government, nor should they. So they had to come up with enough of these insurance companies to go along, bend over and say, “Okay, we’ll do this.” That’s free enterprise, and they broke the rule right there, and there’s no possible way that they could do any of this, and that’s how you know it was meant to fail.

RUSH: Well, not only that but the failure… You say that they don’t want to control, that they can’t take over the insurance industry. They can eliminate it.

CALLER: No, they can take it over just like they did GM.

RUSH: Right, they could take it over, they could eliminate it, they could replace it with themselves, which is what single payer is.

CALLER: That’s what they’re gonna do.

RUSH: Which is why there’s no back end that works on this stupid website. If you want evidence that it’s meant to fail, nobody — nobody — builds a website where the back end doesn’t work, and these people spent three years on a website, and the back end doesn’t work? Now, again, folks, what that means: Imagine going to Amazon and you fill out stuff in your shopping cart, and you click “buy” or whatever, “complete order,” and nothing happens.

The back end. What’s in your shopping cart, what you want to buy, never gets to fulfillment. So you never have it sent to you, and you’re not even charged for it because it never your shopping cart. That’s what’s happened here. The back end isn’t finished. And now they’re running around, people, saying, “You know, this is gonna be the end of this. Oh, this is a debacle. They’ve got until March to get the back end fixed!”

I mean, they took three years to build a website, and they don’t finish the website on the back end. Another way of visualizing this, for the low-information voter: Iimagine you go into McDonald’s, and you order Chicken McNuggets, and they tell you, “Okay,” and two hours later you’re still standing there, and you don’t have Chicken McNuggets, because whoever took your order never turned it in because there wasn’t anybody to turn it in to. There wasn’t anybody in the kitchen or they didn’t have McNugget — and your only recourse, then, is to call 911.

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